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tory story:

Growth: 8.5/10 growing at a good speed but could be a little faster in an area dominated by tribe completly

Farming: 5/10 not even breaking 1m on the second armistice :/

OD: 7/10 seems like high ODA for current caps but i bet this guy is stacked on defense based on low odd/ods

Tribe: 9/10 id explain why but it doesn't fi

you try farming in my area

top 20 in plunders

not me but Purple Rain. <3
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tory story:

Growth: 8.5/10 growing at a good speed but could be a little faster in an area dominated by tribe completly

Farming: 5/10 not even breaking 1m on the second armistice :/

OD: 7/10 seems like high ODA for current caps but i bet this guy is stacked on defense based on low odd/ods

Tribe: 9/10 id explain why but it doesn't fi

Growth: 7/10 Id say since day one these guys have been growing the 7th fastest..

OD: 9/10 Solid, nice to see

Farming: 9/10 Solid (apart from Petr)

Profile: 10/10 Hat off to comedy genius who created the Coa

Tribe: 0.3/10



Growth: 4/10. Used premium points to have a quick start. Nobled small targets so meh I'll get on with the next one.

OD: 2/10. Gawd clear something lol. Go crazy go wild hahaha.

Farming: 5/10. I'm unsure of your farming method maybe the blame but you should be doing way better.

Profile: 4/10. Not bad Coa.. a bit plain profile..

Tribe: 5/10. Dunno them lol.

Huggability: 11/10. Ya can thank w78 for that :p You had your chance to hang out for an actual one :p

Purple Rain.



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Rate the player above: Purple Rain.

Growth: 4/10 40k for being here since the start (i think) is fairly low.

OD: 5/10 Decent OD ranks in both attacking and defending nothing special but atleast higher ranking in OD than points.

Farming: 4/10 Lower rank in resources farmed a day than in points but i guess your excuse could be that you have good farmers around you taking everything. ^^

Profile: 6/10 Prince was before my time so i don't know too much about him so unfortunately i can't give a fair rating on this one.

Tribe: 8/10 one of the better tribes i'd say top 5 atleast.

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Rate the player above: SilverBhai

Growth: 7/10 Your ranking would be higher if you did not run into attacks early in this month. Since then you have recovered steadily.

OD: 10/10 For your account size, #2 ODD and #7 OD with 2 defenders of the day under your belt. And you're still alive. That's something to write home about.

Farming: 7/10 Top farming day at 1.3mil, which ranks you around the same as your points. Satisfactory work, but could have more potential (especially considering the equidistance from the rim & core)

Profile: 7/10 Good picture, nothing else to write home about.

Tribe: 9/10 Very solidly placed tribe which only time will tell what will happen with it. The tribes on this world have been very unstable and it can create a very complicated landscape which is ever changing/

Rate Condensed.


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Rate the player above: Condensed.

Growth: 9/10 Solid growth through and through. Your position looks really nice, alot to eat.

OD: 8/10 Decent OD, not alot of ODD which is a good sign this early.

Farming: 9/10 Good farming, nothing more to add really.

Profile: 9/10 I like the profile picture :)

Tribe: 9/10 Obviously a good tribe, "only" 9 points since rank 2 and not rank 1.

Rate Samuel4699



Growth: 8/10 - for a rim player growth is pretty awesome

OD: 7/10 - Over 100k - decent for where you are, also supported and had to defend yourself. "Been in the wars have we?"

Farming: 8/10 - really quite good but could improve here - 896.703 best in one day, rim barbs don't hold alot.

Profile: 3/10 - really sorry mate - come up with something that says ZING ZING ZING I'M AN INTERESTING PERSON

Tribe: COC seems pretty good but as you are their top player I'm sure opportunities will present themselves from elsewhere. Iwill give 5/10 for tribe - seems to be doing ok but will come under threat from yolo for sure.

RATE: SwordCrusher94



Growth: 7.5/10 - Quite a bit of Barb Munching early but have got some nice war caps recently with steady growth :)

OD: 9/10 - Again, doing work for his team in the war without losing a cap. A big surge in ODA this month.

Farming: 6/10 - 2m in a day doesn't seem terrible for being in the semi-core, but 1.136 plunders as a record seems very low to me.

Profile: 8/10 - sucker for Pulp Fiction <3

Tribe: 7.5/10 - Tribe has been doing well imo, despite internal issues and fighting on multiple fronts. Not a fan of stat padding, however. +1 bonus points for Ronnie's videos.
-0.5 bonus point for the length and disastrous quality of his most recent monologue.

RATE: Chitwi


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Growth: 9/10 Started late and has grown very nicely, has a nice spread on the rim to continue your growth.

