Ram would like to point out!

Discussion in 'World 30' started by Michael Wittman, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. KarmaX

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    I am not starting a flame here, but PHOENX has a hidden academy that the world should know :p :lol:


    These were before moroccon left the tribe and archon, asama and her were attacking this village. Not a co-incidence aye?
    - [report]010b9221784c21d456f22e48b6921463[/report]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(463|625)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5181 Sc:50 Lc:2894 Ma:216 Ra:226 Ca:151 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(464|632)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:6035 Lc:2802 Ma:169 Ra:225 Ca:150 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(462|616)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5115 Sc:50 Lc:2911 Ma:206 Ra:226 Ca:196 ]
    - Report: deannoman: [(496|603)-K64] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5000 Lc:3006 Ra:250 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(501|627)-K65] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5759 Sc:50 Lc:2765 Ma:208 Ra:233 Ca:164 ]
    - Report: deannoman: [(495|602)-K64] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5387 Lc:2032 Ra:269 ]
    - Report: deannoman: [(494|605)-K64] - (540|616) - [%L:89]: -[Ax:5429 Sc:9 Lc:2660 Ra:250 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(499|609)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5678 Sc:69 Lc:2754 Ma:200 Ra:225 Ca:175 ]
    - Report: deannoman: [(503|584)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5534 Lc:2191 Ra:250 ]
    - Report: nightshade25: [(560|561)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:1000 Lc:1700 Ma:1400 Ra:100 Ca:100 ]
    - Report: deannoman: [(494|601)-K64] - (540|616) - [%L:23]: -[Sc:9 Ca:246 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(584|529)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:6332 Sc:20 Lc:1902 Ra:212 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(596|535)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:98]: -[Ax:3788 Sc:20 Lc:1395 Ra:292 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(585|518)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:8672 Sc:29 Lc:2061 Ma:294 Ra:275 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(591|520)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:8245 Sc:27 Lc:2324 Ma:272 Ra:240 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(590|518)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:91]: -[Ax:7586 Sc:7 Lc:1640 Ma:185 Ra:245 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(580|513)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:7274 Lc:1930 Ma:100 Ra:240 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(581|511)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:8433 Sc:27 Lc:2008 Ma:300 Ca:218 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(580|509)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:3847 Ma:705 Ra:212 ]
    - Report: tony sayers1992: [(594|513)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:6993 Sc:31 Lc:2344 Ma:167 Ra:240 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:6646 Sc:23 Lc:3000 Ma:150 Ra:220 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:23 Lc:2836 Ma:150 Ra:223 Ca:166 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:23 Lc:3300 Ma:82 Ra:224 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5596 Sc:22 Lc:2865 Ma:150 Ra:220 Ca:230 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5338 Sc:22 Lc:2907 Ma:150 Ra:598 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5706 Sc:21 Lc:3251 Ma:150 Ra:224 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(491|772)-K54] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5558 Sc:21 Lc:2887 Ma:150 Ra:220 Ca:196 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(518|727)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:6466 Sc:22 Lc:2461 Ma:150 Ra:601 Ca:3 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(527|730)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:34 Lc:3219 Ma:150 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(523|730)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5589 Sc:24 Lc:3300 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(515|730)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:20 Lc:3276 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(526|732)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:20 Lc:3300 Ma:60 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(516|731)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:6215 Sc:18 Lc:3020 Ma:150 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(524|733)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5662 Sc:18 Lc:3300 Ma:46 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(524|735)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:17 Lc:3300 Ma:55 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(521|735)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5662 Sc:17 Lc:3300 Ma:49 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(520|735)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:22 Lc:3205 Ma:150 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(517|735)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:16 Lc:3300 Ma:58 Ra:225 Ca:30 ]
    - Report: Archon of the End: [(520|739)-K75] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:5660 Sc:19 Lc:3192 Ma:66 Ra:225 Ca:50 ]
    - Report: Baroness Janice: [(563|590)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:99]: -[Ax:6126 Sc:41 Lc:2998 Ma:223 Ra:239 ]
    - Report: Baroness Janice: [(557|583)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5400 Sc:49 Lc:3000 Ma:300 Ra:240 ]
    - Report: Baroness Janice: [(565|588)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5363 Sc:50 Lc:3034 Ma:300 Ra:240 ]
    - Report: paparucino: [(558|590)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:6500 Sc:25 Lc:3100 Ra:219 ]
    - Report: paparucino: [(560|590)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:83]: -[Ax:1300 Sc:12 Lc:3100 Ra:219 ]
    - Report: Baroness Janice: [(570|589)-K55] - (540|616) - [%L:98]: -[Ax:5200 Sc:27 Lc:3050 Ma:300 Ra:240 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(475|620)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5687 Sc:22 Lc:2781 Ma:200 Ra:220 Ca:167 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(473|614)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Ax:5632 Sc:10 Lc:2914 Ma:188 Ra:225 Ca:150 ]
    - Report: Moroccantreasures: [(470|629)-K64] - (540|617) - [%L:100]: -[Sp:72 Ax:5495 Sc:50 Lc:2705 Ma:200 Ra:225 Ca:150 ]

  2. r2d3

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Sure you don't :icon_wink:
  3. calarasi.

