Rabid vs Old


It started a while back. World was young and still few players were joining the rim. One small tribe named "Old" popped up and was shortly noticed with their fast growth and small member base. It didnt take long when they contacted us.

Hefner Feb 07, 02:30
as you know we will be meeting soon enough in the future and we have no intention in being aggressive if anything we've been working with general who will be joining you guys if i'm correct and zeus in our area .

We are looking to expand around the rim and towards [ally]EQ[/ally] for the future. Which i feel will be a real threat to both our tribes in the future. With this in mind I would like to suggest we in act initially a NAP. So beginning diplomatic arrangements and hopefully in the future we may increase these to ally level.

I await your feedback

Their tribe looked so good that even Rabid own players saw them best in future.

Jack Hood said:
Top 4 tribes look awesome yeah :)

Don't think any other existing tribe at the moment can compete for the final win though to be honest :icon_biggrin:

This said i think Old will be one of the best tribes soon!

Orlok-tsubodai said:
old are a nubs, nothing to see there, Rim tribe

At first we thought Old leader is making fun, but we were mistaken...There was more truth than anyone realized.

They NAP'ed EQ

Recruited few EQ frontline players and boxed us in

Violated NAP

Its time to show

How Old will fall

We gladly announce that Rabid has new tribe in enemies list.


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I'm flattered you guys thought so highly of us here in Old but I could't help but notice some things in the declaration that are true but I feel without the proper background knowledge on the situation you might be accidentally misleading people. Now I know you would never purposely mislead people into thinking you are the victims here but I just want to make sure that all the information is on the table to prevent such confusion.

The way you laid out events is of course true. We did NAP EQ but that was long before any of the current situation had occurred. The NAP was set in place on the 17th of February when EQ was still top dog and was considered very strong at the time. We did not feel fighting them during this time would be beneficial to our situation.

Pic for proof.


And yes, you are correct that we did recruit EQ players on our border. The war between Rabid and EQ at the time was still in effect but EQ was already crumbling with, to be fair, very few caps on either side and yet Rabid seemed ( and this is just the message that us in Old got due to the conversations that followed said recruitment but if you want to show me wrong please do so) to think that since EQ was in its death throes they had rights to all their villages as a normal victor would. But I mean come on guys, you took a mere percentage off the total tribe and they crumbled. You don't get claim to several hundred villages for a half hearted war.

We recruited only a handful of members on the border that were close to us and we felt could improve the tribe. They held the bottom right of K consisting of 30 units of space to this day out of the 100 units that make the border of a K. I hardly think we boxed you from the north.


Quite a bit of room you got going north there but if you feel we boxed you in, we apologize. I would say Panda is boxing you in with over a K of border on your west side but I'm not in charge of your diplomacy, your late game alliance boxed you in from half the world so don't come blaming us, a rim tribe for your current situation of being boxed in.

As for the NAP violation, that was a cross noble situation where your guy got it first and killed Kintock's troops, as you very well know. Now he was understandably mad about the situation and sent scouts toward his claim then realizing that it was taken by our good friends in Rabid and not a snipe so all aggression was halted and no more attacks were sent following the ennoblement that was in our territory but of course you accidentally left out the coordinates of the village that was fought over. We, as a gesture of goodwill, did not pursue the matter even though it was past the border line that was agreed upon in our NAP.

When that situation occurred, we approached you, Rabid, about a way to resolve the cross nobling that was quickly becoming an issue but both parties ended up just letting the situation drop because a shared noble planner was not "appropriate" for a NAP which is reasonable but any further accidents should really not be a case for a violation of NAP.

There's also this gem


We got no warning of a NAP cancellation or a grace period that was discussed in the NAP but what's done is done. Your standards and word of "respectable manner" are not ours.

You are welcome for helping putting all the information on the table. I know you are very busy and most likely forgot but I feared it would be confusing to outsiders of the situation and might accidentally construe the truth from our lovely world audience.



Since OLD claims to be the old folks reunion, shouldn't you have known that taking in refugees is "not done" and is usually seen as an act of war?
Having a NAP with 2 tribes that fight each other seems a bit cowardice to me, but than again, old folks and naps...



Since OLD claims to be the old folks reunion


shouldn't you have known that taking in refugees is "not done" and is usually seen as an act of war?

It was discussed at lengths with the Rabid council for the recruitment of the border players. While they were invited before an agreement was reached, both sides pressed on to other matters. What matters is that we informed our dear friends in Rabid of our interest in certain players of EQ. So yes, they were refugees, from a "war" that was barely more than a short conflict, but it wouldn't be the first time in the game that good players were caught with the wrong crowd so we here at Old decided to recruit them.

