Rank 1! One little trick experts DONT want you to know!

PP will Just help you A little bit Maybe first week, you cant be rank 1-5 that is different level for normal players but trust me you can have competetive and face them in the long run the only thing that can make different between you and other players is How to farm resources in A correct way from The start that will help you to jump to rank 100-15 but you to be very active.
A little? lol I have someone near me that went from 1800 points last night when I handed my account over to my co.. He is now 7k and top 5 (With one village, hasn't nobled yet). In less than 12 hours. Sure.. Just a small PP boost.


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Couple things from my side regarding PP.

#1 - Yeah its been a big part of TW now for years and it will stay that way. Adapt to this situation and take it to your advantage. As example, this world, was / still is perfect world to farm PP if you aren't focused on real playing and sticking it out till the end. Scavenge - you can be turtle finally and profit from it. Market won't be dead for another month or even more and if you are lucky you could get close to border of new K's and exploit it even more. If properly done without a sweat you can gain 30k PP for you to abuse @ next world.

#2 - Without PP this game would have been shut down long ago, because, lets be real, somebody has to pay for servers and people working on this GOD forsaken game.

#3 - People whining about PP spenders but in fact they state obvious that they would still love a premium feature like PA. Why so ? It also gives advantage to others and yet you don't whine about it. Bad luck spawning right next to one of those huge pockets, but as somebody already mentioned - relocated and you might have better luck.

#4 - PP doesn't put newcomers into situation where they are behind the PP spenders. The inactivity and lacking the knowledge of games basics is what sets them back. If you are active and know all there has to be known about the game you will even out with TOP100 @ mid/late game phase. Take in mind that huge a** village that is near you has morale issues & if you haven't been slacking in troop production you are more than safe. Because they won't waste troops on you if they have lower morale than 80% (i wouldn't at this stage)

#5 - Nobody is forcing you to play this game mate if you can't adapt look for another time waster.

GZ chees on 2/3 milestones :)



can you write a transcript how to use all your PP and then drop to rank 7 please?
m8 did you even read it. Simply stop following the one little trick!

You kind of answered it yourself.

Step 1: Run out of pp
Step 2: Stop spending more pp than everybody else (if u need help with this, see step 1)
Step 3: Drop to rank 7
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Congratulations! But be careful tudadar started w109 as well. He is monster

he actually did

I mean.. OFC HE DID

because that was the most insane PP EVENT EVER

rip market soon :(

this is the only event in the game which is so incredibly abusable.. LOVE it


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Matt ❤ It’s been years
Wall!! Yeah man its been a minute, team Jersey! Though I've moved out of the state . I dont play but I check up on Skype and discord a few time a week. Someone had asked me to play and and I wasn't about that but you know gotta troll the forum when reminded of its existence.
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