Rate the player world 113


Player: ColdFoodChef
Location - 7/10 , decent area good room for growth.
farming - 3/10 only 600k thats poor for your village size.
Scavenging 10/10 Scavenging really well in the top 5.
Profile - 9/10 creative some funny stuff on there.
Tribe - 5/10 don't know many personaly so cant overly comment.
Village - 8/10 - doing well decent growth.

Ingame name: FamousInferno
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Player: FamousInferno
Location - 8/10, Depending on diplo, some good room to grow. Clustered super nicely close to core with a decent 4 continent spread out in the NE.
Farming - 8/10, might be some room for improvement based on size, but probably a lot of competition and a lack of barbs these days. Still held very strong in the top 5/10 for a long time. Nice job.
Scavenging - 10/10, big boy numbers. No faults imo.
Profile - 4/10, the nice lil gif COA scores points, but nothing too fancy in the description
Tribe - 6/10, very top heavy tribe atm. Which rings true for a lot of other tribes too. Roster looks good from a quick glance but none are really known to me personally.
Village - 10/10, maxing them out pretty fast, nice growth!

IGN: God of Thunder

Doctor Strangewar

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Player: God of Thunder
Location - 8/10, nice main cluster, a little pocket, well positioned for a frontline expansion or new cluster
Farming - 6/10, farming is tough when there aren't many barbs and players to farm, but I would expect higher farming watermark
Scavenging - 7/10, there's a script for everything
Profile - 9/10, impressive achievements (what is shown), and fun throwback to 80s, graphic is a little tired but appropriate
Tribe - 9/10, solid team, well diversified, only minimal dead weight
Village - 7/10, big spreads from small to big villages, but some great power house villages, overall good.

IGN: Doctor Strangewar
Player: Doctor Strangewar

Location - 7/10, nice spread out clusters making decent use of the churches. A bit locked in by tribe but depending on diplo could expand nicely, especially west
Farming - 9/10, great farming, edited from 8 because didnt take into account number of great farmers in your tribes, competition holding you back not lack of effort :)
Scavenging - 6/10, decent number but either offense heavy or supporting tribemates a lot. (not supporting tribe as 6400 ODS)
Profile - 10/10, I love short and sweet profiles that make you laugh without saying much.
Tribe - 9/10, good location with lots of room to grow west freely and secure rim location. Spoken to some of the guys and seem great group of people :)
Village - 6/10, lots of medium sized villages and no maxed out villages. I expect huge amounts of nobles/coins given the amount of resources you have coming in from farming/scavenging and lack of village buildings being pushed. Probably have a 3:1 troop to point ratio though which is nice :)

IGN: No Flex Zone
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Player: No Flex Zone

Since so far this thread (reddit/r/roastme) has been Pear players tugging off other tribes, I figure I'll follow suit :cool:

Location: 6/10, I am not envious of your location at all, looks like you could be on two possible fronts and then are landlocked by your tribe. Seems like your growth is going to be hard fought for this entire world.

Farming: 9:10, super impressive especially considering how few barbs there are in the core and how many active players there are farming them. 70k plunders makes me think you want it the most though.

Scavenging: 7/10, for your size you should probably be scavenging a bit more, but I guess you've been putting an emphasis on farming so that makes sense.

Profile: 9/10, Short, to the point, fitting silver back picture, but sad you're not sharing any achievements.

Tribe: 9/10, I don't recognise too many names, but you're obviously killing it in size, growth and OD, but with arguably the hardest position on the map. Much like your own growth, this is going to be a hard fought world for you no matter how you cut it.

Villages: 10/10, almost all of them are maxed out/ nearly maxed out. Should be a solid baseline to work from.

OD: 10/10 I'm gonna add this in, because I think it's a pretty relevant omission , being so high ranked in both ODA and ODS says you're doing a lot of the heavy lifting for both yourself and your tribe.

Overall, I cant fault your effort, commitment and success in this world. But you have not made this easy for yourself hey ;)


matt rider

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I guess i'll hop in and give you all a chance to roast someone...

Player: -Fac-

Location - 6/10. Some potential southeast but other than this a jump for a new cluster (likely west) is needed (EDIT - i now see a nice bonus cluster with plenty of room. 7.5/10)
farming - 5/10. Should be higher, although completely locked in with minimal barbs explains it
Scavenging - 9/10. It all makes sense now
Profile - 9/10. AOD = big baller brand move. Also enjoy the village names. But no one gets a 10
Tribe - 9/10. Number 1 tribe, some good players and nice people. Treat yourselves to something nice this weekend
Village - 7/10. Half lot in the 6-10k range, but half below. Not sure if you're following a specific village build

IGN: Matt Rider (do your worst)
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Mr Blood Frenzy

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Shoot guess its my turn.

