~Raid~ : Untrustworthy Conduct - Example for All


oh hey

Hello There...

It is funny you bring up the tribe raid. I have no idea who or what or where, but I did stumble across one of their members profile page whilst' playing my game this MORNING before work.

Well. All I can say is,

His profile picture sure coincides with an ankle biting, back stabbing, group of North Korean, Chinese, and a few other outliers... in lonely ol', K23.

If anyone wants to move to the country. Just jump on the Oregon Trail ;)

I'll help ya prenoble!!




[color=#fffffd8]Sorry ya'll I only read the first couple posts[/color]

Hate to talk so general.. I did not even notice Mr. Joker HIMSELF, the same guy I ONLY noticed, in the game. On the public, world, forums.

Sup mate, Where ya from Mr. Joker?

If you want to talk shoot me an ingame email. I shouldn't be to terribly hard to track down...


It is our duty in RAID to do what we can in making the world a better place.:icon_wink:

If I was going to make the world a better place I'd shoot the joker right between the eye balls. Thats a big IF.

Who was that character who played Joker in the latest bat man movie? I forget his name but he didnt make it all the way....

I think he knew his hour glass was being tilted..


Lord Hawk The What????

Tyler Said" Angusbeef, stop spamming the forums. Nobody is up at this hour, and the only ones that would actually listen to your pradle, are the little girls"


OK NOW. I need to stop..

But this dang ol' rain is comin down pretty good can't get any work done around the house. I've beat the sun up again.

The FORD has a flat tire ;).. So I cant drive anywhere.

Local stores not open 24 hours a day. So I suspose I'll just head to the Ocean and have a stroll along the worlds longest beach.

Thank god for vacations, and the "neighbors wifi"

Tyler Adolf--

-=I am the Joker=-

Now what does your post have to do with this thread... totally off topic, none of my tribe is even remotely located near K23 so either my coffee hasn't kicked in yet or you need to send me some of that stuff you were smoking when you were posting I could use it as well then maybe I could understand your posting efforts.:icon_wink:

Seriously though you lost me when you started seeing that none of my tribe is even remotely close to yours, thus I confuzzeled a bit (spelling meant that way) I'll message you in-game I'm always up for a good talk.

As for shotting the Joker between the eyes I think some mountain oysters are in store here soon. So where's the beef :icon_wink:

As to the other posters prior to angusbeef,
this thread was created by a coward who fled the scene, while he was getting nobled and if he or any of his previous tribe could read then they would have seen that it was our choice to attack or not I did say "...you may be spared..." I never said "you would be."

I gave my word to your fearless leader of the NoR Family one more attack on my tribe and the results will be devastating thus my word is good in my book, I warned him and I came through when the attack was sent from a NoR player.

Thus if a tribe thinks we are therefor not trustworthy because I keep my word when I give it, then so be it. Feel free to contact those tribes around me and ask them what type person I am to deal with, you will find it's like baseball but you don't get three strikes only one and your out. I will end relations immediately and retaliate for going against common sense, just like any serious tribe in this world would, only difference is the known good tribes are in the core and we are on the rim.

With this I think this thread should be closed by the Mods I think all has been said that needs to be.