Since I am a TW addict and most of the W19 players I think are, I'd like to know if there are anyone to quit? I was looking up W19 and I like it because it is big, yes. It is in the middle of a war crisis and that's why I love it.

Well, if you look at my stats, you'll find nothing. Yes, because I haven't achived nothing with this account, but I have had fairly big co-accounts in my past.

Well, being a co isn't exactly what I am looking for now.

Account that I am looking for:

10-20 million points (if possible)
ˇSome villages are at safe-zones, for better stacking the frontline villages.
Not too far from the front line.
**Would like to have some premium left on the account to see how organized it is.

Feel free to ask any questions. Add me on Skype if you have any questions or PM me.
Skype name: kotkas145

Currently have plenty of PP-s remaining.

** Not so neccessary point.
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