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Points: 10/10 - Top 15, always good
ODA: 10/10 - Very nice ODT also ;)
Position: 10/10 - great area k43, sea of red to the west, and me as a neighbor gotta be awesome :)
Tribe: 9/10 - saying 10/10 would be with the bias added on so will leave it at 9..
Popularity: 6/10 - XVI don't like you :p



points:5/10 regarding ur ODA
position :lot od red dots

ancient mariner


Points: 9/10 - Nice :)
ODA/ODD: 10/10 - Wow see its nice OD for guy equal to your points.
Position: 9/10 - I don't know. I just don't like the place but lot of bright red dots :D
Tribe: 9/10 - XVI is good tribe after leading rankings over two months or so.
Popularity: 6/10 Have not seen you posting around much like me :p


Points:2/10 - Not sure what happened here, did you go inactive and they eat you up? or just made the wrong people mad?

pissd off tri during the Pawns vs. Dvader war and the pitiful TRI vs. Pawns/dvader. started to attack tri. and defend tri. I left pawns due to the fact that it was all inactive and joind up with my old leader shahyd. he account sat me (due to screw up with somethig that i cant memer now and i had to go to work) came back and my account was internally distroyed. many TRI were banned. for that as he told them of all my attacks and they adjusted accordinly (damn so much for a 200k pint player sending 1,000 fakes with 4 real trains) It took them after they came back 2 months to finially rim me, (and me tking some of ewoots villages)

OD: 10/10 for your size, you got it made there, to bad its from when you used to be bigger

almost all of my odd is from the tri war. and about 200k from now. my oda is pretty much from now. it was at about 500k before i started on the rim, and has now grown to 1m! yay!

Position: 10/10 surrounded by red dots, you can noble as you wish

too bad alot of those dots are dvader friends :(

Tribe: 1/10 - Small tribe, who knows, maybe you can turn them into a force to be considered. Of course there would have to be a lot of major changes in the world for that to happen

come on? 1 man tribes for the win! might try to grow it with smaller friends.

Popularity: 7/10 - I see you posting a lot, don't really remember your name sticking out as people yelling at per say, though my memory isnt the best at the worst of times.

read the black :)
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Points: 10/10 - top 15 is always good
ODA: 9.5/10 - 27m :p
Position: 9/10 - I like your place.. let's trade locations.
Tribe: 5/10 come on....!! XVI doesn't like [V]
Popularity: 9/10 yeah... they know you, including me!



Points: 9/10 /still not in the first 10 :p/
ODA: 10/10 /amazing/
Position: 10/10 /lot of villages to take.../
Tribe: 9/10 /don't be angry, but... :)/
Popularity: 8/10 /my opinion/


Bishop wasteman




points:7/10 - More than me, but then that doesn't make it great, I'm tiny. lol
ODA:9/10 - Your ODA rank is better than your points rank which is good I guess.
position:9.5/10 - You are my neighbour, and red! Woo Hoo!
tribe:5/10 - XVI is falling hard.
popularity:I can't rate this. I don't see you posting much. (bit like me to be honest.)



Points: 7/10, Considering start date tis kinda small but looking through conquers i dont see many internals which is great A+
ODA: 10/10 OD Attack Rank: 33. (21,212,335 score) around 18x your points, Nice one :)
Position: If XVI/Lfah could grow a pair it would be a 5/10 as youd be munched up, But considering they suck and your the one doing the munching 9/10
Tribe: 10/10, Biased, yes maybe but cant argue with stats.
Popularity: Externals: 6/10, Dont post much but what you do is usually a good read and quoteable. Intribe 10/10, Good sitter and sniper much love.



Points: 8/10. In the top 50, not bad
ODA: 7/10. Not too bad either but had a few days of no points gain!
Position: 10/10. Fairly safe. Not much enemy action nearby.
Tribe: 10/10. What else can I say. A great tribe!
Popularity: 9/10 Very High. Both in internals and exrernals.



Points: you rated my points 5/10 so considering you are 700k less than myself 4/10.. But realistically, 6/10 at 2.2mill
ODA: 7/10 13 mill is nice for your size.
Position: 10/10 you'll be moved though :icon_razz:
Tribe: No comment :icon_wink:
Popularity: N/A



Points - 7/10 not bad almost 3mil

ODA - 7/10 nice ODA

Position - 9/10 a solid tribe behind you and plenty of food in front

Tribe - 10/10

Popularity - 8/10 honestly I don't know your posts don't seem to be flamed as far as I've seen


Ruthless44 - Wasnt properly rated last time so meh.

Points: 10/10, Considering start date, Very little internals, Impressive munching of the likes of LFAH.

ODA: 20/10, #1 leading by a cool 15million, Not much to say very impressive.

Position: Same as muessli it would be a low one if LFAH had the skills to OP and beat you but 8/10 since according to your conquers theirs alot of LFAH food lying around for you.

Tribe: 10/10, Good fun, Good skills, What more dya need *Disclaimer may be biased Disclaimer*

Popularity: 7/10 Externals, Dont post much but what you do is to the point and right. Ingame 10/10, No weird stalkerish haters that i know of :p

Next person rate Mr Lanky not me pleks thanks.

Caveman 10345

Next person rate Mr Lanky not me pleks thanks.

You know i would not miss the chance to rate you :icon_twisted:


Points - 7/10 - Not too bad, But you would have so much more points if you wasn't so lazy <3

ODA - 7/10 - I am surprised it isn't higher your always using your nukes :icon_confused:

Position - 10/10 - Right next to me, What could be better ?

Tribe - 10/10 - Of course.

Popularity - 10/10 from other people's point of view 100/10 from my point of view.


caveman 10345

Points: 10/10 rank 10 :O that was fast ;)

ODA: 5/10 still lower then mine cave ^^ didn't u say u would be ahead months ago hehe :p

Position: 7/10 good position but not a lot of enemies around to eat.

Tribe: 10/10 One of my favorites so yeah good tribe ^^

Popularity: 8/10 popular in my opinion, just need to post more :)