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W90 forum seams to be quite dead at the moment in participation for who knows what but it doesn't have to be this way. All it takes is few good threads that spark some discussions. I will try to put a little bit more effort into posting over next month or so and I hope to see more people doing the same. We all love tribal wars, the drama, the addiction, competition and of course some great fun on the externals. W90 is shaping to be an interesting one. It has some decent tribes, few well balanced premades, many good players and leaders and some funny and usually outspoken characters so the fun should be guaranteed. I know many people try to avoid attention but for goodness sake that is not fun at all, lets bring the fun back to our externals!!

I would like to reintroduceone of the old player rating ideas I came across on W80 (introduced by Frozen Beauty). It was quite popular one generating 256 replies and over 13,000 views. Here are the simple rules. (Quoting Katrina)

'You are to answer the following points about the player who was requested by the previous writer. Write a short comment on every "question".

PS. This is just personal opinion so don't get butt hurt! Feel free to put your name or someone elses ign for rating!'


Have some fun rating your friends or foes!


Ign: One Last Goodbye
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I know many people try to avoid attention but for goodness sake that is not fun at all, lets bring the fun back to our externals!!

. . . . .

Ign: One Last Goodbye
Well if you must bring me out of my shell...

Since I'm in no position to judge others' performance in game, all I have to say is this: Collective drunkenness of any order of magnitude does not excuse that profile, dammit! It seems like a nice poem and starts out as solid - even heavy - music, but the two have been been mashed together into an unholy assault on all that is good and decent in the human spirit.

It's like that song by Slayer about the quiet beauty of dewdrops on a rose petal at dawn, you know?

Me neither :p

May God have mercy on your souls!


One Last Goodbye

Points: Front page
ODA: Good
ODD: Good for this stage of the game
Position: OK, plenty of room for expansion to the east and west but limited by his own tribemates, near to tudadar you better watch out ;)
Profile: Typical - scary profile picture and link to a metal video (to be fair not a common band) 1/10
Reputation: See a lot of your posts on the forums, well-spoken and sometimes respected I suppose :^)
Tribe: Good players, weird positioning with a few clusters and a column
Other: 3 coplayers but not top 10, reported

Ign: King Ragnar



hmm, I really don't know any about you, but he's seems a decent player with a good nobling method.

About position: Maybe he needs to do some preparation, there are tribes sorrounding his, maybe sooner or later those tribes will catch and go to their positions and take it, but who knows?
About playing status: Hmm, good ODA he got, maybe his villages well mostly are offensives.. Hahaha..
About personality/reputation: Seems nice, as I heard. But I really don't know anything about him so anyway, for that maybe around 7/10 in a good way.

Ign: loenalsonsoro

Seven Devils

Non-stop Poster
Reaction score

Points: Decent, top 100 is good I guess
ODA: Also decent, less is better
ODD: -
Position: You have a good position to expand further, and I can't see any imidiate threats. Only easy targets
Profile: Ok
Reputation: Dunno, but looks like you used to play long ago
Tribe: I have no idea, could go either way
Other: Hauling quite well, so you have that going for ya

Ign: Seven Devils


Points: Rank 10 nuff said
ODA: Kinda fine i suppose
Position: U have alot of food in ur area
Rep: Dunno
Tribe: Rank 2! Whoops!

IGN: Iva lee


So I am rating iva lee here.

Points: Below 1000, Well nothing to say here.
ODA: No Comments
ODD: Nothing
Position: The location is Rims of 46. If you are an exceptional micro farmer then (290 plunders and 40 K loot does not say much) a boon. Otherwise, you are food.
Profile: Very basic, Dunno what you want to prove by displaying your number of own commands on your profile.
Reputation: No idea
Tribe: Another shitty RIM tribe, Wonder they will even last a fortnight (That ODD raises a question mark).
Other: I guess you can PP farm or play along to get some flags.

