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6/10 - Location - too spread out, no farming area but decent I guess.
9/10 - Scavenging - 10 mil yesterday, quite good for your size
10/10 - Profile - simple and I like it , big up for the village number 047 <3
8/10 - Tribe - Still yet to prove themselves in a bigger war as well as any other top 5 tribe ,even though the ODA could be a lot higher. Can't give more than 8
8/10 OD - I see you like attacking ;) quite good amount of ODA for your size but little to no ODD which is a shame for a world that's 4+ months old


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9/10 - Location - Would love to be in Croatia and chill on the beach right now : pepehands :
0/10 - Scavenging - Probably has no idea that is a scavenge world, but Jup's farming so that makes up for the scavenging kekw
10/10 - Profile - profile pic, 10/10, the camel and eagle combo looks deadly
?/10 - Tribe - when Vlad gets internaled we'll know the rating
10/10 OD - Has 150 crops villages, if you get incomings from this guy, good luck


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belle delphine onlyfans

0/10 - Location - cant say really, banned from IG, cant follow anymore
1/10 - Scavenging - :waitwhat: ?
1/10 - Profile - weeb
10/10 - Tribe - as long as Vlad stays there you guys are contenders
10/10 OD - banana had a lot of proteins

IGN: Delle Belphine
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Delle Belphine

10/10 Location - surounded by your tribemates so you are safe from getting rimmed noob
3/10 scavenging - your activiti is so bad
0/10 profile - what should I say
0/10 tribe - All noobs
3/10 OD - you are so bad

IGN- therealpepe
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Player: Prime Minister Smith

Location: 8,5/10 - Plenty of room to grow in the rim and a second cluster to potentially enter k44.
Farming: 7,5/10 - Good farming but you can do better with the amount of barbarians near you and the spread of your villages.
Scavenging: 5/10 - I would honestly expect more from your many villages.
Profile: 7/10 - Nice and simple but nothing special.
Tribe: 8/10 - You seem to know what you are doing. Good positioning and fast growth.
Villages: 9/10 - 7,5k village average in this time in the world is really good. Not 10 only because players like tudadar and your tribemate *Caligula exist.
OD: 10/10 - You never stop attacking so ODA is very high. ODD shows you punished the guy that attacked you that one time. ODS is low, but your tribe hasn't been attacked much it seems so no reason to lose points from there.

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