Rate the player above you


Title says it. Rate them on their tribe, points, area, name, and your opinion of them. You can add anything else too. I'm under alias, so don't bother looking me up. This means that the first person who posts gets rated first.

Suggested Format:

Points: blah blah blah

Area: blah blah blah

Name: blah blah blah

Personal opinion: You suck



I think it should just be name, and personal opinion from what you've seen on forums >.> some people have different strategies they may require them to start slow at first, or to boom off the beginning, or some just suck.


You have the right to rate them in any category you want. Limit the list above or destroying it and making a total new one, it doesn't make a difference.
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Points: 340 in 2 weeks. The warriors must be in the field and the peasants have broken into the spirit room.

ODA: 40. Maybe the warriors are in the spirit room and have joined the peasants in the bedlam.

ODD: zero. Enough size to frighten the children, for the moment.

Area: Surrounded by larger gorillas with more ODA. Allowing their lamb to grow fat before the slaughter?

Name: Disco Bandit. Props here and the sig is simple, clean and I approve.

Personal opinion: If you continue to grow and not establish yourself as a warrior, best turtle up. It won't change the future, but the future will be delayed.

May your end come with a sword in one hand and your enemies woman in the other.

Overall: 4/10

Lord Frost
Lord of the Rift
Leader of the Teufelhunden
Slayer of Heaven N Earth HNE


Points: 566 8/10 Decent start, top 1k overall, #1 in your 15x15, not much more I can say this early in the game, it looks like you're doing well compared to your neighbors
OD: Only 136? 4/10 Should get on clearing some of those villies around you, I am pretty sure I have a higher OD then you, and I barely lost any troops getting mine, however, you could just have a great area where people don't know where the barracks are in their village, I highly doubt that though lol
Area: 9/10 #1 in your 15x15, soo many spots to farm, I am jealous of. Only reason I took off 1 was because you have quite a few people whom look like they are still trying to play, clear them, and you're golden. =)

Rate me please:
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Points: 7/10. 400 points good for start up. Top of your 7x7.
OD: 5/10. 217, could be a bit better but OD doesent really mean anything this early
area: 9/10: everyone looks inactive except 1 player which you should be able to get OD off of him.


Non-stop Poster
Reaction score
G h 0 s t,

Points: 5/10. 213, need to be lucky you don't get farmed, but considering it looks like you started over i'll give you 5
OD: 7/10 500. pretty good to say the world is reasonably new
tribe: 1/10. only gave 1, only 2 members :/ adding up to less points than me
profile: 3/10. can't really be dishing out those threats so early
area: 4/10. good place for farming, make sure you dont get farmed first

so overall 20/50

my name is the same as it is ingame


Master B Ater

Points:3/10 Poor for the core
OD: 5/10 Decent for size i guess :L
Profile: 6/10 Something to read :D
Tribe: 4.5/10 Meh to early to tell but not mass recruiting so yeah...
Area: 2/10 Being outgrown alot there....

Overall: 21.5/50


King Boom II

Points: 1,013 after i dont know how long

ODA: 1k - Not alot for your size, but with that number of barbs, its not like you need to clear anything

ODD: 18

Profile: Advising your 15x15 to restart.... Posting a report of a spiked barb. I hate it

Tribe: Party! - A premade (I think). Pretty good. Congrats on keeping member limit under 40. Good average points/player

Area: A little over 20 barbs in your 15x15. Quite a few players over 300. Will stunt your growth while clearing/farming them.

Overall: 7/10 (because of your profile)

My IGN: MayoVsChicken



Points: Great point ranking, clearly a superb farmer

ODA: I feel bad for the people around you

ODD: Nobody fighting back? you must be bored.

Profile: your picture amuses me, but the rest of it makes no sense.

Tribe: pRo - Seems to have a very wide range of skill.

Area: You seem to lack decent competition, but it doesn't seem to be hindering you growth. Considering your ODA I imagine the lack of competition is your fault.

Overall: 8.5/10

Note for rating me: I started a few days late.



Points: 463 [6/10] = you have a decent points compared to other players in your area

ODA: 1.166 [8/10] = with your size and the competition in your area, pretty good score, just pawn more especially those 300+ players :p

ODD: 0 [8/10] = i rated it that way even if you don't have score, it is because i must say your neighbors are afraid of you. good work,

Profile: [3/10] = just a simple Hi and a smiley face, you might as well add more text into it, people love to read and to think about

Tribe: Nukex [7/10] = a small tribe with 4 members, i don't know what will happen if a group of bigger tribes pick on you, better get some more decent players,

Area: [4/10] = i must say you have let your neighbors grow that big, there are a lot of players that have almost the same as your points and some are higher, better kill them, or be killed

Overall: [6/10]



Points: 9/10 Very good compared to your area, and from the date you started.
ODA: 8/10 Nice someone has been clearing a neighbour or 2.
ODD: 8/10 your not getting attacked cuz ur CoA scares people.. so good
Profile: 8/10 epic CoA, etc.
Tribe: 9/10 Completely bias
Area: 7/10 nice area, but it looks like some of the guys around you are still growing at a stable state... but you have a good amount of farms :)
Overall: 9/10 not bias >.> or maybeh.

ign: Full Nuke


Full Nuke

Points:8/10 over 600 ( decent for the area)

Tribe: 9/10 looks like they know what they are doing

Area: 8/10 Seems like we know who the big farmer is..

ODT: 5/10 but hey does it really matter at this point

Name: 7/10 Full Nuke

No reason to think he is not a decent player

IGN: Scarfac3DaGreat
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my IGN V for Valth. two posts above didnt tell their names, my turn!


V for Valth

Points: 7/10 looks good for your area

Tribe: 6/10 (like your profile)

Area: 6/10 okay, just farms in your 7x7. some bigger players you could noble near you

ODA: 4/10 low but not surprising, most people near you look inactive or point whoreish

Total: 6.5/10 Look like an okay player, but your area isn't too good.

My IGN - georgeb.1


Points: 6/10 . -

Area: 7/10 outgrowing most of the people around you. Don't get left behind.

ODA: 7/10 not bad for your size

Name: 10,000/10

tribe: 5/10. atleast you're not mass recruiting.

IGN: coldbloodedn00b


Points : 6/10 you have many inactives around you , should be more
Area : 8/10
ODA : 4/10
Name : 7/10
tribe : 7/10

IGN : Scott Pilgrim Vs. W54