My IGN is Candid Confession


Candid Confession

Points : Who really cares about this. but nearly 40k is a pretty nice amount.
ODA : Nice but for the amount of villages you have it shows that you were either fighting noobs or were given villages.
ODD : Nothing
Position : Pretty competitive, plenty of good targets but plenty of threats too.
Profile : Usual co-player stuff with an abundant amount of ASCII crap
Reputation : ?
Tribe : A Pre-made. Enough said
Other : All your villages being nearly the same amount of points is good for my OCD

IGN : Lain

The Lost Assassin


Points:good ranking
ODA: pretty good if you attack only newbies for farming
ODD:very few
potision:there are many players to conquer nearby
reputation:i don't know him
tribe:they have a nice potision they are close

IGN:Mistakes Were Made


Mistakes Were Made

Points: high but does it really matter?
ODA: High, seems to be doing some work
ODD: Low. I suppose the TEA tag scares people
Position: Safe near his tribe cluster.
Reputation: I am bad with names
Tribe: Obviously known contenders

IGN: RcForbes
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Incoming impact

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Points : Not bad could be better .25.240
ODA : High Seems like he has a semi difficult area.
ODD : High Is it really good to be that High at his points.
Position : Outside his tribe cluster , Looks like he was recruited to secure the rim.
Reputation : Never heard of Him
Tribe : Obviously known contenders

IGN : daredeviler


Master Commander 2016
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daredeviler (Strange that your forum account is in TEA?. I'll rate this one anyway)

Points : Top 25 not bad at all.
ODA : 5th, great job.
ODD : Low, but doesn't really mean much at this stage.
Position : Decent position near the border. Will be interesting continent for sure.
Reputation : Joined today? Can't really answer this.
Tribe : Decent tribe, 4 members. Only 1 villa loss.

ign: Akeldama


Skilled Soldier 2017
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ign: Akeldama
Points: Verified Point whore! :oops:
ODA: Need more nukes.
ODD: Average.
Position: Dead Center of K44. I will find it interesting what you guys decide to do.
Profile: I like the COA, I don't really care for the link's music those guys aren't even playing their instruments o_O
Reputation: Bill has a good rep. I really hope he sticks around to try to give us competition. This world has completely flipped around our perspectives compared to w83. I will find it interesting to see how things turn out.
Tribe: Interesting division of Atmos' premade. Hope they can actually be as great as Blue! was :cool:
Other: I am really happy James is on this world. I hope you guys find the will and time to play past early game. I think it would be great to have some competition between us on this world :)



Points: rank 1 could be much higher if you finished village builds
ODA: 180k - rank 9 you've been attacking quite a bit but that's expected being rank 1
ODD: 8.6k - rank1k plus- barely attacked at all which makes me wonder why villages aren't being finished up.
Position: Two clusters, smaller one could be front lines so could be seeing some action in the future.
Profile: I enjoy the led zep bit, the rest is nonsense
Reputation: Never heard of you... I've been away awhile
Tribe: 7 top 20 members and rank 1 tribe. Pretty good, i assume most accounts are aliases but I still don't recognize any of you
Other: good luck ?

Ign : thewall4588

Sinful Angel

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Other: I am really happy James is on this world. I hope you guys find the will and time to play past early game. I think it would be great to have some competition between us on this world :)

Mad forum banter incoming :D



Started really late in this world so doesn't matter
ODA: low because early in his game
ODD: -
Position: At the border so if he can outgrow his neighboorhood, he has some nice food.
Profile: Boring, only thing you see is his experience which shows a lot.
Reputation: never heared of you before
Tribe: He is only member so see if he is recruiting members or just waiting on an invite
Other: if he grows fast enough, he can dominate that rim

IGN: BumbleBee
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King Banana


Points: Ok top 150
ODA: Nothing special
ODD: Rank 9, been taking some hits without loosing any village. Nice.
Position: Should be happy TEA is planing on fighting Jager with Antz, or it would be even a harder position. Even though Atmos thinks TEA will recruit them all. Maybe they will ;)
Reputation: Nothing comes to mind.
Tribe: 1/10 leadership is nasty.
Other: Good luck

IGN: King Banana