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Points: 7/10 Given your location it's alright.
ODA: 7/10 Same as above.
ODD: 4/10 Tend to dodge more than kill would be higher with ODS included.
Position: 7/10 Way out in the sticks from the rest of us P-W folk. But a decent position with a decent front.
Profile: 8/10 Nearly perfect. I like having something to read...
Reputation: 6/10 Only know you from this world and you seem alright.
Tribe: 9/10 One of the top tribes. Has so far crushed most of their opposition. More will follow.

The Master

Lost One

The Master

Points: 5/10 - Decent, Middle of the pack, not small or large
ODA: 3/10 - Typical Rim ODA , very low :)
ODD: 3/10 - Not much action out on the Rim--alot of hugging
Position: 5/10 - Could go either way, but with Infamy looming nearby, doesnt look to good
Profile: 6/10 - Not bad , Clean and simple
Reputation: 7/10- Good fellow, w85 love
Tribe: 6/10 - PW .. what can ya say... will either end up in TEA, or internalled..

Overall : 35/70


premade lycan

Lost One

Points: 8/10 - Decent size, being on the front can give you easy points and can make you loose loads. You have managed to stay in a hard cluster for a long while and continue to grow, some at the back with internals recently, but also a lot on the front. You therefor deserves a good score I think, even though not in the top 25 point category.

ODA: 6/10 - Rank 41 in ODA, score of 6,6 M. You're on the front and both defending and attacking. It's not a bad score, but being at the front I would expect it to be higher.

ODD: 10/10 - Absolutely a good score, 15,5 M Rank 11. I'm not sure if I want to grant you or your tribe the points for this, I guess it's the same. Been hit a little by a few decent waves, not lost a lot of villages and that's the real value here, which is why I'm giving you this score.

ODS: 6/10 - Rank 59, 1,8M Looking at some of your comrades in the same area they have a much higher score and by the looks are helping each other more. You help a little, probably just enough, but not over the top as compared to being in a situation allowing for much fast action and actually defending against troops with your support.

Position: 8/10 - Front, large area to fight over, good, but it would be more impressive if it was also done in a larger area, you don't have a wide expansion and lots of fun areas to cover.

Profile: 8/10 - Simple, shows who you are, but the picture is small and why show some boring achievements ?

Reputation: 5/10 - I don't know you, sorry, not good nor bad, just a simple middle score since I have no bad nor good impression.

Tribe: 10/10 - It's a good tribe, I enjoy the fights, but let's not do any personal attacks, we all enjoy this game, let's continue that.

Overall : 61/80. Good score, I don't know you and you're in a locked position where you don't seem to be doing to much. You have a steady slow growth, which increased recently due to internals (not overly impressive).

- 3nsion


Points: 7/10 rank 33 is good but you are rim player. A lot of place to expand. We don't have it here :D

ODA: 9/10 You are spread around a lot but biggest part of your villages in Rim so this ODA deserves respect as rim player :D

ODD: 5/10 you are in no where to be attacked actually. Rim tribes always turtling :p

ODS: 10/10 seems like you are doing your job greatly from backline!

Position: 4/10 good position to expand in Rim but why rim when you are so close to Frontline? Maybe Strategy? I don't know but I can't really say I liked your position.

Profile: 10/10 whoever putting beatiful girl pictures to profiles deserves 10/10 and that thing I didn't understand is makes it interesting.

Reputation: 5/10 I don't know you but I am new player maybe that is why.

Tribe: 10/10 Rank 1 tribe got %33 win chance :D

Overal: 55/80 You might be good player but I don't know many things about you. Personalities express your overal. I know players lack in skill but deserves 80/80 as team play and activity. That doesn't mean your personalities bad... Lol


Lost One


Points: 6/10 rank 56, not shabby , frontline, room for growth :)

ODA: 6/10 Nearly 9 million ODA, nothing to scoff at.

ODD: 9/10 Over 19 million , what else can you say about that !

ODS: 9/10 Rank 15 in the world... busy supporter.

Position: 7/10 Lots of room for growth against TEA in multiple directions .. but tough position also.

Profile: 5/10 Not sure what im looking at , other than Trex's Basher :p

Reputation: 5/10 Total Noob.

Tribe: 9/10 BIP

Overal: 56/80

Rate : Lost One