Quest Tree for version 8.3

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    Quest Tree For v8.3
    As requested by Easy.Farm and DaWolf85
    Originally formatted by omg 1 spear

    How To Use The Quest Tree
    Using the quest tree is fairly straight forward. Each quest is unlocked by completeing the quest before it in the line that it is in (a new line is shown by a gap between the quests). To unlock a new line of quests you must first complete any quest vertically above (and not below) the first quest of the line you wish to unlock. For example, if I wanted to unlock the quest 'A Worthy Monument', I would need to complete the quest 'Ensuring Production'. And if I wanted to unlock the quest 'The Strongest Warrior' I would have to complete 'Ensuring Production' and 'A Worthy Monument', and not just 'Capacity Building'. You get the idea.
    If you see a quest marked with an '*' then the quest name is probably not correct and needs confiming. If you know the names to any of the quests with an asterisc (*) then please PM me with the correct name
    , thanks ^_^


    Go To The Village Headquaters
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50
    Stimulating Production*
    Construct your Timber Camp
    Expand you Clay Pit by 1 level
    :wood:100 :clay:100 :iron:100/120
    Ensuring Production
    Expand your resorce mines to 4/3/1
    :wood:200 :clay:200 :iron:200
    Capacity Building*
    Expand your Warehouse to level 3
    :wood:500 :clay:300 :iron:200

    A Worthy Monument
    Construct a Statue
    :wood:220 :clay:220 :iron:220
    The Strongest Warrior
    Appoint a Paladin
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50

    Military Inferstructure*
    Construct a Barracks
    :spear:10 :swordsman:10 + Level 1 flag
    Securing The Borders*
    Construct a Wall
    :wood:50 :clay:100 :iron:50
    Flying The Colours
    Equip a Flag
    Level 1 flag

    Alternative Income*
    Attack a Barbarian Village

    Free Farm Assistant for 10 days
    Looting Made Easy*
    Create a templte using FA and attack a village using it.
    Situation Assessment*
    Read a battle report
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50
    Determining Factors*
    Use the simulator in the Rally Point
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50

    Pillage And Looting*
    Recieve the award for plundering another village 10 times

    Knowledge Is Power*
    Construct a Smithy
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50​
    Construct a Market
    :wood:100 :clay:100 :iron:100
    Wheat From The Chaff
    Make an offer on the Market
    No reward / :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50

    The Cavalry Is Coming
    Construct a Stable
    :wood:300 :clay:300 :iron:300​
    Thirst For Knowledge
    Research Scouts
    Recuit at least 1 Light Cavalry
    Conquer New Land*
    Increase your Village Headquaters to level 20
    Increase your Smithy to level 20
    Increase your market to level 10
    Level 3 flag

    This Village Conquer*
    Conquer a village


    City Guard
    Recuit Swordsmen until you have a total of 20
    Troops Evacuated*
    Dodge the attack by supporting another village, then withdraw the troops when the attack has passed
    No reward /
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50
    To Arms*
    Go to your Farm
    :wood:50 :clay:50 :iron:50
    A Safe Place*
    Expand your Hiding Place to level 2
    70 80 70

    Strengthening The Economy
    Expand your resource mines to 9/8/6
    No reward / 300 300 200

    Recuit spears until you have a total of 20
    10spears 10axes
    Alternative Income*
    Attack a barbarian village
    10 days of free FA
    Knowledge Is Power*
    Consruct a smithy

    50 50 50
    Strengthening The Economy
    Expand your resource mines to 9/8/6
    No reward / 300 300 200

    A Worthy Name
    Change your villages name
    50 50 70
    Looks Matter
    Change your profile
    No reward / 50 50 50
    Making Contacts*

    Send a mail to another player
    100 100 50
    Forging Alliances*
    Join a Tribe

    100 100 50
    Become Part Of The Community*
    Go to the tribal forum
    Tasks Of A Leader*
    Change the description of your tribe
    With Open Arms*
    Write a welcome for new members
    The Lines Reinforce*
    Invite someone to the tribe

    Press On

    *Unlocked by gaining 1 award level*
    Unlock 5 award levels
    Level 3 flag
    Keeping Up Appearances
    *Unlocked after 'Flying The Colours'*
    Combine flags to make a flag of a higher level
    Level 1 flag

    I will hopefully be finishing this soon, when I work out what I will be doing about the fact you are only allowed 50 smilies per post. I also would appreciate any quest titles you might know like a said earlier, so if you have any please PM me with them. Also if you have discover any quests that can be confimed then please, again PM me with a screen shot of it and I will put it up.

    The Dutch Wiki
    The Original Thread

    Thanks to:
    Marcus the Mad
    For helping me keep this reliable and up to date ^_^
    Thanks for reading & remember to PM me with quest names to help keep this reliable.

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    Jan 9, 2012
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    Thanks for this mate.
  3. iostream954

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    Jul 30, 2012
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    Awesome. Should be added to the guide library.

    It's go to the farm.

