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Discussion in 'World 110' started by velvetcrabman, Oct 10, 2019 at 9:12 PM.

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  1. velvetcrabman

    velvetcrabman Non-stop Poster

    Jul 27, 2008
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    You all know what to do: suggested format:

    Farming: Location:
    Past Worlds (if any):

    Go, go, W110 Rangers!!
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  2. Hybris

    Hybris Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2019
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    Rating: Velvetcrabman

    Activity/growth: 9+/10 Very active, I can tell from being in the same tribe as you and your growth is quite good. Rank 7 with second most villages on w110 is ofcourse very good, so both your growth and your potential to grow is huge at the moment. Almost a 10, which is very good.

    Farming: 8/10 You are rank 38 in farming in a day, which is quite solid & rank 33 in plunderes per day. Solid stats! I also feel with you, that the current farming isn't the easiest with the 1:10 ratio on players, and since you are rank 7, it comes at a little cost when it comes to farming.

    Location: 8/10 Rim location and a spread out cluster with a huge growth possibility. Probably end up being a backline support player considering your position. Definately will own the area together with Bippe & the rest.

    ODA/ODD: 7/10 A little early for this rate IMO, you are rank 30 so you haven't only pp'ed your villages, you have fought for them which is cool. Rank 30 on your size usually also mean you have some troops at home, which will benefit you the coming weeks.

    Profile: 7/10 Honestly I prefer to keep it clean, but I also think it's cool you have added your background story as your profile with links and how things unfolded back in the days. Big worlds, most players from that time don't play this game anymore, so definately cool to check how things were at that time, PS: I also hope you aren't 118 Y/O.

    Tribe: 9/10 As a duke i'll try not be biased but honest. Growth wise there is no doubt we have the upper hand, not always the best thing in the start because many tribes will notice you. So far we have great communication, teamwork and a firm grasp of what we want to do on this world along with a lot of experienced players. We also dominate k54 at the current moment without much threats, yet.

    Past worlds: 10/10 Another 10! You seem to have played tons of worlds and have done super well on those with good ranks and millions of points, which gives you this 10er. You also seem like the loyal person judging from the stories from your profile. & getting to know you, I believe all is true, great guy!

    Overall rating: 9/10

    Rate: Hybris
  3. mc daddy

    mc daddy Active Member

    Jul 30, 2019
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    Rating: Hybris

    Activity/growth: 7/10 : Somewhat active, rank 24, but at this stage its pretty much straight PP.

    Farming: 3/10: Considerably low for your rank, again straight PP

    Location: 3/10: Your position personally is shit, but your tribe is good, uncontested area

    ODA/ODD: 3/10: At this stage of the game, its shit, should be focusing on growth

    Shit profile/boring

    Tribe: 6/10 based on other tribe, easily around 4th best, will get steamrolled by desgin, wus and squad

    Past worlds: N/A No time to look up

    Overall rating: 4/10
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  4. Mufasa

    Mufasa Active Member

    Dec 12, 2018
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  5. polly

    polly Well-Known Member

    Dec 21, 2018
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    Rating: mc daddy

    Activity/growth: 1/10: yikes (i know you restarted, still a yikes)

    Farming: 6/10: i guess somewhat decent hehe

    Location: 5/10: could be decent, but we will be there soon enough

    ODA/ODD: x/10: beginner protection, not considering

    another yikes, just showing that you used pp

    Tribe: 1/10: no comment

    Past worlds: N/A ain't bothering

    Overall rating: 15/50
  6. Smayke

    Smayke Non-stop Poster

    Jul 16, 2016
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    You stole my words bro, you stole my words
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  7. ChipCollector

    ChipCollector New Member

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    Hello everyone,

    i am new on the INT Server. This forum Thread seems like fun, so here we go:

