Rappin' about, with our wands out Part 1:

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How wizard think I react vs. how I actually react :p
And Karina, you've definitely got a cracker nose on ya' that's for sure love xx


Whats taking wizard so long to eat min and push? Thought you guys "mastered this craft"


enough talking fellas. lets show us your imaginary might............. suckers.

the nemesis123

Hold my butterbeer Weasley, this ain't gonna take long.

I see we got the wizards out here casting a spell,
Expecting patronage, think they are swell,
Thought you stupefied the public but you can't confund us,
All this claim of magic but can't even whip up a gust,
I'm a pure blood looking at a muggle in disgust.

Got this stone can still spit for a while yet
So whilst we have time, I'll let you in on a secret,
Outside this echo chamber, you're just prisoner to the night
Their cats be raining goblets of fire on your order
Till you seen as half-wit, half-blood and that I'm right

You're just a prince to their God, your dreams hollow
Only a Wizard's death awaits and no rising phoenix,
I'm turning you to stone like you faced a basilisk,
Prof you couldn't even make it through the sixth book,
No more Felix Felicis, seems you're out of luck

Talking of the big man polyjuiced as Dumbledore,
Think you are more a Crabb or a Goyle,
To the Lord you are nothing but an eyesore,
Failed your OWLs, practically a squib, better to give up,
Cast avada kedavra on yourselves and turn back to dust
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@the nemesis123

I tried get into your rap but it had a bad flow,
probably lacked the magic that only Hogwarts can bestow,
you better get back into your brick house piggies before WIZARD will blow,
because if you really think we can't whip up a gust you'll be gone before you know.

World 89, it's WIZARD's time.
Only the losers hate while we're sittin' fine.
The stats show all and we're dominating,
our enemies only get recaps while their ODD inflating.

Can't brag about a war till you fight tooth and nail,
WIZARD denying every MIN application mail,
we'll wipe the NE clean just hear Vodka's tale,
we throwin' punches like Mayweather while "Push!" can only flail.

Glad you wrote a diss but you should really take the time,
to conjure your verses into something that'll rhyme.
Or at least make something funny like Harambe's rap,
I might just avada kedavra myself because what I read was crap.

the nemesis123

Read your poem and I'm not really sure what to say.
Didn't put much effort in and hardly cared anyway,
I just wrote it because I enjoy referencing the novels.
I get you jist, WIZARD hasn't had many troubles.

I still think that WIZARD are second best,
and to @night you won't even be a worthy test.
Then again, that's just a personal opinion of mine,
Before I go, there exists such thing as a half rhyme.



It's called defending a tribe mate when their duke gives them specific instructions to write negative comments and insults to our members ;)

hrm.. where is the specific instructions. seems more like a general request to use external for traditional pnp. and where in the text does it say insult your members.


hrm.. where is the specific instructions. seems more like a general request to use external for traditional pnp. and where in the text does it say insult your members.
Sounds like a conversation you should have with your cronies, after all the hateful comments about Karina as a person/her looks after you posted that. Maybe you should teach your pets what PnP is. :)


and where in the text does it say insult your members.
A negative comment typically (not always) is going to be some form of insult...... So the answer to your question is in your own post


Damn WIZARD, what happened?
I hope you're joking lmfao. Should be saying "Damn Smoke, what happened?". Only one of the top 3 on that list didn't suffer an increase in ODD from getting wrecked. But you're obviously from MIN so you can get a pass for your inexperienced analysis, it's expected.