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Answer the following points about the player who last posted.

Write a short comment on every "question".
leave your w72 IGN after you do your rating.
(OD doesn't really matter at this stage)

I'll go first..

IGN: Zeds Dead


Zeds Dead

Points: 3/5... Just outside of top 500
OD: 4/5... Been fairly lucky with few spikes
Position(Area): 3/5... Very few villages in 9x9, but plenty of inactives to make up for it
Profile: 2/5 To much spam for my taste
Reputation: 5/5 Haven't heard anything negative in my limited time on w72
Tribe: 4/5 Never personally liked maxing out a tribe member limit but other than that I see no problems.
Farming: 5/5 Better results than I've gotten
Other: Keep up the good work

IGN is "Guild Leader"
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Guild Leader

Points: 2/5 - Pretty low compared to many around you, few barbs to farm maybe. Have to wait and see if your growth stagnates or if you shoot past all the neighbors.
OD: 5/5 - Probably hit spikes, taking that into account nice n low.
Position: 2/5 - Thats pretty harsh, so few barbs, lots of actives probably farming. Nice and dense though if they all go barb.
Profile: 5/5 - I approve of helping people learn
Reputation: n/a - I can't rate you. Personally this might be the second post I have seen from you.
Tribe: n/a - Tribeless
Farming: 3/5 I don't think we should rate this as you can only really go by awards and us braggarts in the other thread. That said, reasonable given the piss poor area.

Other: Ratings will improve depending on how much you grow relative to your larger neighbors in the coming weeks.

IGN: We Got Candy


We Got Candy
Points 4/5 - Doing alright. Obviously dropped down whilst building LC, so I expect to see growth speed up later.
OD: 2/5 - Too high for my liking, from the village name I'm assuming spikes and that's just not nice.
Position: 4/5 Nice barbs but also some similar pointed players in his area, so farms could be dry if they are growing too.
Profile: 3/5 A cheap giggle, but nothing more interesting.
Reputation: Have't spent enough time around the community in the past couple of years to rate this, but I think you are a name I recognise.
Tribe: 3/5 Some deadweight dragging at the bottom, no recognizable faces but could be alias I guess? Kinda hard to rate this at present as it is mainly potential based.
Farming: 5/5 Silver plunderer so micro farming at the very least, difficult to go any further than that but I'm presuming he's got a solid amount of LC based on his growth pattern. Up and then sudden stop

IGN: North West


Points: 25/25
Profile: 25/25
Tribe: 25/25

Best player on w72, 'nuff said.


Points: 25/25
Profile: 25/25
Tribe: 25/25

Best player on w72, 'nuff said.
I don`t think you play this world, or if you do, it is under alias.

But meh, you just can`t give any negative against Muldie so GG and 10/5 for you from every category :)

IGN: Keegikolmas


Points: 4/5, In top 500
OD: 5/5, 514 ODA is ranked 47, nothing bad there.
Position(Area): 1/5, 5 barbs in your 9x9, with 9, 300+ point players (Who I'd assume have LC). Farming must be a bit hard.
Profile: 1/5, reminds me of the holocaust for some reason.
Reputation: N/A Just recently got back into the game, can't give a rating for this.
Tribe: 4/5, Low point / ranking. However somewhat high Average points, being lowered by two under 150 point players.
Farming: 4/5, Not sure if he is a player with around 12k looted, or a player with 80k looted.
IGN: radivoer


I don`t think you play this world, or if you do, it is under alias.

But meh, you just can`t give any negative against Muldie so GG and 10/5 for you from every category :)

IGN: Keegikolmas

OD: 3/5 - You've clearly attacked players or hit a lot of spiked villages, or probably a mixture of both. Can be seen as both good or bad, but you do need to remember that losses are very costly at this stage.
Position (Area): 1/5 - Densely populated area, with actively growing villages suggesting that resources could be scarce and farming could be difficult.
Profile: 2/5 - Interesting picture but hardly any profile text? What's up with that??
Reputation: 5/5 - As far as I know, you're good on reputation so far (at least for w72) so keep up the good work :)
Tribe: 4/5 - Seems decent and organised.
Farming: 5/5 - Only few people have hit 1K+ plunders by now. Seems like you're making your way there.
Other: You're doing well. :)

IGN = Druskel Snow


Contributing Poster
Reaction score
Points: 4/5

Among the top 500, overall doing pretty good at the start of the world.

