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Points: 1/5 Not really part of the world. Joined not much more than a month ago. Have probably been spoonfed resoursed to get to his level of points.
OD: 2/5 decent at best. but again you started so late so perhaps you got prestacke and can live on just having Offensive units. I doubt very much your ODD is from your own troops.
Position: 2/5 Your position indicate you are invited by a friend. as I dont think the rim have moved so quick since you joined. It means you have a decent life as a basher as long as you are protected, but for real gameplay, your position sucks.
Rep/profile: wont rate this as I have never heard of you.
Tribe: 1/5 Tribe dont beat my personal score nor my OD. Nothing impressive.
Awards: I dont judge awards as you can fake your way to most of them.

Judge Tampara


Never received any resources from anybody, wasn't invited to the world by anybody (not a basher), and the ODD is almost entirely from my own troops. o_o

Anywho, next person should rate Tamp. :p


points- 0/10 would not bang. Started too late in this world.
Od- 0/10 have not banged. From the small number, maybe you accidentally stepped on a snail and killed it. That's about as dangerous as you get.
Location. 0/10 would not spend time in. 9 member tribe, too many barbs around and too little tribe members for close proximity cluster, surrounded by 90k tribe on the rim.
Profile. 0/10 would not win noble prize in literature. No idea what you're talking about. I have no idea what compelled you to write that.
Reputation: 0/10 would not recognize on street.
Tribe - 0/10 would not join. Your tribe will be eaten by the 90k.

Ign: king dreaded. Hit me with your best shot

harsh much?! :d



Points- 10/10, Top 5
OD-10/10, #1 ODA
Location - 10/10, Not sure about your relationship with your ex buddies but you got anywhere you want to go on the map :)
Profile - 5/10, Cause one of your co's is Canadian
Reputation - 8/10 Nothing personal I know, but have heard good things, w55 looks strong as well.
Tribe - 10/10 , Got this tribe for the world win =p

IGN: Why Me?


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Why Me?

Hm, number 2 in the world and held rank 1 for a little while, in one of the best tribes in world 72, and a solid OD score.

I think it's pretty clear that everything is a 10/10.




Points: 5/5 Great job taking out other players, rather than barb nobling and good growth over last few weeks.

OD: 3/5 ODA is matching to your rank, but ODD is lacking. Therefore 3/5 average.

Location: 5/5 You serve as forward for your tribe I myself like being at the front of the line.

Profile: 2/5 Village names are meh. Picture is aight, and profile is basic straight forward. Not a bad thing. Merely opinion.

Rep: 4/5 While as you have no prior TW record upon that name, you seem like an aight guy to me. Seem to be active in the forums, and answer peoples questions/correct them when they are wrong.

Tribe: 5/5 You guys have some former high rollers, and have established yourselves as one of the dominant powers in this world. Seem to be respectful enough, and brought back some nostalgia with your name, so I am happy.

Overall: Solid player.

IGN: Katto



Points 1.5/5 only 16K started late but growing

OD 3/5 good for your size

Profile: 3/5 lots of PA's but like the picture and vill names

Rep: No clue

Tribe: 1/5 sister tribe so not like them

Overall: Started late still growing

IGN: King Rafee


King Rafee

Points: 4/5 biggest in your tribe, growing steadily
OD: 4/5 double your points but I have almost as much as you do but alot tinier, however yours is 5/7 offense so that is quite good
Profile: 1/5 unexciting, you need some nice village names:p
Tribe:4/5 #8 seem pretty solid with a presence on the forums, I see their future being tough though

IGN: DefinitelyNotWillSmith
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Points: 1/5 The majority of your conquers are barbarians.
OD: 3/5 Tried defending, but ended up loosing 2 villages, you still get an A for effort. Docked 2 pts for your low ODA.
Profile: 2/5 You get extra points for the quote, I've used it before, I like it. Other then that, there's really nothing there.
Tribe: 1/5 Sister tribe, broken English, poor tribal OD.

+1 for your name.

IGN: TheArtfulDodger


Points: 4/5 Almost top 100; impressive.
OD: 4/5 Higher ODA rank than point rank. :)
Profile:3/5 not too entertaining, love the picture though :)
Tribe: 3/5 I think your tribe has the best name out of any tribe I've seen on this whole world, also despite its tiny size Its affiliated with boobies.



IX Fury IX

Points 4/5 Solid points per village ratio
OD 4/5 Nice Oda seems active
Profile 3/5 Plain profile good quotes though.
Tribe 4/5 SOlid tribe, in war with some currently, seems to be able to handle their weight.




