Rate the player above



Points: 3/5 - Not top 25, and pretty far in the back with most villages.
OD: 3/5 - Middle of the pack for the tribe. ODA is respectable, and ODD is low due to lack of a sizable front.
Position: 2/5 - Most villages are well into safe zones, with only a small front.
Profile: -/5 - I don't really care about profiles
Reputation: See above.

I guess rate Do Not Disturb.


First review so lets see how
Points: 5/5 - Ranked 3 :) so something must be right
OD: 5/5 - ODA is rather sweet at rank 2 and ODD well is rather well ranked as well.
Position: 4/5 - A huge spread over several K and a good chunk of it in the frontline
Profile: -/5 - Dont matter much me really
Reputation: Who doesn't know DnD and the players on it :p

Just for giggles: Spartanxeon