OD: 4/5 - Attacked a few players and looks like you defended against an attack. Quite possibly scouts.

Position (Area): 5/5 - Not too dense and you've got several inactive players around your area. The 300 point barb is a nice touch.

Profile: 4/5 - Had a good chuckle reading it.

Reputation: N/A - Haven't seen you around. Just got back into the game a month or so ago.

Tribe: 4/5 - Ranked 5th with a decent ODA. Looks like a tribe that won't disband at the first sign of trouble.

Farming: 4/5 - Looks like you've taken advantage of your farming area and gotten good hauls.

Other: Overall you seem to have had a good start.

My IGN is the same as it is here.


Points: 5/10--mean nothing here not yet
OD:10/10-- you have none
Position(Area): 8/10-- Dense area good
Tribe: 3/10 seem below average
Farming: 0/10 are you serious you dont have 100 villages plundered and 380 points :S

Overall I would say 1/10 due to your farming


Points: 6/10-- bit late considering early start. maybe troops over point dunno
OD:4/10-- considering your point i would expect you to have a lot of troops, but yet you don't seems to clear the area around whih you need for a proper farm
Position(Area): 5/10-- Dense area, but lot of active and villages same size as yours. basicly you will have to clear them to farm properly, but once again considering all the potential enemies around it might turn on your favor or not, like sneaky attack from friend.
Tribe: 4/10 bad spread. don't know the players, haven't played for 2 years
Farming: ?/10 can't say, but lot of competition, so can't be that great.



Points: 3/10 - Started very late, so understandable that you're low on points.
OD: ?/10 - Seems like you've just started farming, can't say much about your OD.
Position: 9/10 - You're the best in your area, not to mention a few bonus/barb villages to farm from.
Tribe: 1/10 - Once you join a real one, I suppose it'll matter
Farming: 5/10 - Same as before. I gave a decent score because you seem like you have the potential to do some good farming; you've already started so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

IGN: LockHouse



Points: 3/5 - top 40 but I'm guessing you have mildly deep pockets due to not having hit 1k plunders yet(area looks average to say the least)
OD: 5/5 - None
Pos: 2/5 - Doubt you haul much but at least you have something to noble
Tribe: 2/5 - Mediocre
Farming: 2/5 check points for reasoning

ign: Cold-Fusion


Points: 5/5 lc whoring time
position pfft i cbf but if you are anywhere near the rest of your tribe you're screwed for farming. If you are further away it'll be difficult to time the nobles right to take the tasty blue vills when most of sushi quits at 4k
OD: Who cares?
Tribe: rating depends on whether you care about long or short term here. 5/5 for short term, 2 or 3 out of five for long, considering the aforementioned easy internals
farming: well you've failed to notice me taking most of your vills on uk17 so I figure you're fairly focused, 4.8/5
Jk btw i actually just got privs and disbanded the tribe

Ign: ALessonInPointwhoring
If i get less than 500/100 I'll buy an acad by this arvo and ddos you so you cant snipe the train. 3/3 rank one starts so far using that strategy, don't see why it can't be 5/5 or more
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Points: 7/10 - good ratio troops / point imo, lc recruiting like a bi***h, but very low for your name
OD: 2/10 - quite low considering all the potential targets, just start clearing them off srsly
Pos: 5/10 - might be some competition in farming but might turns well if you deal with neighnours in both farming and nobling
Tribe: ?/5 - bad spread, will see what happens in the next 2 weeks
Farming: 7/10 not a bad farm i reckon



Position: 4/5 Nice barbs but also some similar pointed players in his area, so farms could be dry if they are growing too.
You'd think but the hauls say otherwise: 2488 2400 2401 | 7289/8320 (88%)


Points: 4/5 - Started late, bigger than most others in your area.
OD: 5/5 - Next to nothing, perfect.
Position: 3/5 - No barbs immediately nearby, but looks like a lot of inactives so should improve.
Reputation: 2/5 - You like OD at this stage. Thats the only post I have to go on.
Profile: 1/5 Original
Tribe: N/A - 1 man tribe is tribeless
Farming: 3/5 - Appropriate awards for when you started. Probably average.

IGN: We Got Candy


points: 0/5 Poor growth
OD 0/5 should have attacker of the day
Position 0/5 everyone around is better
reputation 0/5 an account full of nubs
profile 0/5 not funny
tribe 0/5 not clustered and it should be
farming 0/5 havent reached 10,000 plunders yet thats poor

Ign: We Got Candy