Rate the player above you!



points: 10/10-Rank 17 ok

OD: 8/10:- ok

​Location: 9/10- ok

Profile:10/10- ok

COA:10/10- ok

reputation:8/10- ok

Tribe:10/10- ok

Ok all for me..

jLovekamp Team
Lol wth!? I know everyone loves me and all...
But you were meant to rate the Vault Boy :p
Why'd you rate me? Pretty good ratings even though you've commented 'ok' for all...
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Points: 9/10 Rank 35 so pretty high although you could be nobling much bigger villages then a barb and a 1.5k.

OD: 8/10 seems like you have been making farms and maybe had an incoming or two.

Location: 8/10 I actually like your spot, tons of barbs and a few good noble targets. Only thing i dont like about it, is that you haven't nobled the 3k point guy right next to you. but that may be due to tribe diplomacy.

Profile: 5/10 Pretty standard, a bit of huff and puff (or I'll blow your house down) and a few quotes related to war.


Reputation: ? No idea who you are :D

Tribe: 6/10 pretty average.


Lol wth!? I know everyone loves me and all...
But you were meant to rate the Vault Boy :p
Why'd you rate me? Pretty good ratings even though you've commented 'ok' for all...
It's probably because I'm so amazing and mind blowingly awe inspiring, that he just couldn't cope with the mental torment of rating me.
I can quite relate to the pressure, I mean is my profile an 7 or 8 out of 10? And my mediocre OD, is it a 6 or a 7?

My mind's looking like the remnants Chernobyl just trying to relate to it.


.Scar your wish is my command:
Points: 4/10 - I know you started late but come on! - final word: noob
OD: 10/10 - no point in killing people this early in your game - final word: pro
Location: 6/10 - you have competition in your area and you're on the rim - final word: newb
Profile: 8/10 - i love gifs in profiles - final word: pro
Reputation: 1/10 - who? - final word: nub
Tribe: 4/10 - unless you guys are premade it seems really, really mediocre - final word: N3wb

final final word: cutie nubcakes

ign: AhSouls



Points 1/10. You started 6th june and only have achieved 1,7k points. not good at all.
OD 1/10 You started 6th june, should've been atleast 7k points and atleast 30k od
location 6/10 Your location is good, but not the best. a few players around you, that you could've turned to farm.
Profile 10/10 me liky liky :)
Repuatition, 1/10 I am new to .net so I can't really rate this one.
Tribe I have, do not believe this tribe is going so far so 3/10 from me.

Ign: Jlovekamp



points 7.5-8/10 rank 16, can't complain at that :)
OD 9/10 rank 26 ODA, got some but it's not high, not wasting that nuke :)
location 8/10 difficult to say, but from the looks of it, i think he has the best of both worlds, a very clustered area, but also a good farming area, i think it's quite a good location, the barbs are mostly above 300 points which is nice.
reputation I know him from w68, he's learned much since then and looks to be doing very well now :)
tribe 0/10 won't last

two nerds one account.

Fourth Base

Two Nerds One Account

points 10 / 10 --> rank #1 and all villages are bigger than 3k. You got your villages fairly quickly, so you have a train there. #efficient

OD 9/10 rank nice ODA. no ODD, you are feared. You have a huge nuke, so that amount of ODA shouldn't be bad at all on losses.
location 6/10 Bad for farming --> kind of paradoxal for the #1 farmer, but it's the truth --> you had to work to get farms. A few tribemates here and there, but not too bad.
Reputation: Everybody knows Immunesoul somehow. Still don't know if you're better than SacredFool tho. As for EvilClown, don't know him from other worlds but I know he's skilled. He's cool on the skype chat, which you should join as well Immune.
tribe 9/10 I <3 Norse

Fourth Base
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Fourth Base

Points : 7/10 Rank 71 but Both Good Sized Villages
ODA : 5/10 Too High for my liking at this stage.Either You Caught His nuke at home while nobling your first target or lost a good bunch of your troops.
ODD : 6/10 You Just got hit.Now is that a good thing or bad,dont know
Location : 8/10 Nice Location,Lot of Farms and Enemy villages as well.Good to be in a challenging area.
Reputation: No Idea
Tribe : 7/10 Arrow seems to be doing well against Apes atm.

Farming : 5/10 You have Robber & Plunderer Level 3 atm.Which is kinda bad

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Points: 6/10 He shows some promising.
ODA: 7/10 Such an offensive player. It's a good thing. I like people who avoid nobling barbs.
ODD: 1/10 You got no hit. So, you have enough time to build your villages easily.
Location: Very good location. Besides, there is a nice sexy barbarian near you, waiting you to bring democracy. lol
Reputation: No idea.




Points: 6/10 Nice points but could have aimed for larger fish in your area
Location 8/10 Near the center of the core so you have plenty of fish to catch
ODA: 8/10 I like offensive players like you <3
ODD: 2/10 No hard hits yet, you seem to have a special aura protecting you
Profile: 4/10 Could work on some micro-farming but still reaping in the dough
Reputation: ?/10 N/A
Tribe: -1/10 Lowest member point to highest member point has a difference of 6700