Tribe: Rhino - haven't heard much of anything smaller tribe not in the top 20 2/5
Points: late starter and doing fairly well for start 3/5
ODA/OD: Great ODA for size no one is attacking you really but nice ODA 4/5
Forum personality: Tbh this is the first time i can recall seeing you but im sure you have and i missed it 3/5
In game profile: Bit weak a pic and small statement. 1/5
Nobling: mostly internal caps but atleast there not all barbs 2/5
Area: interesting spot in the world.... no real rating... 2/5

Total: 17/35

IGN: Bunz420



Points: 3/5 - decent rank
OD: 4/5 Good OD for size
Position(Area): 5/5 - Turtle/Ninja Territory!
Profile: 3/5 Awesome name
Reputation: 4/5 Active
Tribe: 5/5 One of the best
Farming: 2/5 Should have Robber gold by now

Total: 26/35

IGN: Malec



Points: 5/5 - Top 20 :eek:
OD: 5/5 Top ODA in the world
Position(Area): 4/5 Turtle/Kind of near Cruel (Core)
Profile: 4/5 Love the R.I.P wall
Repuatation: 5/5
Tribe: 4/5 really good but i've head some bad things about turtle
Farming: 3/5 Not even a looter of the day :c

Total: 30/35

P.S. I stole your old co RealSunday for W74 ;)

IGN: Rainbow


Points: 3/5 - Top 300 player, but you have several internals and barbs of very low points. I notice 2 of you latest caps are 2 barbs of less then 100 points.
OD: 2.5/5 - Your OD is higher then your points but nothing too special considering you are at war, i would have thought it would be higher.
Position: 3/5 You have cruel to you left and you are surrounded by your tribesmen. But you have plenty of expansion room to your right and you can consolidate your position by securing any threats to your back.
Profile: 3/5 I like the motto and the picture but nothing special
Reputation: 3/5 I do not personally remember seeing you too much on the externals and have not heard of your personally but that could be my bad.
Tribe: 2/5 You are a rank 11 tribe. However, you appear to be struggling against a tribe called =) who is much smaller then you and are getting hit by another big tribe nomads. You are losing a few too many villages to them for my liking and as a whole your tribes OD is not too impressive for a tribe of your size.
Farming: 2/5 You are a 200k+ player with out the 100,000,000 resources achievement. I would have expected this to be achieved by your size. This could be because you have a lot of competition for farming with your allies and cruel.

Total: 18/35

IGN: Birds of Paradise



Points: 3/5 About rank 250, good size, a few internals barbs but thats to be expected out of anyone
OD: 5/5 Number 3 in the world, attacker and defender of the day props to you
Position: 3/5 Lots of Turtle/Cruel around you
Profile: 2/5 Like the pro pic
Reputation: 2.5/5 Seen you a few times nothing too often
Tribe: 4/5 Good tribe held their own against tribes much bigger
Farming: 4/5 Have the 10K plunders and 100 Mill looted but no plunder or farmer of the day

Total: 23.5/35

IGN: King Rafee

Asylum Escapee

King Rafee
Points: 4/5 rank 78 not bad
OD: 3/5 low OD for your rank means you haven't worked overly hard for your villages, but that isn't a bad thing yet
Position: 4/5 didn't look to hard but seems you have some food and you are not on a crazy frontline
Profile: 3/5 its a profile i guess nothing special here
Reputation: 3/5 post a fair bit nothing overly stupid
Tribe: 4/5 seem to be handling themselves well
Farming: 4/5 dunno you have standard awards for your size, not quite big enough to get daily awards

total 25/35

IGN: Bella


Ign: Bella

Points: 2.5/5 New player, however 3 internals and 1 barb out of 10 caps and lost one villa

OD: 3/5 Almost 1:1 ratio of points but should be more aggressive

Position: 4/5 Lots of barbs. Lots of room to grow

Profile: 3.5/5 Nice COA but TESS ain't that cool.

Reputation: 4/5 Checked up Asylum Escapee, not the best stats, but recognizable. Haven't been in the forum community for long myself, but do notice your forum rep.

Tribe: 3/5 rank 44. Don't see it rising much soon.

Farming: 4/5 Plunderer lvl 4 but not Looter lvl 4

Total 24/35

Ign: zullu96z



Points - 5/5 Highest pointed player in the world with a current rank of 7. :icon_biggrin:
... - 5/5

All 5/5!! Zullu is great!

ING: Zullu96z