rate the player above you


no thats to harsh send the scout nuke, his noblemen defense wont be able to handle that


Well I figured I'd revive this thread again, its been a couple weeks since I posted here last. I'm going to rate core since all the other posts are just fluff in here.


846,468, rank 65. Pretty nice points score, not really dominant in any k but instead spread out over six. Best rank is 5th in K74, which is pretty decent. Hardly any barb nobelings, I like seeing that. You have taken over quite a few inactives of your own tribe, but you've also handled yourself well in the wars. Strong ODA also so you obviously weren't only taking barbs.


OD: 5.3mil
ODA: 4.7mil
ODD: 667K
Very impressive ODA, as i said previously in the points section, you're not just taking inactives. 13th in the world in ODA, pretty solid. ODD is not as high as I would expect, but you're kinda surrounded by tribemates now and you can't force people to attack you. You've taken people from both BC and LOST who you were in war with, so you must not just tell your tribemates who to hit.

I think that your location probably was quite a bit better before you absorbed some LOST members. Now you've got no villages on the frontline, you're spread out over six K's, and the only real way for you to advance is through NMS (or tribemates). It looks like you're starting to take villages in K84, probably trying to get yourself to a front.

Tribe looks really strong, not a whole lot I can critique about it. I've been following the forums since BC decalred on you guys, then you turn around and declare on LOST. It would appear that BC and LOST are now taken care of, and I would assume that you guys are preparing to hit someone else. Seems that although you have been taking some villages from NMS they're not going to be your main target. Guess we'll just have to wait and see what the future holds.

I like your posts, they are generally on topic and can even be helpful. Sometime you like to run your mouth, but that just brings some spice to the forums.


Rai Kun


Points score: 8/10
Current Points: 338,677
Rank: 467
World 40 start date: 17th September 2009

Growth Chart:

For the start date, good points, for a rim player, good amount of points as well, according to the graph 3 weeks ago you were a bit inactive but it was regained by a lot of villages after.

OD score:
Total OD: 2,915,255 ( Rank 190 )
Total ODA: 1,474,879 ( Rank 265 )
Total ODD: 1,438,416 ( Rank 165 )
Conquers: 41 - 5

Growth OD Chart:

Obviously to your OD totals, not only you are widely involved in your wars but you have defended what you have nobled from your enemy. Being you in a tribe that is underdog to SICKER doesn't want a fair player like you get rimmed so hypen up the farms and grow. OD Total is 5 times your points so by far it is impressive.

The graph shows the in about 2 weeks and 5 days you gained about 1.4m OD overall.

Location points: 8/10
Current Location: k12
Rank Continent players: 3rd with obviously low amount of villages meaning he has nobled good quality villages

On the northern side of k12. nobled villages on the front to get involved in the war. his northern villages can serve as wide nukers and he has a lot of allies near to defend for the worst case scenario.

Tribe points:
Current tribe: -WM- ( War Makers )
Continents owned: 2 ( k11,k12 )
Current tribe points: 4,588,092
Rank: 31
Number of members: 28
Total OD of tribe: 38,015,555 ( Rank 21 )

Growth points ( -WM- ):

OD Growth ( -WM- ):

A very aggressive tribe, fits its name, if you would be alive in the long run I would guess people in RUM!! would crave to have active and aggressive guys like you. Stable growth of tribe and OD Growth is very much impressive to look at.

Reputation score: 8/10
TW World Forums join date: October 26, 2009
Total posts: 80

Maybe some would ask why post the forum join date and total posts, this will be also in relevance to how active he is in the public forums since he joined and basically if you are patient searching his posts, you will see the credibility of the player in the PF.

Very informative posts, have not seen any bloody posts like you name connotes. keep the goodness in the forums. =)

Total: 41/50

In general you are a good player, if you have started earlier maybe you could have been around 700-900k points already, but its my assumption, keep up the aggressiveness and we will see what the future holds for you.

Rai Kun

people are currently busy that's why they have forgotten about this thread.

rate meh. =)


Lol, I would, but I did just rate someone. Need some new blood in here to rate some folks.


Thanks Blood for the rate.. I don't know how you guys rate location but don't agree with the location rating because my spreading out and not trying to dominate a K indicates to 1 thing only which is strategy. My every ennoblement and jumping to continents had it's reason. I can War anyone If War comes now. All I need to noble in K66/76 now to make it all round and around. Thanks again for the rate.


location is by opinion really, some see it as a player needing more churches thus having less troops, others see it as like you said the player being able to be aggressively active in any conflict. Just comes down to a matter of opinion


I'm new blood. o_O; Sux at rating tho. Unlike everyone else up here. What's a good od rating?


I like to see an ODA of 2x whatever your points are. I don't put a whole lot of stock in ODD, you've either had people attack you or your haven't you can't control that as much.


lol i got

My points is about 41k

oda rank is 1773 with a score of 173k. o_O; is that good?