    And where is the quest telling you to get 10 more spears which gives 10 axes and 10 spears?
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  4. HighAtFive

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    There are 1 or 2 quests missing because they are not used on the dutch server, so I was asking for screnshots in the post :)

    And thanks a lot for the update :D

    Acctually, I just missed that quest out :3
    Thanks again for pointing that out
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  5. Hisuhn

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    A very nice effort and handy for everyone search for the quests.

    But I have to tell you that the Dutch wiki's table is not up-to-date. The newer quests aren't in the diagram there and some of the quests are on the wrong spot.

    I haven't come around to updating that as of yet, as it's hard to do it nicely with a clear view (the forum is a better tool for that clearly. So please don't be surprised if you have people coming here and stating that they didn't get a certain question after another. There could be other requirements (That I didn't find out about till later).

    This page is fully up-to-date.

    And uhm...:
    No that's not true.

    There are lines in it. So there's
    Welcome -> Stimulating production -> A Worthy Monument -> The Strongest Warrior

    Or just
    Welcome -> Stimulating production ->Military Inferstructure* -> Securing The Borders* -> etc.

    You don't have to do A worthy monument to get to securing the borders. Different branch of the tree
  6. HighAtFive

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    Thanks for all your help :D
    I also think the solution to this:
    Is that the quest 'A Worthy Monument' is in the wrong position :p
    correct me again if im wrong, but i thing I have fixed the tree now :)

    As for all the missing quests, I'll add them in tommorow.
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  7. Marcus the Mad

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    All the names you had an asterisk with.
  8. DaWolf85

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    This will be added to Version 4.0 of the guide library soon. I'll post again when that's done.
    By the way, you might want to format this with spoilers instead of indenting - some of the quests are difficult to read right now due to being smashed up against the right side of the page.
  9. auguthy2

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    Here is some of the quests missing! Also, for flag worlds, there is the flag rewards missing!

    -Press on!

    You've proven your mettle by achieving an award - now show us what you're really made of, and earn 5 more award levels of your choosing. You can find the awards that can be earned on your profile on the ranking screen.
    Level 3 flag

    Earn more awards
    Earn 5 more award levels.

    Gain this quest around 100 points. It might be from completing your first award!

    -Flying the colors (flag worlds)

    The flag you received as a reward for completing the previous quest can be assigned to your village to provide it with a certain bonuses.
    Level 1 flag

    Assign a flag to your village
    Use the flag overview to assign a flag to this village. This overview can be accessed by clicking on the flag icon in the top right of the game screen.

    Also, dont know the names

    -get lvl 15 mines: rewards 5k/5k/5k +(level 3 flag)
    -get 2000 worth of troop population: reward 5k/5k/5k +(level 2? flag) I think!

    -Also, conquer new lands has a lvl 3 flag reward!
    - Military infrastructure flag lvl 1 def reward!

    Ill look for other flags rewards!
  10. HighAtFive

    HighAtFive Guest

    Thanks a lot, Ill try to update as best I can today.
    EDIT: I have no idea where the extra quests go in the quest tree :s
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  11. auguthy2

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    press on is a new branch unlocked at the first award achievement

    flying the colors is a second follow up of military structure.

    res one is a follow up of the 9 8 6 quest but you dont necessarily gain it right after, dont remember when.

    Also, one other new quest! This one follows flying the colors

    Keeping up appearances
    Your villagers will perform more efficiently now that you have a flag for your village, but there is still room for improvement. A more inspiring flag would encourage them to new heights of productivity!
    Level 1 flag

    Upgrade a flag
    Combine three flags of the same type and level to get a flag one level higher.

    And, I forgot another one! xD Follows the strongest warrior in weapons worlds

    Outfitting the armory

    Your Paladin is a tough one, but he can be so much more when properly equipped. Your chance to find a Paladin item goes up by a few percentage points per day, and you can increase your chances by defeating enemy units.
    200 200 200

    Find a weapon for your paladin
    Find a weapon for your paladin and equip it.
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  12. This is good, thanks for taking the time to make it.
  13. HighAtFive

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    No problem, glad you like it :D
  14. HighAtFive

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    Im sorry, I didnt notice your post, I will correct them when I get the chance :D
  15. Make originally formatted by omg 1 spear in big bold red writing kthxbai
  16. DaWolf85

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    This guide has been added to Version 4.0 of the Guide Library. I placed it in the Compilations, Tools and Links section, meaning that while this may not really count as a guide, it's still useful enough that it should be in the library.

    For questions, comments or concerns please contact dawolf85 on Skype or drop me a private message.
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  17. Ballerond

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    Any update on when the 15lvl mines quest appear? You have to build a stable I think and what else?
  18. auguthy2

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    I think (not sure though) the quest requires the light cavalry one to be completed and the 9 8 6 quest. Reward is 5k/5k/5k for lvl 15 mines.
  19. Holandez S.

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    in that quest tree missing some quests
  20. skipjack

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    also "Homeland security": Expand your wall to level 8 (reward - 300 points of each resource) is missing