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I got bored so...


Location: 7/10 I suppose it's good in terms of any hypothetical world war. I'd just say vulnerable to being banged and weak in some positions would take points off.
Points: 10/10 Rank 1, I don't think you can get higher in points
Reputation: 5/10 Know nothing about you if I was honest and not a well known forum poster, then I am not one for conversing with those outside of my tribe much.
OD: 7/10 All things considering it is an 8/10, slightly disappointing that a large portion of it comes from clearing inactive PTG villages so I've taken a point off.
Tribe: ?/10 Unsure how to rate this. I won't give it a number out of ten, just say I look to see more out of them in future and on balance given PTGs inactivity problems probably 2nd best atm (Bias here though).
Tw stats: 7/10 Pretty typical of a top player, lots of internals. Only thing of note is the ODS rank.



Location: 10/10 you have 14 villages & spread in 3 Ks.pretty good location if you ever want to start playing.

Points: 1/10
Rank 167, for a guy who used to be rank 1 playing solo...This is such a waste of talent.

You are wasting the talent.Should start playing your own account.

Reputation: 10/10 Known you 6 years & believe you are the best Defender I have seen in TW.By far the best leader I played with.

OD: 6/10 You can still start playing

Tribe: 10/10

Tw stats: 1/10


Contributing Poster
Reaction score
Location: You control a continent, k45 rank 1 so ur 10/10
Points : Above 1 million 10/10
Reputation: for those who don't know ashoka1....try fighting him and please bring your A game. if you could take a village off him and keep it then I guess your a top tier player.( 6/10) not all players know u
OD: For me od and oda in this world is kinda low....Rank 12 attacker...hmm maybe my criteria is kinda high for this one. ( 6/10)
Tribe: dont need to rank it as its my tribe also ( 10/10)
Tw stats: You got some internals, maybe merge, some player enemy, oh well its normal in a game this does not show ur true caliber.( 7/10) normal inthis world


Player - fastlane
Location: 8/10
Core, I hate core, but if you can survive there and get out, you are in this world for good.
Points: 7/10 (1st 10/10, 2-10 9/10, 11-50 8/10...)
Reputation: 7/10 (Don't know much, have talked a bit and do like you, have seen fighting, liked that too)
OD: 5/10 (Still good attack, but not much improvement in ODD/ODS, I guess players just don't want to attack you)
Tribe: 10/10 (Can't give less, they have Kekua :D)
TW stats: 8/10 (Fighting the big fight, taking one player at a time, slow and steady, no big trash in middle, whats there not to like)
Profile: 6/10 (A bit grey, spice it up)

Overall: 7 (a half mark down from privies, get that OD up and put a cool sword in your profile :D )



Player - kekua
Location: 9/10 I think farming is going good for you and there is a lot potential to eat Mutiny in K54 ;)
Points: 10/10 You are ranked 1 so..
Reputation: 8/10 Didnt hear much till now but from what Ive seen liked by all and beloved in STD. (<3)
OD: 7/10 You got a good overall score but I imagine you could get some more ODA :)
Tribe: 10/10 STD <3
Twstats: 8/10 I see one merge and a few internals, but a load of warcaps too and no barbs.
Profile: 7/10 I like the COA

Overall: 9, couldnt be much better.



Player - Roavak
Location: 7/10 Needs more mutiny front villages :)
Points: 9/10 Past the 1mil mark, a nice foundation to build on
Reputation: 8/10 I miss Bruno :(
OD: 6/10 Send more nukes at mutiny :)
Tribe: 10/10 Of course
Twstats: 6/10 Couple of mergers, time to join in the fun
Profile: 8/10 Better Pic to match the professionalism of the writing

Overall: 8, Join the fun to go higher!

Slap and Tickle


Player - Slap and Tickle
Location: 7/10
Almost as much "world player" as me, but no deep front clusters, where is the fun in that?
Points: 9/10 (1st 10/10, 2-10 9/10, 11-50 8/10...)
Reputation: 10/10 (Show me one player who doesn't like the old Slap and Tickler)
OD: 8/10 (However I have to point out that Davis himself told that big ODA only show that you have lost chunk of troops, still impressive though)
Tribe: 10/10 (STD)
TW stats: 10/10 (Even though you have 3 barbs you slipped on, the war caps are so impressive all over the time on w87, that I have to give 10/10)
Profile: 9/10 (Love it, classy and with style!)

Overall: 9/10 Well deserved 9, with skills on all Co's to back up the score, still want to see in top 3 in world!


Player - Kekua
Location: 10/10 You took a very poor spread, and turned it into a very formidable frontline and are now leading war caps.
Points: 9/10 Again, considering the situation, you have done well for your area.
Reputation: 10/10 I give props to reputation because you delivered, despite telling us you have never played until end game. I'm glad to play alongside you.
OD: 8/10 A reasonable OD. Often time the top spot is held by victims or idiots anyway.
Tribe: 10/10 Well, we have a Duke. So that's something.
TW stats: 10/10 Good caps
Profile: 9/10 You promote the values of individualism and independence in the form of a batman cartoon. good stuff.
Overall: 10/10 would definitely bang



Location: 7/10 For mutiny the position would be great and there is alot of food to eat to the west of you now however not fantastically placed for PTG
Points: 9/10 Top 10 for points despite some Co's being on holiday is really good.
Reputation: 7/10 I think our lovely new friend Boris may actually damage your reputation considering his past on this world
OD: 8/10, Rank 9 ODA so exactly the same rank as your points, lower ranked for ODD but most likely because others are too scared to attack you and your tribe I find.
Tribe: 10/10 Pretty much won the world without breaking a sweat, Great leadership, helpful and selfless tribemates who are organised, active and precise,
TW stats: Sorry but TWstats is down right now
Profile: WHAT/10 Not got a clue what that image is and who on earth is Alan?


Player - Tribalanon
Location: 7/10 World player of the year

Points: 8/10 (1st 10/10, 2-10 9/10, 11-50 8/10...)
Reputation: 8/10 (Ma' man, but who are you again? :D)
OD: 6/10 (It should fall right in the place when your nukes hit PTG front, hopefully next to me.. :) )
Tribe: 10/10 (STD, already made a shelf for that prize for wining world :cool:)
TW stats: 10/10 (Attacking everyone it seams, but still nice clean stats, hard to fallow as every tribe is in there, but still nice)
Profile: 8/10 (lying on your profile about the bashers, are ya? And get your COA in place boy!)

Overall: 8,14/10 Do we need to talk with nemesis. , you can do better :D


Player - Kekua
Location: 10/10 You had a great location against Mutiny and have good front against PTG as well.
Points: 10/10
(1st 10/10, 2-10 9/10, 11-50 8/10...)
Reputation: 9/10 (every1 except Ghio1 talks good about you)
OD: 8/10
(It should be higher.Use your nukes )
Tribe: 10/10 (My Tribe)
TW stats: 10/10 (Good stats against mutiny)
Profile: 8/10 (lying on your profile about the basher,heard some1 on chat about not attacking your basher

Overall: 9