OD: 5/10 Doesn't seem like you guys have really ran into any real opposition yet, decent ODA but that's it.

Farming: 9/10 Top 15 on resources plundered a day and top 10 on village plundered.

Profile: 8/10 Quite nice coa and the names of the ones that you have nobled crossed out, not bad :)

Tribe: 10/10 Rank 1 tribe quite far ahead too. I am certain you guys will make it to endgame.

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Growth: 7,5/10 playing since the beginning and rank 47 is absolutely not bad. I don't know if you used much pp but if thats not the case than you're doing very good.

OD: 8/10 for your rank is your ODA fine beside that you have also good ODD and a little ODS

Farming: 9/10 rank 33 on recources plundred a day so thats more than good when you're rank 47

profile: 6/10 lol nice profile picture but nothing more than that haha

Tribe: 9/10 I think AA is going to see the end game and if they do good than they can win the world.

Rate Beerbrewer2017



Growth: 7/10- Good, sustained growth. Zero lost villages despite taking a pounding with high ODD. Clear noble path towards the rim so room to grow.

OD: 9/10- someone has been busy supporting :) great ODD and ODS. Team player.

Farming: 5/10- farming is adequate although it could be a lot more compared to your size.

profile: 6/10- cute picture tho.

Tribe: 7/10- Small size but holding up quite nicely considering ODD.

Rate Suicida



Growth: 5/10 Nice Constant growth, Tho 18 out of the 38 villages nobled are barbarians, so that growth of those village is primary the reason for the steady growth.

OD: 8/10 Very respectable ODD, looks like he he took a couple of hits on last Thursday and Friday loosing around 7.400 points. ODA again very respectable, with it being nearly triple the size of the account itself.

Farming: 9/10 Sitting at rank 39 currently in Resources plundered and Rank 85 for plunders. Looks like he is efficiently farming!

Profile: 7/10 Because i liked the poem <3

Tribe: 6/10 Momentum (~M~) has a very nice cluster located south k64 (tiny bit of k63) boarding Creati, Looks like they worked hard dominating that section of the world. But with war with creati there tribal position is in jeopardy and only time will tell if they will survive or die.




Growth: 7/10 Good growth, only one village was a barbarian though, that's a shame. Let's all be friends and noble barbarians, not players.

OD: 7/10 OD is on the same level as the account, but in my opinion ODA is a bit tricky since against stacks you can't do nothing even though you attack the correct way. Nice bit of ODD and 0 villages lost too.

Farming: 8/10 Good farm if you take in account the players that surround you (#same)

Profile: 10/10 Pokemon like... Is there even an argument?

Tribe: 0/10 Really bad tribe, you guys should stop playing... Honestly the only weak point in your game right now.


Floyd Mayweather Jr


Growth: 10/10 - Top 20 account about to break into the top 10, nuff said.

OD: 8/10 - He a WARLORD?

Farming: 9/10 - Rank 1 villages plundered, Rank 33 resources plundered.

Profile: 7/10 - Points for Ashworth lyrics.

Tribe: 9/10 - What can i say abou

Floyd Mayweather Jr


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The money man (Floyd Mayweather)

Growth 5/10, decent growth but not a madly impressive cap history though I feel that’s more on situation then skill

OD: 6/10 - Gaining enough ODA to grow, but hasn’t had a real chance to amass OD in a true battle

Farming: 7.5/10 - 9mil best isn’t bad if it’s consistent but I’d expect a couple better days in the fertile rim

Profile: 10/10 - TMT made me 5 big ones again mcgregor <3

Tribe: 6.9/10 - Left a small exclusive tribe and gave in to the trend of mass recruitment

Kim Jung IL

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Kim Jung IL

Growth: 7.95- Relies on a bigly amount of internals and barbs. Some solid war stats though.

OD: 8.61- Got some solid caps against a better AA member but failed against several other more questionable members. Good at finding afk members.

Farming: 9.12- Good numbers, as expected from coplayed account.

Profile: 4.19- Horrible COA. Almost as bad as Broodly's.

Tribe: 8.08- Average tribe.

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bonus barracks is op man idc what anyone says. I'm really going for a "Pain X Tuda" by adapting the strongest qualities of my enemies maybe i can absorb some pp through osmosis
Osmosis is only the diffusion of free WATER molecules across a partially permeable membrane from a region of higher water potential to a region of lower water potential down the concentration gradient.

PPmosis perhaps?? :D:D:D:p


Grumpy old Turtle

Growth: 6/10 - Good for core player.

OD: 6/10 - Average

Farming: - 4/10 - 9 mil. best farm . Weak.

Profile: 2/10 A strange threat, I'm not sure it's possible to be executed. :)

Tribe: 5/10 Average tribe, I have seen similar before.

ReD KhaN