Having a NAP with 2 tribes that fight each other seems a bit cowardice to me, but than again, old folks and naps...

A rim tribe that was like a 1/4 of the size of both tribes (Don't quote me on that but the fact remains we were substantially smaller at the time.) wanted to be left alone by the bigger tribes til we felt we could fight if we had to? Never heard that one before. :icon_rolleyes:

If you deem that as cowardice so be it but we saw it as what was best for us. Just like allying Panda to the West til only you two remain seems like a bit of cowardice to me but I agree that it was probably best for your tribe to clean up their backline where a growing threat was looming.


Since OLD claims to be the old folks reunion, shouldn't you have known that taking in refugees is "not done" and is usually seen as an act of war?
Having a NAP with 2 tribes that fight each other seems a bit cowardice to me, but than again, old folks and naps...


Napping the top 2 tribes who at the time had over 1 million points each to our 200k because we started later... Yeah cowardice.

In my view it was an excellent piece of diplomacy on our part to give us time
To grow in order to be more effective in a future conflict.

We did approach rabid yes, but EQ approached us and it was a 2 week nap. By the end of those 2 weeks EQ was no more.

Now allying the 2nd biggest tribe in the world which you have your largest border with when you are rank 1.... I'll let you decide which is more cowardly.

As for refugees it really depends how you look at it. Yes they had been attacked and were frontline. And agree within reason to declare war. Rabid nobled how many vills off them when they were in EQ?

Rabid were also aware of recruitment.

Good luck to both sides, it was an inevitable war anyway.


Plz stop arguing, rabid friends seek medical advice. With age comes experience and immunity



Make love not war.
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I especially like the bit where hurod gave out loads of random facts


Old have some good people, seemingly well led tribe. There is no reason for disrespect... I hope for a good war.

To point: there was never any binding or official nap agreement between our tribes, at the time Old requested diplomacy we were beginning our war with EQ. They were in their infancy and a fraction of our size, with that said, I told them we would leave them to grow.

Old did invite refugees that were being actively attacked by Rabid without any kind of courtesy notification, which by most accounts would be grounds for war, and is generally considered an act of aggression. In truth we have been fighting tribes who have taken refugees since EQ split, since TBS split etc... and will continue to do so. This lack of respect for the "diplomacy" that has been pointed out pretty much ended the gentlemanly agreement between our two tribes, as I see it.

The ties between Rabid and Panda go back much further than the top ranked tribes. That our two tribes have fought smartly, and recruited smartly where others have failed is in no part our fault. To be competitive one must adapt.

All I can say is that I hope we have a good war ingame, and leave the trash talking where it belongs, in the garbage.
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In truth we have been fighting tribes who have taken refugees since EQ split, since TBS split etc... and will continue to do so. This l

It seems that the storm between [Y] and Rabid has calmed for now due to our near non-existent geographical front. If anything, declaring on Old relieved pressure on your original enemy, EQ. Is the EQ hunt no longer the top priority for you? :)


Rabid is right. The downfall of Old began the second they took in refugees. You can't put too much blame on Hefner though- it was orlok and Kendrick who decided to bring them in before Hefner got online to discuss with. Once they were in, he let them stay although he was pretty upset about it. Those 4 players seriously upset the continuity, balance, and family atmosphere we had. We became strife with drama and argument overnight.

The top account, Arioch44, is pretty nub. Should be an easy kill for you guys. One of the players left skype chat because someone said something off topic that he didn't agree with, the other one also got offended and left skype, only to come back and complain that council we being mean to her:

First circular she sent:
Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:06
[coord]572|513[/coord] anyone got anything that can get here, don't oversend,

040. The village without name (572|513) K55 0037 Who Da Fock Is Lakozz (573|505) K55 Four Nerds No Villages 8.1 today at 07:02:28:072 3:56:56
Attack 043. The village without name (560|502) K55 0016 Clarity (515|515) K55 Clarity 46.8 tomorrow at 02:25:35:258 23:20:03
Attack 043. The village without name (560|502) K55 0011 Clarity (529|546) K55 Clarity 53.8 tomorrow at 05:52:31:799 26:46:59
Attack 042. The village without name (567|500) K55 0016 Clarity (515|515) K55 Clarity 54.1 tomorrow at 06:03:22:728 26:57:50
Attack 040. The village without name (572|513) K55 0011 Clarity (529|546) K55 Clarity 54.2 tomorrow at 06:04:02:896 26:58:30
Attack 041. The village without name (567|502) K55 0039 JD Löves Lakozz (523|593) K55 Four Nerds No Villages 101.1 on 01.04. at 05:33:36:905

KingMaas7 Mar 30, 03:06
What speed are they?

