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This forum seems a bit dead, when there is talk it all seems to be reunions or pointless arguments (-Delete-)

So heres the template from W75, have fun?

Answer the following points about the player who last posted.

Write a short comment on every "question".
leave your w76 IGN after you do your rating.
Points: /5
OD: /5
Position(Area): /5
Profile: /5
Reputation: /5
Tribe: /5
Farming: /5
Other: /5

Total: /40

IGN: TrainOfThought

Frozen Flaim


Points: 5/5 - Good growth for your start date, largest in your area.

OD: 4/5 - Obviously cleared your area, so troop numbers must be decent. Slightly on the high side at this stage in my opinion though, perhaps suggesting some losses.

Position(Area): 3/5 - Plenty of nice farms and noble targets, but that tribemate next to you could slow you down on a church world.

Profile: 0/0 - Who cares?

Reputation: 2/5 - Seen a few of your posts here, but i don't really know who you are, sorry.

Tribe: 5/5 - Best of the large tribes in the area so far, they'll be around for a while.

Farming: 5/5 - One of the best i've seen for your start date.

Other: 0/0 - NA

Total: 24/30 - Solid player in my opinion, should do well here if you stick about.


IGN: Frozen Flaim

Cokie the Clown


Points: 4/5 pretty solid growth rate

OD: 3/5 decent oda shows you're aggressive
Position(Area): 4/5 surrounded by ~R~ so plenty of food
Profile: 3/5 meh you have one
Reputation: 2/5 only seen you on w76 forums
Tribe: 4/5 recently switched to doubt from Limbo, what caused that?
Farming: 5/5 10k plunders 1mio loot
Other: 3.14/5 this section confused me

Total:28.14 /40

ign: Cokie the Clown
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Cokiiieeeee, you need to rate the person above you unless of course you were writing that before frozen posted his.

Which you were :p

Cokie the Clown

Cokiiieeeee, you need to rate the person above you unless of course you were writing that before frozen posted his.

Which you were :p
yeayea i was fixing it

IGN: Frozen Flaim

Points: 4/5 nice growth rate from join date

OD: 2/5 little low imo or maybe no one around you has troops

Position(Area): 4/5 outgrowing everyone by a mile and no tribe members too close

Profile: 2/5 you have one

Reputation: 3/5 seen you around a bit

Tribe: 3/5 have some slow growers but not a premade so you're working with what you got with out mass recruiting

Farming: 3/5 pretty standard at your point

Other: 2/5 implying i don't know how threads work :(

Total: 23/40

ign: Cokie the Clown

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P: 5/5 obvi you joined late but doing great.
OD: 4/5 Maybe too aggressive? Being nitpicky
Pos: 5/5 i do like a rim startup myself every now and then. Less bothersome people mostly.
Profile: 4/5 there isn't any ascii art clowns on there. However, if you are referencing that clown from Metalocalypse... what was his name?
Rep: N/A-I don't know anyone anymore.
Tribe: 3/5 seems fine
Farming: 5/5 obviously very active so far.
Other: 5/5 drugs are cool

IGN: e10100111001



Points: 5/5 You are dominating your area
OD: 5/5 OOH KILL EM! You must be the only one with troops around you now :icon_cool: Maybe you are too aggressive but that is what I love most about you :icon_twisted:
Pos: 2/5 There is no-one good to noble in your church radius however at least there is one player above 1K in it
Profile: 5/5 SUPERMAN is on it... What else do one need? :icon_rolleyes:
Rep: N/A-I only know you from this world however I can tell you are an experienced and great player
Tribe: 5/5 In the best tribe so yeah :p
Farming: 5/5 Looking good :)

IGN: KutiyaKripya



Points: 5/5 - You are rank 12. While that is still only 60% of rank 1 you are still one of the top players point-wise on the world.

OD: 5/5 - Rank 9, you are obviously clearing a lot of players.

Position(Area): 4/5 - You have a decent spread with your tribe and have managed to avoid the very center of the core. You still have to deal with threats from every direction though.

Profile: 3/5 - Well, you have premium and have avoided the overused "restart if in my 30x30" thing. HOWEVER, you are using an overused meme for your profile pic.

Reputation: 3/5 - Looks like you got relatively big in w68, but you aren't a well known pillar of this world yet.

Tribe: 5/5 - One of the top tribes with what looks to be a number of experienced players in it, should go pretty far.

Farming: 5/5 - Plunderer and robber are looking good, you appear to have a number of farms exclusive to you with hauls like that.

Other: x/5 - Gonna skip this section since I don't know what to put here.

Total: 30/35


IGN: Nanoarray



Points : 1/5. Started from first day. yet to go high in ranks.

OD: 3/5. Good at the current level.

Position: 2/5. Many active players and very few farms Also many tribe-mates near you. Very less chances of good expansion. Good for war though.

Profile: 1/5 Very stale.

Reputation: 1/5. No Idea. But 1 mark for the previous worlds.

Tribe : 3/5 Good tribe.

Farming : 2/5. Need to work on that.

Total :13/35



Points: 5/5- Rank 1, took a nice 7k village. Props to you.
OD: 4/5- A bit too much ODA in my opinion, but besides that haven't been attacked much which is good.
Position(Area): 5/5- With the amount you're farming you must have a pretty good location.
Profile: 4/5- No super long text or or anything like that, so it's good in my books.
Reputation: 3/5- I don't know you very well, I've been gone since around the w50's.
Tribe: 5/5- One of the better tribes with good members.
Farming: 5/5- I'm jelly
Other: ?/5 No idea

Frozen Flaim

Not sure how to rate this, seeing as you're clearly not playing this world properly. PP whoring for other worlds maybe?

Here goes anyway...take this with a pinch of salt.

Points: 2/5 - First day start, very slow growing.
OD: 2/5 - Not awfull, but not great considering the area.
Position: 5/5 - I would kill for farms and targets like that.
Rep: - 4/5 - You say some shit, but you're okay really. :icon_wink:
Tribe: 2/5 - I don't like the look of them one bit.
Farming: 2/5 - Great farms in the area, but it doesn't look like you've hauled very much.


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Points: 2/5 - Pretty underdeveloped for someone who started when you did.
OD: 4/5 - Not too high, not too low, surprised you managed to find someone to hit in that cluster.
Position: 2/5 - The number of tribe members in the area (not to mention active) makes it hard to farm. However if there was a war you arent in a bad spot.
Profile: 2/5 - I like your excuse.
Reputation: 3/5 - It would probably be higher if I knew you at all but you seem to have quite the rep amongst others.
Tribe: 4/5 - Bit clustered for my liking but I think they will do very well.
Farming: NA - idk how much you have farmed
Other: 3.1415/5 - I copied this from W75, I guess this bit is a bit of fun?

Serious total: 18/30 - You probably could do well in the tribe but I cant make a serious judgement without any idea of how much you have farmed.



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Points: 4.5/5 first one to have an academy in your area.
OD: 3/5 doesn't really matter at this stage as long as you are starving your neighbouring players.
Position: 4.5/5 Can't be better imo. Plenty of growth space and noble targets.
Profile: 4/5 I like it
Tribe: 4.5/5 One of the best tribe in this world. Will go far.
Farming: 4/5 good job. Can be better tho.
Rep: 3/5 first world i met you. Present on the forums so far

IGN: Mograine