RAGE Exposed


Thing yesterday at 23:32
Dear all,

The time has come where PR has run it's course.

RAGE have decided our alliance is worthless and that they would wish not to play alongside us to have terminated the alliance with immediate effect.

This to me is very saddening as we did what we could and we all worked hard. You all have your own options. You can lay on and try to join another tribe. You can go solo or you can physically do anything you want. The world, as they say, is your oyster. I am very sorry this did not work out. And I am sorry to have let you all down. We did what we could. I myself will be leaving this world and provably wont return for a god few years to .net. In the meantime I will play the UK server and you are more than welcome to join me and a few others there, just pm me and ask how.

I wish you all the best and I am once again regretfully sorry that it has come to this and I have let you all down in this manner.

I hope you all live prosperous and victorious lives.

Yours Faithfully,

Ben x

The coplayers of Ghio1 will no longer be posting on this thread, we have something new for all you guys to see. Just wait and see :)


if you wAnt to. i can post our conversation on skype.

One advice. You better start swim or you will drown in your own excrement.

Grow up and grow a pair. DAMN IT


Stephen, so u betrayed Fall for Rage after they stacked u and now u got betrayed by Rage? ironic?


Leaving a tribe after the leader told me that he was quitting (Rascal1991) isn't betrayal. I also refrained from attacking FALL as to not cause any big problems to the west.

Better luck next time.