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I've decided to do a quiz of the week from now until I get bored. Some say this is for entertainment purposes, others that I'm bored while nobling. Who knows? I intended to interview a Sheikh weekly for your enjoyment but apparently this is culturally exclusive, so quiz of the week it must be.

This will be a ten question True or False so even the dimmest members of the Tribal Wars community (I'm looking at you America) can partake.

For correcly answering between 8-10 questions you get nothing. If you correctly answer 4-7 questions you get my pity. If you correctly answer 0-3 questions you get my utter disdain.

Question 1:

Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM once had a pet Pigion named religion. Which he lost, leading to the popular song. It is in fact a homage to the platonic love between Man and Bird.

Question 2:

George W. Bush has now changed his name to George WWW.Bush.com in the hope future generations will believe him to be the creater of the Internet.

Question 3:

The film My Left Foot is based upon a time in my life where I stubbed my Toe on a Gate. The sheer magnitude of this monumental event in world events (Toegate) has now led to all similarly sized events being ended in 'gate'.

Obviously the world deserved to hear my heartwarming sore-toe-to-well-toe tale. Apparenlty not. I approached every single Film Producer on the planet. Not one shared my vision so I was forced to scrap the plan.

Next thing I know, a film is being released. It's name? My Left Foot. I was told they had used 'creative licence'. We live in a world where people would rather watch a film about implausable exploits with an appendage than true, gritty Toe based heroism.

Question 4:

My Daddy is far harder than your Daddy.

Question 5:

Chris De Burgh's famous song 'Lady in Red' was originally about a woman who was squatting in his shed and called 'B*tch in my Shed' until he savagely murdered her and she bacame 'red'.

Question 6:

Contrary to popluar belief, the song 'Relax' by Frankie Goes to Hollywood was in truth the bands attempts to ease the Middle Eastern tensions.

Question 7:

The current American obesity endemic is entirely the fault of their English overlords. When we cooked their meals for them, they would happily sit immobile for weeks staring at the food but doing nothing else. Eventually we came to realise that we had to tell them to eat the food. Similarly, when their plates were cleared, they would continue the hand to mouth movements until we told them to stop. When we left their country we simply forgot to tell them to stop eating before we sailed back to our blessed isle. They have been binge eating since that day.

Question 8:

Further indication of the American intellect can be found in their naming of their offspring. Your child is already tied to you by their sirname, that is a fact. There are thousands of first names, that too is a fact. The one thing it is your responsibility to give them a differing first name to your own.

There is only a single first name in the thousands available which will cause a lifetime of needless confusion. When you fail to do this you get George WWW.Bush.com as president. Completely your own fault.

Question 9:

George Cloony was born so hideously malformed that he played both King Kong and Mightly Joe Young. Without Make Up. Naked. He was contacted by the producers of hit television show Friends to play Ross's pet monkey. Tired of being typecast, he had major plastic surgery and the rest, as they say, is history.

Question 10(topical):

LSD's war machine was in fact a Toaster. Great for warming bread, less great for text based warring.
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1 - True
2 - False
3 - True
4 - True
5 - False
6 - True
7 - True
8 - True
9 - False
10 - True