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Points: 7/10: Similar size to myself, not bad but not great.

ODA 10/10: I like to see ODA rank much higher than point's so well done there.

Position 8/10: Plenty of enemy nearby, which is good if you hold your ground but also a touch risky being so 'frontline'

Tribe 10/10: I like WUKE :)

Popularity: Not sure how to rate this. I don't notice you as being a frequent poster, but I don't notice you being flamed either.


Points: 7/10 + : the plus is for the increasing score with you kicking LFAH's butt :p

ODA 10/10: EXTREMELY nice for your level

Position 10/10: tons of food

Tribe N/a: biased

Popularity: We all love ya :)



Points: 9.5/10
Top 13, Nice, 4.6mil and approaching 5mil. Good going

ODA: 10/10
Really nice, almost 30mil.
ODD: 7/10
Guessing the big guys don't get attacked so much :icon_razz:

Position: 7/10
Quite spread but nicely clusters, got some targets where you meet an XVI cluster, too

Tribe : 9/10
The tribe seem to be doing a very nice job against XVI, and you have given DVADER some competition

Popularity: 9/10
Seen a lot of posts from you, especially in the [V]/XVI section, you seem to have pretty intelligent and respectable posts, too.

Haha, I can expect mine to be pretty bad :lol:
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Points: 5/10 kinda few compared of the time line you've played.

ODA: 6/10 not that active offensively
ODD: 5/10 same as above *defensively*

Position: 10/10 very near to XVI.. like it!!

Tribe: 8/10 I like small tribes

Popularity: 6/10 few posts... but you post nicely.



Points: 7/10 2.6m is good.

ODA: 9/10 great... I don't have that much ODA when I was at 2.6m
ODD: 1/10 no one wants to attack you.
(very nice ODA:ODD ratio)

Position: 10/10 there's the action.

Tribe: *disclamer no bias* 10/10 lol!!

Popularity: 8/10 I think I always see you in the tribal chat


Yeah, add about 11mil onto my ODD from when I was defending for theah93 ;) :swordsman:
I will get the old ODA up :p
But Im surrounded by TTE, buncha noobs :icon_cry: :axemen::axemen::axemen:


Points : 9/10
Position: 10/10
Tribe 9.5/10
Popularity: 9/10


hi last time i talked on skype, the whole tribe had to take a week long vacation just to recover. why u think xvi was history for a month? i started talking to them, be a whileeeeeeeeeeeee before they recover.



Points : 6/10
ODA: 5/10, score is higher than your points, but overall ODA rank is pretty low. Time to send more nukes!
Position: 8/10 Don't know your tribe's diplomacy, but looks like you have room to expand.
Tribe 4/10 - Your tribe's history and exploits have not been made public, but what I heard is you're basically a DVADER food tribe that thinks they are an academy.
Popularity: 2/10 Only just seen you start to post, if you have been before, you didn't make an impression.



Points: 9/10 (still not in the TOP 20) :p
OD: 10/10
Position: 10/10
Tribe: 8/10 (sorry, but with the new recruitments, the quality is moved down)
Popularity: 9/10
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I be Joe


Tribe: 8/10 (sorry, but with the new recruitments, the quality is moved down)
Really? Weird because they dont seem to be doing that bad against you guys :lol:

Side 1:
Tribes: WUKE

Side 2:
Tribes: DVADER

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers:

Side 1: 898
Side 2: 2,589
Difference: 1,691

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 155
Side 2: 119
Difference: 36

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 6,559,541
Side 2: 20,123,577
Difference: 13,564,036

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 1,351,325
Side 2: 1,065,711
Difference: 285,614



bishop wasteman

Points: 7/10, Comparing start dates your a bit small, Weird choice in food.
Position: 9/10 Good spread over a few K's, Leading in K86 rankings, Not bad.
Tribe: 7/10 Considering the points diffrence they have over the rest of the world id expect alot more.
Popularity: 8/10, Not a frequent poster but usually ontopic and unflamed.


oda:5\10 looking ur big amount of points a low oda :(
odd:1]10 no odd ( i love deffense)
tribe:10\10 no comment #1 tribe
postion:don't know about it but lot of taint so lot of food

Mr Lanky

Points: 7/10 Bigger than me, but pretty average compared to the rest of the world
ODA: 9/10 Nice ODA
Tribe: 5/10 If they pull their finger out they still might be able to do something but at the moment not looking good
Position: 4/10 Sandwiched between Ruthless44 and the rest of [V], not my idea of good