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Speculation at it's finest. What a load of garbage with ZERO facts or evidence. GJ discrediting yourself and your analysis. Also no mention of the internal which is going to be a presumable internal to move up the ranks.

King Banana


P.S. I don't think TEA should talk about internals/merging. :rolleyes:
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Reputation: never heared of you before
Tribe: He is only member so see if he is recruiting members or just waiting on an invite

IGN: BumbleBee

pfft! The admins remember
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King Banana

Points: Rank 5 nuff said
ODA: Nothing special
ODD: Looks like everyone is scared of the king.
Position: Nice spread
Reputation: It's a new account so idk.
Tribe: Maybe one of the favorites to win this owlrd
Other: Keep it up!

IGN: Iva lee


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Iva Lee

Points: Doesn't really matter, at rim
ODA: Haven't cleared that many neighbours
ODD: -
Position: Seems to be surrounded by tribe mates, should be interesting to see what your first few noblings will be.
Reputation: No clue
Tribe: 2/10

IGN: Posideon

Incoming impact

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IGN : Posideon
Points : 68.470 (Rank 32) Doing Well If he continues with the current Growth should be top 25 No Time.
ODA : 238.863 As Attacker , Shows he has had to work for his Villages.
ODD : 49.013 As Defender . Not super High. Good thing really haha.
Position : Seems to have a very competitive area , Things could go either way for him.
Reputation : Great Player with a good rep.
Tribe : PSSST! : 5/10

IGN : Incoming Impact

Sinful Angel

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IGN: Incoming Impact

Points: 10/10 130k, clearly good growth. Your tribes recent ops on Ghost seem to have payed off very well for you.
ODA: 4/10 You've hit things, but not much apparently
ODD: 0/10 You've not been hit so I can't very well give you anything higher.
Position: 10/10 Perfect opportunity for growth being on the edge of your tribes cluster. It's a dangerous position but certainly you'll be able to use it to keep up strong growth.
Reputation: I don't know how others see you lol, I only know what I've seen. Good player for the time you play..
Tribe 8/10 Good tribe. In my eyes it's one of two long term contenders for the win that exist at the moment.

IGN: Akeldama
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IGN: Akeldama
Points: 8/10 Almost double me. Good growth. One loss and four internals. Standard top 20 account.
ODA: 9/10 Nice, aggressive play. Same rank as points is always G.
ODD: 0/10 Nothing of significance to defend so not much to say but I'm sure when you're hit this rating will change considerably for the better.
Position: 7/10 The position is above average. You're far away from us which is of great benefit. You're on two potential frontlines and depending on your next move you could have plenty of PSSST! to eat. If you make diplomacy with them I think you'll slow way down.
Reputation: I really didn't like your on the externals on 83 but I think it was more down to the tribe you were in and irrational compulsory hatred NAMers had against Golden.
Tribe 6/10 Four of those points are because Bill is at the helm and one of them is for being in K44.... the drama lives on!



Points: 56K, rank 63. Not to bad. Altough I see you on the forums all the time so could maybe expect a bit higher with your activity.

ODA: Almost 40K ODA, imo thats usually a good thing. Maybe not a lot of playerfarms, but cheap villages, always good.

ODD: Not getting attacked, so nothing to talk about.

Position: Closest enemy is Good Game ?. Interesting, no idea who is playing there but might be a challenge. If he breaks through his growthpotential is huge.

Profile: Casual, I like it.

Reputation: Been on the forums a couple of years at least, a lot of posts. Looks like a lot of people like you, me myself have no idea and have never heard of you. Looks like a wise dude though :)

Tribe: TEA - Favorite to win the world. Solid placement, room for growth. Expect to see this tribe in the top for a long time, and maybe even win the world.

Other: Looks like a good bro, leading a solid tribe of really good players. Expect to see him jump into top 20 in the upcoming month. Keep it up!


IGN Kreiz

Points: Top 10 account with the most coins in the world :) = 10/10, Simen needs to farm more.

Rank 5 oda. 9/10

ODD: Didnt get hit a lot but that is mostly because you hit them first. solid D im sure. ?/10

Position: That BiP Cluster needs to be solidified more. Good expansion South East. and East to the rim. 7/10

Profile: 001 name of village says it all. Mad respect. 10/10

Reputation: Quiet poster. not the regular external toxic. Cant say much unless posting on another acc.

One of the two most likely to win tribes. Has yet to prove itself in its own K since they have not taken control of it as much as TEA has. Would love to see some FaL action and some RIM movement.

(Skip me) Rate anybody else to the next poster
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