KingMaas7 Mar 30, 03:07
Looks like random fakes to me

Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:08
the first, I think they just were all sent, but the first could be ram or noble, but this village most at risk regardless

KingMaas7 Mar 30, 03:10
The fakes just started. I'm about to send a circ. They won't send a prenoble on the first few attacks

Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:11
if you are doing support, that is 1st village that needs, and if we are going to friend Y, then other support should be pulled

Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:14
i would send real nukes 1st wave

then, just minutes later:
Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:16
[coord]572|513[/coord] most vulnerable

040. The village without name (572|513) K55 0037 Who Da Fock Is Lakozz (573|505) K55 Four Nerds No Villages 8.1 today at 07:02:28:072 3:56:56

This village most at risk, very vulnerable, if anyone can get troops here by this time

those with troops in my villages north that I haven't sent back, please take back

KingMaas7 Mar 30, 03:27
Just chill ok? Your account is the second biggest in the world. Try to act in control. People need you to show confidence and not go running when a few fakes come rolling in.

Besides, you should have enough troops to stack the hell out of yourself on their front until Wyatt gets his stack plan updated.

Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:33
i'm chill, so how about you chill dude. Stuart made a mistakem he asked me to send a 2nd time, so like take your insults and send them somewhere else, You are a real {expletive} dude

Arioch44 Mar 30, 03:34
if you look at the village i mentioned you would have seen no, it is not near my other, and our Duke Mikey speficially told me we had nothing to worry from rabid here, so on our duke's direction I did not stack this

KingMaas7 Mar 30, 03:40

Keep sending circulars every time the attack number increases. Just makes you look like a nub but hey what do I care right?

"OMG! OH NOEZ! They sended a ram at me! Probably going to noble me in the first five minutes cause I'm not smart enough to tag! SEND HALP PLEEZ!"

That's exactly how you look to pretty much the whole tribe.

After kat (arioch44) whined about my messages in skype chat, and said "I don't know if this is the right place for me", I decided that I had enough:


KingMaas7 Mar 31, 12:01
Not because of war. Leaving because the whiny {expletive} {expletive} on [player]arioch44[/player] have pretty much taken the last little bit of fun out of the game.

They are mad because I told them to man up and grow a pair- they whined for support when a couple fakes started rolling in. I told them it was time to act like the number two account in the world, and was called an {expletive}.

I had the decency to keep our conflict private, but they had to post it in skype.

Do not rely on them. They will bail and avoid war, probably turning on you and taking easy villages- just like they did to EQ

I am sorry, I wish u the best of luck but I refuse to log into a GAME and have all this {expletive} drama.

DarkenedSpirit Mar 31, 12:08
For {expletive} sake that is sad to hear. Hope for the best for you mate. Hate to loose good players over bs. Wish I had sway with you to ask you to stay, alas I do not. So all I can say is thanks for allowing get me to play beside you.


if you look at my twstats, it's pretty apparent that I lost interest in this world a while ago. I kept wanting to leave, but I was always convinced to stay just a little longer by the other council members. I had just started merging with joshpad when war broke out- all my offensive villages save one were taken by him already. So the war wouldn't hold the Christmas Eve-type anticipation for me- all I could do was snipe and stack. How things work out eh?

Most of the people hold my respect, not only as players, but as people. I've had some good times, and maybe in a year or two we can hook up again if the fire ever returns to me.

good luck old, you're going to need it- knowing what I know, rabid should take this pretty easily. I honestly do see old disbanding- not at the fault of any one person or incident, but because of a train that was set in motion a while ago.


luck??? OLD need luck??? They have most obviously turned to the wrong GOD and now they face Divine intervention.


Nice war stats....

Could we see some? :D

That lastly posted graph is funny, no context at all


Nice war stats....

Could we see some? :D

Side 1:
Tribes: Rabid
Side 2:
Tribes: Old

Timeframe: 30/03/2016 02:58:18 to 09/04/2016 16:07:38

Total conquers:

Side 1: 204
Side 2: 51
Difference: 153


Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 71
Side 2: 7
Difference: 64


Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 1,264,440
Side 2: 266,409
Difference: 998,031


Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 552,111
Side 2: 56,705
Difference: 495,406


There ya go...