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Points: 8/10 Rank 209 currently but had the 2nd place spot at one point. Maybe new owner of the account? Or just the usual on and off due to rl that most deal with. Either way, clearly a good player and knows how to start a world. Maybe the 1/0 frontline hits slowed things down

ODA: 10/10 8-9x the points. Back to my original thought of rl dropoff of a damn good player

ODD: 6/10 Obviously the center of attention for a 1/0 OP. Didnt seem to hold too well but that is just a spectators view, and it wasnt an OP from any random noob tribe so this result is expected. Rating would be lower but resilience is key in this game and clearly it is there.

Tribe: 9/10 Not much needs to be said, they handle their shit

Position: 5/10 Don't care for the spread too much, but at least it is within the tribe. Would rate higher with any decent clusters.

Overall: 4/10 Lowest rating of all but to me this looks like someone that lost interest. Have no doubt that the beginning of this account could have been a 10/10, but now just seems like a filler that might spark back up if/when rl slows down and has a good war to jump in on.

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akoreliS... :icon_biggrin:

Points: 10/10 Rank 22 and started 2 days later than me :icon_redface:. You are using your size and skill well to take over villages, though ur a bit lazy(well who wouldn't be lazy?). :icon_smile:
ODA: 10/10 Like 5 times higher than points, not afraid to nuke :icon_razz: You just attack and attack and attack.. till the opponent gives up.
ODD: 8/10 Fair with your points, not much ppl to attack you.
Tribe: 10/10 Top tribe, have nice leadership and members. And I like the giant checkmark :icon_biggrin:
Position: 8/10 Nothing much to say there, nothing dangerous on the centre of you, many farms, targets mostly on south.
Overall: 9/10 Knows what he is doing and gets fun from game. Not taking the game too seriously.

IG: Calipzo


Now please somebody rate my barb nobling and making mountains on graphs :lol:


Calipzo, you weren't joking about the mountains! (To continue the thread):

Points: 7/10- Started 17 days before I did, but about 30k points behind me. Good growth in the south where there isn't that much grown/developed villages/constant wars as perhaps the northern half of the world. And of course you have one less village then me at time of writing.
ODA: 10/10 Speaks for itself, over 1.4 mill, obviously a player that puts their villages to good use. Good work against a much bigger player before joining Dice!
ODD: 10/10 - Same as above really
Tribe: 9/10- Great tribe from the looks of things, impressive stats that are growing by the hour. However have yet to face a real challenge as you guys are fighting unco-ordinated rim tribes.
Position: 7/10, well held and a decent enough spread, however with Dice conquers in the area going up, limited targets to expand. I see the move to another continent as a great idea, loads of farms around your villages. Barb heaven. Doesn't appear to be too much competition for farming as well.
Overall: 9/10 Good player, obviously knows and understands the game well, lack of decent targets means limited growth unfortunately (and I have a feeling if you had decent enough targets, your ODA might be 2 or even 3 times better :D) Did great before invite to Dice! (I love the cap/recap bout you had) and hopefully will keep up the promise and potential. But hopefully a war will change all of this where you move to the frontlines. Or if not, you just hang back and keep making new clusters in other continents :D

IG Gregoun



Points: 7/10 Slowish start, but steady growth since the end of july. Mainly player ennoblements, +1 for that. A fair amount of over-nobling though, one of them shows what is 2 seconds between nobles, which could be way better.

ODA: 5/10 Rank is alot lower than your point rank, and could be improved alot. Could just be the fact that like me you are clever with your nobling and noble offense vills or kill the bulk of the troops off in other villages.

ODD: 4/10 little to no ODD relative to your size - not alot you can do about that if you haven't been attacked much.

Tribe: 4/10 Don't seem to be too bad at first glance - rather small but competing with Hug! for villages will have that effect. On personal experience however, I don't rate your tribe much at all - my tribe (BMF) held a side op on one of your players (Roses are Red) - no support was sent to him at all, and our op resulted in him deleting. He went barb just hours before my own nobles landed on him.

Position: 5/10 semi rim, meaning growth will soon be available outwards. That will be needed though as you have Hug on your other side, and I would safely say it is only a matter of time before they coming knocking seriously, and after their performance against 23rd I doubt you would be able to do much about that when it happens.

Overall: 6/10 alot of it could be better, but could be alot worse. The OD hopefully will increase over time as your number of nukes increases and you get more comfortable with sending them out on a whim. Position can't really be improved, you just need to make the best of the situation. Tribewise, you are screwed if you stay with your current tribe. Maybe if you impress when Hug come calling they will give you a shot at recruitment - that is probably your best chance of advancing in this world.

My IGN is Devil firefish
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Devil firefish

Points:6/10 Not bad,not awesome either.