player ~ matt rider
Location : 7/10 I see room for you to move with out too much issue, But I say start moving and make some new clusters.
farming: 5/10 pretty good being your locked on barbs as No Flex Zone tear them up and leave little to get.
Scavenging : 6/10 not bad at all being you been support and taking heavy loss your self and still hit over 400k.
Profile : 5/10 avg and simple,Tell your B-ball fan.
Tribe : 3/10 wont get into details of why, But I have had talks with Limited Edition about your guys tribe.
Villages : 7/10 Points mean little to me, I'm more into the builds and how fast I get the troops out, and get max troops possible
ODD/ODA/ODS : I say you taken some heavy hits and been help out your members more then anything, It makes me think your more caution on attacking and into help and wait to see when to make your move.

well that's what I can see, If it correct or not will see. ;)
IGN: Mr Blood Frenzy


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Lets see how this plays out

Player: Mr Blood Frenzy
Location: 6-7/10 (Due to action facing) Not bad, your whole game will likely depend heavily on tribal Diplo and how you guys manage to work your way out of that pinch. Will be interesting down there.
Farming: 5/10 High competition in your area would be limiting success, hard to keep motivation for farming with 0/240 hauls.
Scav: I expected this to make up the numbers of the farming, was slightly disappointed but I'm not going to be the pot calling the kettle black! Lol.
Profile: I like it.. (AllHailDiazBrothers)
Tribe: Play with and know a few of those guys, happy to see you's make a run in this world, will be fun towards the end! ☺
Villages: it's hard to say going just off points and such a slow build world, I'm sure you're working hard pumping out rax/stables/farms.
Oda/odd/ods: 7/10 Respectable.. slaying enemies and helping tribe mates, not the biggest numbers but respectable nonetheless. I'm sure we will see you round a while longer yet. ☺

Overall: 7-8/10, forums presence gives bonus points

Hope I didn't fail that too bad, recently moved houses so doing background checks on mobile phone is a bit tedious haha!

IGN: Prime Minister Smith
Nath ☺

**Edit - I just noticed you're in the sister tribe, same comment applies though regarding the pinch
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Dont Mind Me

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Player: Prime Minister Smith

Location: 8,5/10 - Plenty of room to grow in the rim and a second cluster to potentially enter k44.
Farming: 7,5/10 - Good farming but you can do better with the amount of barbarians near you and the spread of your villages.
Scavenging: 5/10 - I would honestly expect more from your many villages.
Profile: 7/10 - Nice and simple but nothing special.
Tribe: 8/10 - You seem to know what you are doing. Good positioning and fast growth.
Villages: 9/10 - 7,5k village average in this time in the world is really good. Not 10 only because players like tudadar and your tribemate *Caligula exist.
OD: 10/10 - You never stop attacking so ODA is very high. ODD shows you punished the guy that attacked you that one time. ODS is low, but your tribe hasn't been attacked much it seems so no reason to lose points from there.

IGN: Dont Mind Me

Roast me freely.


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Player: Dont Mind Me

Location: 7/10 - Not much room to grow in the centre. Seems like you guys are pinched in and it depends may depend on diplomacy to where you could potentially grow next. Bordering La Resistencia and Disney. Seems they have the Rim and expansion space.

Farming: 8/10 - Good farming considering the lack of barbarian villages around you and the level of competition from other players.

Scavenging: 9/10 -I guess this makes up for the farming, being barricaded in and so on. But top 50 for scavenging at 1.6m however, its been 12 days since you hit that score again or beat it. Unless there is something thats going on down south this should almost always be improving.

Profile: 3/10 - Simple, not much too it except the showcase of achievements from world 114. Maybe you want to spice it up abit or remain lowkey. Maybe your a player with a new account....

Tribe: 8/10 - Good positioning for the tribe. I reckon you guys will be a key player into how the future of the world can potentially turn out. However, Diplomacy and merges with that many players may certainly cause a problem. All 3 tribes in the top 25 so its good! At a glance i dont recognise any player names apart from maybe 1 or 2 so its interesting to see you guys have banded so well.
I see you guys have also taken part in a war/some wars. Good ratio and seems you guys have done well on the Attacking end which has allowed you for no need to defend.

Villages: 8/10 - 6.4k village average in this time in the world is really good. But to me personally, if you have a village with good pits/stable/barracks and your pumping troops, thats what really counts !

OD: 7/10 - Some Really good OD stacked overall for all three of the tribes. But ive seen some other tribes having much more by themselves. Seems like you guys havnt either really been attacked much or need to attack anyone else at the moment. The near future i hope should change this around and change the world so far.

I hope thats fine, maybe a bit harsh maybe not:p First time doing this:p

Overall: 7.14. Solid player and thats what we need in the community!

IGN: Talli56