Rate the player above


Location - 9/10 Immensely jealous. Wish I lived in my mothers basement

Farming - 9/10 Frequent raiding trips to the fridge
Profile - 10/10 Homo vibes between him and his co. possible LSD user
Tribe - 0/10 No Tribe, No score
Villages - 1/10 300 pt just another boring pp farmer.



Tribeless and under 100 points with BP still up for ya. Your area is also empty.

Can’t really rate you atm, you posted here too early for your current state.


Alexa Bliss
Location - 8/10 In the safety of tribes vicinity. Could potentially encounter trouble from LOL! if they were to coordinate, but apart from that no other real threats.
Farming - 2/10 Rank 377 for a top 40 account. Terrible considering 4 players on the account, pick it up or you'll see competition around you rise quickly once the pp use stops.
Profile - 8/10 Good bragging material and exposure of coplayers :D make me laugh and i'd give you a 10.
Tribe - 7/10 I like this tribe, have played with a few players from there on previous worlds, some very capable people on a few of those accounts. Have seen lloyd's tribe fail multiple times but he's a great guy, expecting big things this world.
Villages - 5/10 Good villages, only faulted by the fact they were both internalled (considering they're likely your coplayers, gives you a good boost).



Location - 7/10 Located on the outskirts, almost on the rim, can grow easily on the long run. Seems like you're the superpower on your area, especially if you move up north.
farming - 8/10 You are ranked 30th on the best daily plunder, and that was only yesterday. Seems about fair to me.
Profile - 5/10 Not bad, nothing special. Seems good I guess?
Tribe - 3/10 Sorry mate, your tribe just doesnt have anything that can make it rank better I guess?
Village - 4/10 Less than 2k points while farming a lot.. that's nice I guess.


Hey I am a pretty new player and would like to know how im doing I would appreciate a rating :)


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Hey I am a pretty new player and would like to know how im doing I would appreciate a rating :)
1/10 prem usage. Falling behind.
1/10 tribe name. Weed references were so 2008.
1/10 village name. Needs more dragons.
1/10 opponents defeated. To much ODS stop supporting weak links.


weird flex but ok

location - 0/10 Heard your land is so trash that weeds wont even grow in your farm
Farming - 0/10 Frequent trips to the premium exchange
Profile - 10/10 Its a weird flex, but okay i guess
Tribe - 0/10 noobs
Villages - 0/10 don't like the Tudor decor. Try a more modern look maybe?

The Frog

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the ild are forgone heroes that if ever revived deserve respect/

lets here vabout some new greatplayers that grow excel and lead without pp


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Lol i dont count this. I want detailed one

Location - 7/10 Fairly close to the rim so not much competition in form of good players, so if you're any good you should be able to grow quite well.
farming - 8/10 100k/day is good per day and I assume you get some res from scavenging as well.
Profile - 0/10 "Carpe Diem", cmon man
Tribe - 0/10 Looks really bad tbh, not any well known players or high points player (even tho points isn't everything)
Village - 2/10 Aca without pits over 25? No thank you!
Reputation - 0/10 Haven't seen you anywhere before.

There you go mate, added reputation as well :)


Hong Kong Bull market
Location - 10/10 Four corners cluster. access to 2 exchanges for buying, and 2 more for selling. Or depending on how things are down there, could sell to all 4. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't jealous.
farming - 6/9 You did it when sufficiently beneficial. I guess you stopped a week ago
Profile - 3/10 Cecil Rhodes the greatest man of the 20th century? Depends on your perspective, but seems a bit racist to me.
Tribe - 10/10 #2 with only 9 players lmao
Village - 0/10 only 143 points filthy casul