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Most of you here know how to play the game. Do it.

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Rate on the Following:
Past Worlds (if any)

Have fun.

IGN: -Daemon-


Rate on the Following:
Activity/Growth: See you joined late not bad growth if not using pp, if using pp slow growth.
Location: Not much to say, core plenty of room for growth
ODA/ODD: No OD really
Profile: Typical weaboo coat of arms, not much else to comment on
Tribe: Some familiar faces but mostly pp farmers by look of things
Past Worlds (if any) Was in same tribe 87 cant remember much but sure we didnt get on lol

Lord Eastwood

Mr Blood Frenzy

Rate on the Following: Lord Eastwood
Activity/Growth Growing very nice and good rank for yourself.
Location Your in core and made your mark so far
ODA/ODD Nice ODA and barley anyone attack you.
Profile Like past worlds boring .. step it up some ;)
Tribe Good tribe and Familiar past tribe friends in it.
Past Worlds (if any) Don't think we been in any tribes together, I know we our tribes have had allies in past.



ate on the Following: CueBall
Activity/Growth Growing is decent if you didn't use pp otherwise not to sure.
Location is coreish which means you are a bit behind the pp boosters but still no problem in the early game. (farm should get higher if you ask me but don't know your situation)
ODA/ODD Your ODA is quite high considering that you only got one village. ODD is 0 so they have made it you easy so far ;)
Profile Has losts of things on it so if someone has spare time check it out :p
Tribe Does not seem to be so good if you ask me. But also here its hard to say since i have not played recently and don't know the players.
Past Worlds (can't rate this since i haven't played with you)

I am playing on Jobless


Rate on the Following: Jobless
Activity/growth: Amazing, simply amazing.
Location: Pretty much as good as it gets.
ODA/ODD: Very nice, makes your growth even more impressive.
Profile: Simple and elegant, amazing.
Tribe: Probably the best tribe in Tribal wars' history.
Past worlds: Not much to say, amazing nonetheless.
I am playing on Jobless


any chance we can keep this one running? I would love to see some responses from other players.


1pp will have to do

Rate on the Following:
Activity/Growth: Nice and steady growth, will reach top 10 in no time like this
Location: Personally i'd say they are too spread out atm, but they will probably work on that soon enough
ODA/ODD: Good enough, nothing too special i'd say
Profile: Should probably write a text about being a dog once they're #1 (ref to karma..)
Tribe: Don't really follow the tribe as they're on the other side of the world
Past Worlds (if any): I know cry me played on dutch servers on w39, was top player over there who didn't really like me but hey, all is gud now.

My ingame name: Nickovitshj


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Rate on the Following:
Activity/Growth: Growth seems decant, as well as good farming stats especially for Core,
Location: Its Core to hard to say, has a nice little cluster growing with out anything of worries too close,expect the rank to stay in the top 25- 50
ODA/ODD: Good, no real gain for the last 2 villages, expect to see it jump a fair amount when next cap comes around.
Profile: Should probably write a text about having a constant hard on for Karma
Tribe:Meh Sub par family tribe will prob make it to mid game last 5-6 tribes through hugging, deffo not world winners, Merge later maybe.
Past Worlds (if any): Nothing on the profile, not played with or against before cant comment.

Ign- Varika

Age of Ultron


Rate on the Following:
Activity/Growth: 9/10, the growth has been great for you, making it to rank 45 even after starting very late.
Location: 7/10 average , towards the rim, with no immediate threat right now.
ODA/ODD: 8/10 Decent amount of ODA for those conquers.
Profile: 0/10 dont have one.
Tribe:7.5/10 Good, looks like some players from w88's rank 1 tribe (187) started here since that world is near completion.
Past Worlds (if any): 7/10 Not much there apart from w88.
Farming: 4/10 Pretty bad for being top 50.


Fleezus Clyde

Forum Personality 2017
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Rate on the Following:
Activity/Growth: 2/10 your caps make me cringe
Location: 7/10 average & towards the rim, but apparently under fire
ODA/ODD: 6.5/10 Decent amount of ODD - you're probably a turtle
Profile: 0/10 dont have one.
Tribe: 3/10 There's no one I know and it's named after kapos tribe.... 'nuff said.
Past Worlds (if any): 2/10 No impressive past worlds atleast under that acc name
Farming: 7/10 Pretty good for your rank & given the pressure you've been under lately.