ODA:5/10 I myself consider it a tad low,but that's only me

ODD:I really dont give a ... bout such thing:lol:

Tribe:9/10-I really like this tribe,they inlvolved themself to shape the world as what it is today,and for me,that's how we define ''real top tribe''

Position:8/10 kind of well spreaded,show a ''non-cluster whoring'' imo,something I do like:icon_biggrin:

Overall:5/10 (changed cause I just noticed the 2 first cap,sorry :lol: )

Unicorn Wave

edit:just noticed my ''rating'' was lacking a bit of content.sorry bout that,Il try to do better next time.
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Aye, just wanted to say about Roses that this player never said anything, just went yellow one day, then we saw you start capping villages, then gone :p To be fair, Roses was quite a distance from us and as soon as the op started we couldn't do much anyway :( But we would have sent support if he heard something, Roses went inactive and hardly ever spoke on the forums anyway.
My ODA attack rank atm is 317 and player rank is 244, so it's getting there. I guess I just need to put my nukes to better use :D I have had luck in capping villages when they were out supporting :D As for the nobling, yes the 2 second train was terrible :) Most trains I send are about 200 ms between each noble, which could be greatly improved.

Anyway, to rate Unicorn Wave:

Points: 8/10 Started well over a month before me and double my points. Good work so far, you seem to be hitting Geo and Hattus pretty hard. Steady and constant climb in points.
ODA: 9/10 2,77 mill for 500k pts, not much to say about that, other then it's good and you obviously work the nukes well.
ODD: Meh, you haven't been attacked that much I guess, which is surprising for the tribe you were in.
Tribe: 7/10 You and Wiz :D I give it a 7 due to the name, don't know anything else about you guys :D
Position: 6/10 Boxed in by War/Haze/that ROFL tribe- basically, you can attack in any direction where you don't hold diplomacy :D But sadly not a lot of room for growth, however you are picking your targets well and moving to take villages from Hattus was a good idea.
Overall: 8/10 Great ODA, good work so far in regards to your position and growth from what I can see. However, you do have to wonder what happens if a war starts in the core or if one of the bigger tribes decide to start cleaning out of their K. However, that's speculation.

No need to rate me again, for awhile anyway, but if anyone else wants to:

IG Gregoun (Yes, I realise it's three posts up but some people are that lazy.)


(changed cause I just noticed the 2 first cap,sorry :lol: )

Tehee, those two caps were both of my old dukes villages :lol: I left their tribe and farmed them, then when I wanted to noble them they had deleted. I thought screw it, take em anyway :icon_twisted:
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Anyway, to rate Unicorn Wave:

Points: 8/10 Started well over a month before me and double my points. Good work so far, you seem to be hitting Geo and Hattus pretty hard. Steady and constant climb in points.

Iz not here to comment or judge your opinion,but I think im allowed to correct this ''wrong fact'' as Ive been tottaly innactive for a long moment,and barely active for a even longuer moment :icon_redface:


Well, I was referring to the last week really with that :p But I apologise for the misunderstanding. I meant with the recent conquers. I noticed the big levelled off line on your graph :D but since then a steady rise. And before that it was a pretty even rise from what I can see. Minus the bout of inactivity. It doesn't even look that long, maybe a week or two, but obviously you could have had a co or a sitter.


Ah The roses account. I took that over from an old friend of mine. I dont know why I joined H.O.E I just did. Anyway, I sent out attacks and then, due to not having enough time to play any more, put the account up for delete. I had the time to play it, but not enough time to sustain it at a higher point. So Instead I just co play meh friend. anyway thats for all you curious souls talking about the account. :)



Points: 8/10 started before me i think.
ODA: 8/10 always willing to help a fellow tribemate even if that means losing a nuke.
Position: 7/10 not too bad for your starting time
Tribe: 7/10 H.o.e. Strong, Great and fun to be in. Oda is great and rank is good for our start
Overall: 10/10 For because a kind caring person whose brain is bigger then his troops. Always willing to help, attack, support. Give great adive and keeps the tribe going when times are tough.

Ig = drakemen012 I want Gregoun to rate my accout

Yets hear it three cheers for gregoun.



