Rage Quit is the Only Way! Coming to a Theater Near You


I've got several incomings from WeT at the moment, so far I've had a player attempt to send a train to me but forgot to add a noble to three of those attacks..


Knowledge is Power. Giving away info like that, would be important intel on some other tribes. So I do not criticize people's wrongdoings, but rather encourage it nicely. (Im not referring to WeT, but in general)

Although Raja's response to criticisms is Whatever, hence their tribe name :p (I like that response bro :icon_wink:)
Im not saying that Raja giving away stuff like that is wrong or right, who know WeT have a plan up their sleaves..

Have to agree though that WeT looks week if they let ZEF push them around (maybe push around is a strong word, but that's how I honestly see it. Perhaps poke around will be a more suitable term for letting ZEF recruit refugees ). But again, just my opinion as well. I respect WeT's decision though to do whatever they think will be most benefitial to their tribe.

What's ZEF's ranking now?


Zef isn't pushing WeT around, WeT is pushing ZeF around. It seems the members ZeF recruited either left or got kicked and a few have joined WeT.


that not push .. we dont push they dont push .. but that we called negotiable. we only care k55 for now. And like pride said about my member ... whatever lol im dong same thing many time..specially when i sending noble while im drunk..or sleepy..

have you ever have experienced when you want send noble and your girlfriend said ..dont play that game ..come play with me honey....arghhh..that make me send my noble 100 axe +noble - 100 axe + noble - 100 axe + noble and 7500 axe + noble

my nuke left behind...and good news i notced that after it hit.. :(

haizz...make wrong is humanity as long my target wont go anywhere and i take it later


I actually agree with this being that Zef did break there agreement here best thing kick the members they brought in from rage then let WeT do as they want ZEF couldn't afford another enemy.


Zef leadership is :icon_confused: trying to bite off more than they can chew, doesn't matter they will disband soon hopefully.


Some smart players already leaving. From 5th to 9th in a couple of days.

The Game of Thrones

I am rank 9 and I highly doubt I am leaving :icon_rolleyes:


Those were the days......ahhhh
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