Top Boy.

Age of Ultron

Top Boy.

Growth: 7.5/10 Doing good, got some good vills.

Location: 8.5/10 Pretty good location for you to grow, decent targets to noble.
ODA/ODD: 7.5/10 Decent amount of ODA .
Profile: 0/10 dont have one.
Tribe: 6/10 Dont know much about the players there.Giving points based on points.
Past Worlds (if any): 0/10 No worlds
Farming: 7/10 Decent, can be better.

Rate : Jtolstrup


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Top Boy

Activity Growth: Pretty ok, that cluster near you needs to be taken care of.
Location: Good location for farming and expanding.
ODD/ODA: A dormant volcano waiting to erupt.
Profile: Top Boy Fam.
Tribe: Pretty Tight group, weirdly spread.
Past worlds: Too high to be arsed checking.
Farming: You are surrounded by a circle of barbs, most definitely could be better.


Ehhh since people above me did not leave IGN and apparently did not rate jtolstrup

Im gonna rate jtolstrup

Growth : 10/10 what do you expect he's #11 of the world
Location : 8/10 nice for expansion
Lot of fat target, but could also be dangerous
ODD/ODA : 10/10 #4 in ODA
Profile : 7/10 pretty cool, only showing killing achievement which is intimidating
Tribe : 10/10 one of the best and seems like already deciding to expand towards the rim
Farming : 9/10 well number 29 in world ranking so i guess it worth high score, but i think you can farm more than that

IGN : Hexride
Ps : thx for master yoda i now know how to check looted res and any other info from ranking
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Activity/Growth; 8/10 imma guess you started a bit late, outgrowing ur tribe, outfarming it. Good job man, seems like you know whats up.
Location; 1/10 ur location is ass tho, its either join Axe or get nobled.
ODA/ODD; Ur ODA tells me youve cleared a lot of players to farm em. Really nice!
Profile; 1/10 It doesnt say anything about me which is a total 1/10.
Tribe; Are you even in a tribe? Axe or nobled, ur call.
Past Worlds (if any); Ur last world are also ass, nothing that indicate ur a good player.
Farming; 180k which is really good if you compare with ur points. Axe should pick you up or lose a good player.

My name: Unjustifi3d


Growth: 9/10, done pretty well. Considering the lost village and ODD..
Location: 7/10, A lot of food and enemies around can be both a pro and con. I don't know about NNs diplomacy, so this is not accurate..
ODA/ODD: 7/10(It would have been better to see a higher ODA), Quite a lot of ODD at 165k, you've been hit hard. Recapped a lost village, another lost village has to be dealth with.
Tribe: 7/10, seems alright. However, got a few noobs up their ranks and have had quite a few village losses and no war declared(to my knowledge).
Past Worlds:10/10, stats speak for themselves.
Farming: 7/10, a little above average at 210k most farmed in a day. But you've been hit and I'm not accounting for that...

Player to be rated:


Rating gnomlandsecurity

Growth : 10/10
Doing good #21 and could be more!!
Will be presented in location section
Location : 9/10
Really really lot room to grow (even tho start to struggle with morale) villa around you is fat but those player are with a lot more amaller tribe.. which we can question it cohesiveness in support
ODA/ODD : 7/10 small ODA for that size, means little competition for new villa which a good news.. balanced ODD means can protect yourself well enough from those counterattack
Profile : 7/10 the disliked the logo, but the description is informative
Past world : i wont rate this but based on achievement you got some decorated history
Farming : 10/10 topping at 512k at 17 june good but could be better i guess
I dunno why your top farm did not improve since then tho (prolly loot from nobled villa)
But its still good

IGN: Hexride
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Rate on the Following: Hexride
Activity/Growth 3.1k in 4 weeks is very well done :)
Location 8/10
ODA/ODD 10k units killed is not to shabby
Profile Very intresting desc haha, good band tho
Tribe rank 5 o_O, wanna ally xD
Past Worlds (if any) Dont think so

Dj Ranbz
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