Back by popular demand, I guess, but really, there's no need to rate me after this (this will have a different view as Drake is a tribemate of mine so I do know him better then some others I've rated):


Points: 8/10 Pretty good for your start time in June, mostly player conquers and good ones at that. Though you started a month after me, with the types of villages you conquered, you wouldn't be far off from where I am in a month's time :D Maybe pick up the pace a little bit, but good work so far.
ODA: 6/10 A bit surprising with the types of villages you've conquered so far, and a bit low overall, like mine. However, you are closing in having your ODA attack rank higher then your rank soon, which is is always a good sign. I expected a bit more, but you still have more then twice your points in ODA, so it's quite good. Just need to push it a bit farther when you get the nukes.
ODD: Nothing much you can say about this, I know you haven't come under a lot of fire :D Obviously it's very low, but there's not much you can do about it cept nuke yourself :p
Position: 8/10 Good spread with your villages, not too clustered. I am worried about the one "straggler" village that you have. You should start a new cluster there :D Unfortunately as you know and others can see we are slowly running out of targets near our tribe's cluster :D Not much we can do, but go start another cluster.
Tribe (A bit unfair if I comment on this :p): 7/10 from me as well. There are problems and there are cracks, but we do work them out, and we're stronger because of them. There's a real sense of teamwork and friendship in our tribe, as many of our enemies know. We aren't perfect though. But still, a good tribe :)
Overall: 9/10 Drake came into this came with a lot to learn and very eager to prove himself. Knowing him in game has let me see that he has developed as a player and he's got a lot of potential. Sometimes he panics too easily, but he's dependable and I trust him. He's got good potential for growth and shows promise with his co-ordination. Maybe a bit more activity or just that little bit is needed to push yourself into overdrive and start growing/killing like a maniac.

I can't tell if the end of your post Drake was sarcasm :p But thanks :)



Points:A higher end player, good growth, notice a few barbs, but I hope they had strategic value. 7/10 Hope you can make some impact in the days to come.
ODA:Rank is less that Points rank, but triple your score, good work but might want to step up your offense. 7/10
ODD:N/A Can't be controlled, people attack or they do not attack, not your choice. but it is a tad low for your level.
Position:Being up north with Hug is not my first choice of places to be, 6/10.
Tribe:6/10, imo future Hug! food.
Overall:7/10, best of luck.



Points - 5/10 - Would expect more points after 3 months I would think you would be higher in points but you doubled in size the last four weeks so keep that up and you will be fine I think.

Conquers - 7/10 - You have all player conquers which is good. This would have been higher but a couple of the conquers seem kinda weak.

ODA - 8/10 - For your size your ODA is great at 3.5 times your points and being ranked higher ODA then points ranking is awesome

ODD - N/A - You cant make people attack you back so I dont like ranking ODD

Postion - 7/10 - Seems that you are in a semi safe area for now and have tribe around you. It may be kinda hard for you to expand great but with your position you seem to have a few choices in direction for now but hurry up before you tribe nobles to much and cuts your expansion route off

Tribe - 6/10 - In your area it seems your in the right tribe but I dont think your tribe is that great. I may be wrong though and your first major war may change my mind

Overall - 7/10 - Increase your points and you can definatly get this up to 8/10. Keep up the way your going and I can see this happening very easily

If you wanna rank me and are to lazy to look at my siggy I am GameOn29. Please be kind as I was actually gone for a month :icon_wink:



Points - 6/10. Despite the headstart in k76, you're lagging behind me, but at least he has something going on in k77

Conquers - 7/10 Mostly decent. Had a crazy spell of nobling 3k barbs, but apart from that its pretty decent.

ODA - 7/10 - not bad for your size!

Position 7/10 - Surrounded by food in k77, but elsewhere there is a lot of blue. Has potential to grow quickly, as long as you don't take too many more 3k barbs.

Tribe 10/10 - High activity tribe, constantly topping the enoblements.

Overall - 8/10 - Semi Nub, semi awesome, drinks too much, but and as long as inactivity doesn't creep in, he should be here to the very end.
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Points- (1,666,246) 7/10 Good growth, good competent player. Follows orders.

Conquers - 6/10 Decent amount of internal and inactive nobling but thats part of the game.

ODA - 8/10 - Could put a hurting on most players. Good sniping skill but is mostly a stacker.

Position 6/10 - Needs to continue to do as the Mistress says or could be eaten quick internally.

Tribe 10/10 - Got lucky with Ras and Mud taking him in.

Overall - 9/10 - Loyal and easy to train. Will continue to thrive as long as he doesn't steal my coke.
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sux :icon_eek:

/me hopes Epop doesn't read this!


I liek mudkipz
Points: 143.617- Depends on how long been around, not too bad, room for improvement here. 6/10
Rank: 470-again needs improving, i suggest farming harder :p 6/10
Opponents defeated: 657.700 (702.) - not too bad for a player your size :D 7/10
Tribe: I L M- One Man Tribe, no real opinions to give, apart from good luck lol 10/10 :p
Conquers Not Bad really, couple barbs but apart from that good. 8/10
Posistion-Awesome on teh Rim plenty of nubs out there, start gobbling 8/10
Overall 7/10

IGN- Budsirius