So... logged in for the first time in 20 months, and low and behold I am offered quests... as I follow through with the first few of these nooby quests... I realize the TW gods are leading me into a mixed turtle style village... egads, as if we need to teach new players how to be turtles.. granted, the free resources initially are nice, but honestly... do we really need them? We all begin on the same level playing field, in the end, while some quests are beneficial, I presume the quests are used for a tutorial... something we don't need ingame, a player truly interested in learning the game will join a beginner tribe, and can be walked through strategies, and mechanics of the game... these quests do nothing to generate a playing philosophy, other than just a very very poor one.


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- Quest-based guiding system

In an effort to make the game more accessible for newer players, we have created a new quest-based guidance system. Players will be giving objectives to fulfill (Example: Build barracks) and rewarded for their efforts. Among other things, they will be introduced to essential game mechanics and taught the importance of troops, farming and communication with others.
Yes, it isn't perfect in teaching, but it's better than what there was in the past.


yea... I see the point.. though in truth, people can learn more from their peers. Thanks for posting


free resources?!

So... logged in for the first time in 20 months............. the free resources initially are nice ...............

mmm... did someone mention free resources?

I logged in so long ago that I've lost original ign, and a lot seems to have changed.

When I first logged in this time I simply deleted the message about a tutorial and quests without reading it. Now I read that free resources are available I can't find any record of the message.

Can anyone say what res are on offer and what you need to be doing to get them?

I'd be grateful