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points 7/10 (top 100, quite decent need to improve more)

ODA 8/10 (Very good)

Positioning 7/10 (need to go out from K58, go and build some cluster like in K16 :p )

Reputation 7/10 (quite decent to have a conversation with)

Tribe 10/10 (Lost Rules :p )



points: 10/10 over 1 million

oda: 8/10

pos. 5/10 exo ur cluster sucks ^^

rep. 9/10

Tribe 10/10

total 42/50


points: 8/10 Good knock.

oda: 8/10

pos. 6/10

rep. 7/10

Tribe 9/10

total 38/50[/QUOTE]

Hybrid Soul

Non-stop Poster
Reaction score
.Skull Reaper. aka Lions Pride

Points: 8/10 - Its about the killing others with this guy, forget the points

ODA: 9/10 - Has done this account proud. Limited foe's of late yet maintained his activity.

Position - 8/10 - Fought hard against JoKeZ, was frontline and I'm sure he will ensure he is again next time round.

Rep. 10/10 - Brought him into this account due to his reputation as a player and guy. He has not disappointed.

Tribe - No need to big up my own tribe


Points: 10/10

ODA: 10/10

Position - 10/10

Rep. 10/10

Tribe: 10/10

perfecto in every way :)


He quit this world.

Thanks Hybrid :icon_twisted:

I quit it ages ago, yes :)
I should be back sometime soon in the new year though. I have had some interesting offers and am looking forwards to accepting when I have more time to do anything but give totally non-biased descriptions of what is going on in this mundane world :p


Google eyes:

Points 0/10 zero points isnt admirable

ODA 0/10 hasnt killed a player yet

position 0/10 your not even on the map

rep 10/10 ur cool on the forums, and i like ur sig

tribe 0/10 i dont like one man tribes

total 10/50 thats what you get for quitting the world, makes you look pretty nooby. :)



Points 8/10 Fairly decent.

ODA 5/10 Poor for such a big player. Your bigger than me and i'm like 200 ranks better in ODA

position 8/10 K58, thats all i can really say.

rep 7/10 I see you around a fair bit but can't remember you saying anything that made me laugh :

tribe 9/10 One of the best. yet to see you take on a challenge though.

total 37/50 thats what you get for quitting the world, makes you look pretty nooby.


Lions Pride

points 7/10 worse than me..... but still top 200

ODA 10/10 ur 53rd, and have 2.3 million, very impressive compared t your points

position: 8/10 ok positioning, but a little far away, so may be harder when you go to war

rep: 10/10 i want to be your best friend

tribe 10/10 im a lil biased. :p

total: 44/50


Wonder Lad

Points: 8/10 He's been around for a while but he is good for conquers. :icon_wink:

ODA: 7/10 It's good enough to show that he is active and yet not overload to show that he is crazy with his nukes.

Position: 9/10 I love k23 so I like his position. Frontlines for almost any war except againt -V-.

Rep: 9/10 I enjoy his pics a ton and he's a great guy and player. :icon_smile:

Tribe: 10/10 Love this tribe. Best ever! :icon_biggrin:

Overall: 43/50

Hybrid Soul

Non-stop Poster
Reaction score

Points: 8/10 – A few internals but nothing out of the ordinary. Nice conquers. Good amount of war conquers too. Good job. Little to no points increase in a while which is worrying.

ODA: 10/10 – Nice and high, admirable and reflects the type of player I hear you are. Good work.

Position: 9/10 – Nicely clustered, and clearly not afraid to push towards enemy territory.

Rep: 9/10 – I do not know you in game but on here you “speak” well and articulate yourself excellently. Well able to make a point and back it up.

Tribe: 9/10 – NOB! is a tribe I hold in high regard. Keep up the good work fellas’.

Overall: 45/50 – All relative my good man.


Mine is Eve L Vixen

Points: 7/10 - not too bad at all :)
ODA: 7/10 - would like it higher
Position: 9/10 - right in his awesome tribe's area
Rep: forum I havent seen him post enough to comment and his coloured writing annoys me. Rep as a player, from personal experiences talking to him he gets 10/10
Tribe: 10/10. Hybrid + Boske = pure heaven :)



Points: 0/10 since you are not on thsi world though you did internal up to a top twenty account. lol

ODA:0/10 Not on this world and again he was an internal guy. haha

Rep: 10/10 Almost always worthwhile to read and even when it is not of value it is still good for a laugh. My favorite poster though Hybrid is close behind. :icon_wink:

Tribe: 10/10 What is better then a tribe of one? Well except for Rx4U of course. :lol:


As for the font I suppose I should drop that one it glares too much. Find something better i will. :)