    Rating: Saint Laurent

    Activity/Growth: 9 / 10 : So you play since the 12th September. Grow up very quickly, in the past week you doubled up your points. Your last Conquer was good for you.
    Farming: 6 / 10 : Yesterday was your highscore. I think it should be more at your level.
    Location: 8 / 10 : The Location is great. There is some Trouble around. But i think you will grow up fast and have a good Life there. After you will be maybe a backline player...
    ODA/ODD: 8 / 10 : I dont think you have just pp'ed everything. You had done a lot of work here, and have a lot of cool People in your village with Axes and some Speers as cowboys.
    Profile: 5 / 10: I dont get it...
    Tribe: 7 / 10: If i google Ruckus there shows up a company named Ruckus Wireless, Inc. - Wireless is cool, but LAN runs faster, like other Tribes on the Map.
    Past Worlds (if any) 9 / 10: Old Player, young Boy on the Picture. you are still playing tribal wars so you had fun.

    Overall rating: 8/10
  8. Bokl.

    Bokl. Member

    Mar 12, 2019
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    Rating Chipcollector

    Activity/growth: 5/10 :
    Somewhat active - Rank is low but fair since u joined the world 2 weeks later

    Farming: 5/10: Not bad for your rank

    Location: 8/10: Away from Ruckus so u have a chance of survival early game

    ODA/ODD: 5/10: Okay for your size could see you're offensive so probs clearing a few player vills around for better res and growth

    Profile: 5/10:
    I quite like it but not sure how it relates to your ingame name but still pretty cool!

    Tribe: 3/10: Rank 87 not a top contender but your area is not very hostile yet so may have potential in early game, clusters are a bit close which might be good for communication and safety but bad for farming and expansion, Also WUS are not so far north so may block expansion in that area however u also have the option to go south which could be easier.

    Past worlds: N/A No history seen..

    Overall Rating: 5/10
  9. ashbee

    ashbee Member

    Jun 20, 2015
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    Rating Bokl.

    Activity/growth: 9/10 :
    Tough Rank sure to break the top 100 soon :) onto your second villa with a decent cap.

    Farming: 5/10: 151k looted yesterday from our lazy group that is more then a good crack for your rank :) sick work.

    Location: 10/10: Strong location for you dudes I would expect to see all those caps on Cartel and Goran sky rocket you guys. A good distance between you and your tribe as well plenty to come of that.

    ODA/ODD: 5/10: Not much of either, Would assume your first cap was pretty much free. It is what it is.

    Tribe: 9/10: The top Dawgs by a mile :) Good names. We will be watching from the other side :p

    Past worlds: Dunno Aint met before.

    Overall Rating: 8/10 You dudes are looking pretty spot on :) I would expect your tribe to sweep the continent pretty quickly and wont be surprised to see you dudes skyrocket from your location :) All da best.

    Rate: WhoKilledMickey
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  10. Hybris

    Hybris Well-Known Member

    Mar 1, 2019
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    Rating: WhoKilledMickey

    Activity/Growth: 6+/10
    I know you guys started later than us, and most tribes so I will take that into consideration. Despite that you are still quite low from the others in your tribe, perhaps sitting on many troops and with a few nobles, could be more fair if I rated you in two days.

    Farming: 5/10 Mentioned earlier, new account and the lack of results while farming shows that. Fair to say that you are neighbor with Tudadar who nobles your barbs, so maybe a small set back there.

    Location: 8/10 Looks safe with your tribe and dont have any direct threat in the area, despite some people from GraveDiggers. Some Juicy villages to cap, I wish I had villages like that in my neighborhood. ;)

    ODA/ODD - Nothing so won´t rate, probably building up for a juicy second village as mentioned above.

    Tribe: 9/10 Many solid names and with lots of motivation to do a certain job on this world. Started later, so basically why you aren´t on the top with us now. As you said, we are watching you aswell.

    Past worlds: 7/10 Have not played with you (i think) but I can see you are playing w107 in Magic currently ranked 63 which is mediocre. #GoSpecialK

    Overall rating: 7/10 I believe I was generous in ratings, but with knowledge that you guys launched 1-2 weeks after us so it should be quite fair. Wish you and your guys good luck in the upcoming wars.

    I have already been rated & I´m afraid those tribe application reject people will rate me again and make me look bad :(

    Rate: Pandorasboxx

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