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ReD KhaN

Growth: 7/10 - Top 15 account with solid growth and a good looking spread with both frontline and backline villages. But half of their caps have been either internals or barbs.

OD: 7/10 - fairly low for a top 15 account at rank 108. Plus one for high ODS showing they are a team player.

Farming: 10/10 - hit top six in a day yesterday for resources plundered.

Profile: 7/10 - cool coa and good song I'd never heard before.

Tribe: 6/10 - top three tribe, but they've allowed IL and IPOD to noble into their backlines.


Meow Ghost

Rate the player above: Aretas

Growth: 8/10 - Decent growth.

OD: 7/10 - Good amount of ODA, not much ODD

Farming: 10/10 - Standing top 12 with daily farming

Profile: 4/10 - Some weird sentence o_O, can't see the youtube vid

Tribe: 8/10 Despite getting nobled by DVBBS my first time joining this wordl, really would like to see you guys end-game

Meow Ghost

TG Smurf

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Rate the player above: Meow Ghost

Growth: 6/10 - Done well to come back after being rimmed but still only a month behind

OD: 7/10 - ODA and ODD rank are both low for your size, but considering your on the rim it can be hard to find players with a lot of troops.

Farming: 9/10 - spot on for your size

Profile: 0/10 - EWWW bashers! and a terrible song.

Tribe: 7/10 Been doing really well, considering the rim start. Hoping you dont merge into IL when you get boxed in and go out in style.


Valour Khan

Rate the player above: unluck3y

Growth: 8/10 - Solid growth and you haven't taken too many internals.

OD: 9/10 - Rank 15 ODA and 45 ODD but only rank 21 overall. Pretty impressive.

Farming: 2/10 - I know you guys don't farm often. :( You seem to farm well when you actually do farm though.

Profile: 0/10 - At least put a CoA or something -.-

Tribe: 10/10 - Creative does fi....



Rate the player above: Valour

Growth: 9/10 Great growth but expected with all this free food around you :)

OD: 3/10 Shit like mine :D

Farming: 10/10 Great farm (respect)

Profile: 3/10

Tribe: 9/10 To be fair i like creati. Have so much great guys. Will be awesome expirience

ReD KhaN

Temple of Tom

Red con

Growth: 8/10 a lot of internals and steals vills from creati.

OD: 2/10 his OD makes me want to OD cause it that depressing.

Farming: 9/10 very good farm bot

Tribe: 2/10 tribe always stealing vills from poor lil IL/creati/ipod/ipoda/annex/cartel/mf.

Profile: 9/10 dank


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Temple of Tom

Growth: 8/10 - Not too bad, considering you started a bit late. Got some nice caps on IL too.

OD: 6/10 - Decent, not too low, but not too high either.

Farming: 7/10 - Farming looks fine.

Tribe: 7/10 - AA, has some good players and doing a pretty good job considering they have a war on all fronts. But at the same time, poor external presence and bad decision making is to fault for that.

Profile: 7/10



Growth: 0/10 - isn't giving me free internals

OD: 0/10 - not rank 1

Farming: 1/10 - not rank 1

Tribe: 1/10 - people are too active all i want is internals

Profile: 10/10 photo of champ

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