Rate the avatar and signature above you!


10/10 just epic version of the grim reaper
5/10 for the sig i see D: sorry not liking it one bit xP


since ray has none.

8/10 as it reminds me of eath from family guy.
9/10 pretty much all of our realities.


3/10 - icanhazcheeserburger pics........
6/10 - Not bad, but hard to read/see.


7/10 mmm mushrooms...
9/10 just for the trippy colours and simplicity that makes it effective


how is it illegal? im kinda new to forum rules and stuff


how is it illegal? im kinda new to forum rules and stuff
Too big, the sizes are:

Avatars may not exceed 80x80 Pixels. Animated images and links with referrer-IDs are not allowed.


The signature may not exceed 700px in width or 80px in height. This is the maximum size limit for the entire sig, not for individual components. Two pictures of 80px in height one above the other = 160px, and is thus illegal. Any combination of items that exceeds a total of 700px by 80px is illegal and will be punished.

Below is a list of the height values in pixels we have assigned the different items your signature may contain:
A line of normal-sized text (size 2) = 15px
A line of small text (size 1) = 10px
A blank line = 15px
A bb-code quote (1 line) = 65px
A bb-code quote (2 or 3 lines) = 80px
Spoiler = 50px
A picture = whatever height it has (viewable by right-clicking it and selecting properties)
Forum-native emotes = 15 px

Please Note:
-Items not listed above are not allowed to be used in your signature.
-Animated pictures of any kind are prohibited; note that this includes the animated emoticons provided by the forum.
-Quote generators are illegal.
-The rules regarding the Content of posts (see above) also apply to the content of signatures, though we are stricter on images containing sexual references or connotations in signatures.
-Signatures inside Spoiler Tags may not exceed 700px in width, nor 300px in height.
-Everything within a spoiler must be within the rules (posting rules and signature rules), except it's allowed to have it higher than 80 px.
So basically, up to 700X80 (width by height; pixels) for a non spoilered sig, spoliered sigs can be up to 700X300 (width by height; pixels)

The Zodiac Killer


10/10 - cause ure awsome
9/10 - awsome sig....like the name....but mine is better


7/10, would be good if you removed that white strip on the left i think, a little paint cropping should do the job :p
10/10, simply amazing sig, the sig making must be a very sexy person.