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    Karma so u say SMURFS atacked RAM first :)
  4. KarmaX

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    Well, I was having a small skirmish with Tony, but later we sorted it out. During that time, PHOENX and SMURFS co-ordinated on one of our players, since then we have been eating them up. Also, recently I took a village in the heart of PHOENX, and again, there was a joint attack of SMURFS and PHOENX on that village, which is not logical for SMURFS to attack, and can't be a mere co-incidence for PHOENX to mass nuke the same village as well.
  5. Mick876

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    Feb 21, 2008
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    So your methodology is that if anyone attacks you that are not in Phoenix then they are in some kind of Phoenix academy? So using the same principles because D2 and D2a attack us they are your academy? By your methodology right? :icon_idea:
  6. MR.MR

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    To further this, if you (RAM) says that Smurfs are our "academy" for attacking the same targets, then D2 and D2a immediately are academies of RAM, just look at the ennoblement histories of Archon of the End and Kevmasterzoc... You will see plenty of coordination in attacks from RAM, DRIFT, D2 and D2a. I know firsthand from sitting those accounts that there was coordination in the ops on them.

    At the point of that post, I was up on caps to RAM. Now, between cat damage and captures, I am down 100k points on the war, and down on caps overall, most likely. I started the war at 3.9mil points ;) But that matters not now, and there is no need to debate this point further.
  7. KarmaX

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    Sep 18, 2008
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    I think you have interpreted it in a different manner. PHOENX has good co-ordination with SMURFS, and are using them as their academy and interns. D2 are friends of RAM but are independent on their targets and co-ordination. That is the only difference. Yes, DRIFT/RAM co-ordinate, and we don't hide it, haven't from the very start, unlike PHOENX.

    That is my point of view, as you have your own methodology I guess:

    Kd 53 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 54 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 55 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 62 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 63 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 64 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 65 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 73 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 74 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 75 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 83 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 84 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 85 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 93 is our Home Turf.
    Kd 94 is our Home Turf.
    Stay Off Our Turf.

    Either get down, or we put you down.

    Cal, help me out here. Is the dominance map posted wrong, am I having hallucination or is there some other reason for this? :icon_rolleyes:
  8. calarasi.

    calarasi. Guest

    Paj should explain why is k55 there :)
  9. Get RAMmed

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    Jul 24, 2010
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    I find it funny you accuse me of being indirect and deflecting accusations. I'll put another tally next to hypocrite.

    You have hearsay and circumstantial evidence. There's a lawyer in your tribe, she can explain it to you. :icon_rolleyes: You made a pretty convincing argument, but at the end of the day, that's all it is.

    Hey man, you seem to forget what Pnp stands for. Politics and Propoganda. You ever met a politician who wasn't crooked?

    I don't give a rats ass what Shipley does. I don't answer to him, or anyone for that matter.

    They took me. How strict can their policies be? :lol:

    As arrogant as you are, you'd think you had a 2200 village lead over us. You've got nothing to be proud of, as RAM has lost almost no ground, yet you've lost almost 2 K's.

    Sure, you're doing alright against D2. Congrats.

    Yeah, nothing significant happened with RAM in the last two weeks. That's all Phoenx skill, it has absolutely nothing to do with the other tribe that declared. :icon_rolleyes:

    Be sure to thank Decide. And tell 'em thanks from me as well, I haven't thanked them for my new villages yet. :lol:
  10. Pajuno

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    What delusional world do you live in? You show me ONE coordination of ANYTHING between smurf and Phoenx, and you will actually score some kind of point. Its all fabrications in your mind.

    Smurfs are so noob, they did not even know that Phoenx was already fighting Ram....

    How am i a hypocrite? I have screenshots, email account traced to a real life Facebook friend of one C shipley... and my information/facts are FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS>

    You have one mail, screenshotted as well, and its given as living prooof that Phoenx was going to instate an academy....

    Im the hypocrite?

    Your right... a confession from Grummit that he personally handed the Pw to shipley, followed by confirmation from several members of your leadership team. *shrug*

    You are right.. i have the bloody glove, video recorded proof, a visible paper trail via TW.net and facebook, as well as several witnesses.. vs one Screenshotted mail... and i am presenting "circumstantial evidence"....

