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Points- 15/20 891,828. Not at 1 milo yet, but you have good growth charts, you'll get there soon
OD- 13/20 7 milo total is average, as far as I've seen. Your ODA grows almost everyday, which is great, though
Fame- 20/20 I see you around, you have a good attitude, I like it :]
rep- 10/20 I haven't heard of any of your accomplishments, but it's kind of like the fame thing, you haven't done anything wrong
Tribe- 20/20 go panda!
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Points--- 17 Bigger than benny! :icon_razz:
OD------ 19 Good, but i think its mainly ODD :lol:
Fame---- 15 I reckon alot of people know you :icon_wink:
Rep----- 13 Alot of comments you get arnt extreemly positive :lol:
Tribe---- 10 food for the beasts *giggle*

You want to rate me...
Might as well rate my Benny :lol:
(Benolds incase you hadnt guessed :icon_wink:)



Look at ben's account. Him and his girlfriend co-play it. What a romantic thing to do.