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Maybe they can team up then and create a good leadership to take their tribe(s) to victory some day!

Which top 5 tribe will be the first one to fall off?


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King Banana, in the conservatory, probably tomorrow.

When did BiP change their name to the correct (Aussie) spelling of pyjamas?


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Which account is the most prestigious account on this world? (accolades from many different world)


Not one, cause some great players are all in different tribes and those tribes are in different K's.

Which tribe will reach 500k on points?

P.S. I just realized I asked a sarcastic question.. LOL.. :eek::D
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Kreiz, obviously you are.. Haha.

Which two top tribes will eventually start to war against the other?

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Neither. Its great if you are not exactly on rims but within 7 hrs of farming juicy rim villas.

If a movie is made on World 90 tribal wars characters, who will be the villain?

PS: I hope Black Flags is not there in this world.. :O