    Get real, dood.,.. your name is not Get rammed.. it should be Get real.

    Considering i cannot "meet" myself, then yes, you are correct...

    Funny part of ram diplomacy.. Shipley claims none of it is real if it does not come notarized from him personally... So you, karma the liar, and everyone else can say whatever you want.. it doesnt matter!! Only SHIPLEY's words count from ram..> per order the Duke of Ram, one CSHipley...

    So who is the liar?

    Point proven, no need to continue further.

    Of course "ram" hasnt lost any ground.. you have d2 meatshields put into place almost a full year ago!! We are holding our own against almost 100 players... vs 27.

    i dont understand what it is YOU are boasting/bragging about!! You are being embarrassed by 26 members!!

    Doing alright, while holding our own against ram/drift. YOu have a 3 to 1 odds against us.. and you still have the nerve to open your mouth and talk shit? You are a NOBODY. :icon_biggrin:

    Oh!! Precisely as predicted!!! Here come the EXCUSES!!!

    Excuse number one is in the books already!!!

    Real cocky.. rumor has it that one of your new recruits has already been demoted to Drift.. is this true? ANd you are bragging of a few villages up while losing an entire account?? o_O

    What is Ram's "tribal goals" if this is indeed true?? :icon_rolleyes:
  11. lrizkyr

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    lol kramax u are all bad...
    u are telling me that when the op on my account started u werent coordinating with d2??
    lol then that was a big coincidence then!
    and the more scaring coincidence is that u didnt crossnobled :icon_eek:
  12. r2d3

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    Definition of "karma" most probably there rizky. Nothing to do with shared forums and ops... :icon_wink:
  13. Get RAMmed

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    Jul 24, 2010
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    I never said they were falsified. I said it was a nice story, and somewhat convincing, but I didn't believe it.

    You were caught red-handed trying to do the thing you've berated and insulted RAM for doing. Yeah, that makes you a hypocrite. :icon_rolleyes:

    Anyone can say anything. Also, there was no harm done by this alleged hi-jacking. It also happened like 4 months ago. You can scream about it until your blue in the face, but I don't believe you.

    Dude, i don't know what you've been smoking, but there's no vs.

    These are two entirely different things. They have nothing to do with each other. You just randomly brought up the ozzyfudd thing to distract and discredit the mail.

    ...Good one? I guess? Hope you didn't spend too long coming up with that one.

    I wish I could live in your grandiose magical dream world where I believed all the shit that came out of my own mouth. :icon_rolleyes:

    Shipley DOES NOT speak for me. You're arguments keep getting more and more ridiculous. I mean seriously, instead of making any good points you spew this kind of garbage.

    You. Show me where I've ever lied, and then I'll show you denying you had plans to merge and start an academy with D2 in the same post as you're screen-shotted planning to do exactly that. :icon_rolleyes:

    Well, apparently you don't know what sarcasm is. :icon_eek:

    Since joining this account I'm at about 120-0 in enemy caps. But I'm a nooby RAM player. :icon_rolleyes:

    Wait!? I thought you declared on D2? The tribe you declared on is now nothing more than a RAM meat shield? Funny how these things change to fit your current argument.

    If you want to continue to claim that our whold tribe is warring you can go ahead, it's not true. I had not sent a single troop your way the whole war until about 2 weeks ago. But I've been warring you that whole 3 months that we never exchanged attacks and that none of my defense was out there. :icon_rolleyes: Most of the people up in my neck of the woods have had nothing to do with Phoenx at all.

    Oh wow. Personal insults. How... mature.[/quote]

    Lol. If you wanna pretend that Decide declaring doesn't help you at all, go ahead. But you'll be the only person who believes that.

    That's what happens when players give up on their accounts. It was unfortunate. :icon_confused:

    I'm a few villages up ATM, due to the extreme length of my travel times. Don't worry though, I'm gonna be up more than a few here shortly. :icon_cool:

    Ask Shipley, only he can speak for RAM :lol:
  14. Moroccantreasures

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    Oct 30, 2008
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    Smurfs are NOT a phoenix academy the ones that gave up are quitters or eaten and the others are just putting up a fight and not being as easy food. Admirable actually and likely will make them better players for some other world.
    Just because people of different tribes fight back or don't quit doesn't make them the academies of all the other tribes they are warring with ;)
  15. SOLDIER 1st Class

    SOLDIER 1st Class Still Going Strong

    May 21, 2009
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    Smurfs :icon_razz:

    They aren't the real ones.

    The original Smurfs are a group of 1337 players.
  16. So just a question for RAM, why'd you dump kanipuppy?
  17. calarasi.

    calarasi. Guest

    too small, too inactive, no skill? or they wanted the owner on another account :)
  18. art-1

    art-1 Guest

    no more pointing again