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lol let the games begin

Eve L Vixen

points 6/10

ODA 7/10 (good need to get some ODD though)

Positioning 6/10

Reputation 2/10 (I don't know you yet? I don't think)

Tribe 9/10 (at least your in a decent tribe)



Hybrid Soul

Points: 8/10 – Not bad since there is only 5 internal noble .

ODA: 4/10 - you was our war leader(DR) so my expectation is little high on u. :icon_smile:

Position: 9/10 – nice but if we exclude ur tribe then it will be 3/10 coz i can see 14 villages are out side ur cluster.

Rep: 10/10 – great personality.

Tribe: 10/10 – they are unbeatable .(now dont prove it on me :xmas wink:)

Total: 41/50


points 8/10 not horrible, but i beat you

ODA 9/10 quite alot, but that might mean your a little careless with your nukes

position 6/10 scattered all over, easy target if you hadnt joined RX4U

Rep: 8/10 dont know you to well, and you dont post on externals that much

tribe 10/10 best tribe ive ever been in.

total 41/50


Points: 6/10 - 133rd. Not much growth lately - only 4 nobled villages since the attack breaks ended...

ODA: 7/10 - Just barely a better rank than your points - 115th (1,796,490)

Position: 8/10 - Former JokeZ, now positioned on the outside of your tribe. You'll be in the action if you guys expand West. Map

Rep: 7/10

Tribe: 9/10

Total: 37/50


haha, dont mean to spam, so ill do jeremy, but i have 2 trains hitting in 3-4 hours, so that growth should change.


points 8/10 fair amount of conquers since attack break, and 80th rank, but nothing against T.D.E family.

ODA 8/10 better than your points....

Position 6/10 in a sort of link between the two halfs of Lost, hasnt done much to T.D.E family that i know of, and unless you guys are planning on warring SIKE you could do barely anything in other wars. Map

Rep: 7/10 dont know you to well, but thats what you gave me. :)

Tribe 7/10 dont know too much about them, but seem to pick up strays from tribes..... picked up a bunch of WWUMAC players, and just recently took in the Rock2008 players... No outstanding stuff from the T.D.E war, considering the bad name T.D.E had just a little while ago.

Total 36/50


points 8/10 - In a good place to see some rapid growth 125th in the rankings so almost in the top 100'

ODA 8/10 - Above your rank but not by too much -

Position 7/10 - Not too spread out - nicely clustered

Rep 7/10 - I dont think you quite have the mouth that gets you the fame - you have to be loved or hated to be remembered.

Tribe 9/10 - Rx4u - home tribe - but from an objective view - Its reputation in the world carries alot of weight



points 8/10 good points and average pts per village is a good 9k

oda 6/10 im no expert on this , but when oda rank is worse than pts rank , thats bad i guess =/

position 9/10 good job clustering your villas

rep 6/10 i dont really see you on forums much =/

tribe 10/10 i am biased toward rx4u

total 39/50
(next person plz be lenient when rating me. im aiming for at least 10/50 total =/)



points 3/10 because I'd hit your villages were I in the area.

oda 2/10 I suppose for your size you have ok ODD, but compared to most I've seen... yeah...

position 1/10 An A for effort, but you're gonna die. Your area is rife with Sike and Sike! surrounding you

rep 3/10 i dont really see you on forums much, but then again, I'm almost never posting even if I read most of the threads.

tribe 5/10 your tribes top 50, but its got a bit before it hits top 20

total 14/50
I expect crap for a rep rating, but it comes with the silence I guess :/

2004 Artemis


points 7/10 You're bigger than me, but I'm not a real active nobler, although if I pointwhored my villages up I'd catch up to you.

oda 4/10 For your size, your ODA is crap. I've got higher ODA.

position 4/10 And you thought he was close to Sike. You're going to run into some serious trouble in this war. At least you have a village off the frontlines you can use once the rest are taken.

rep 1/10 I've never seen you post on the(se) forums before.

tribe 5/10 I don't really like LosT

total 21/50 I've never given out a score so low before. I would give most people at least 30-35.


2004 Artemis! :icon_cool:

Points: 6/10 Like he said not very active nobler and I am catching up despite his account having started ahead of me when I came on board. :icon_biggrin:

ODA: 5/10 I have less points and higher ODA. I am a little surprised but then Art is strategic with his nobles. :p

Position: 7/10 Not near the front lines but hey he is moving Ks from what I have seen. :icon_smile:

Rep: 10/10 Excellent poster and his facts are always valid and high quality.

Tribe: 10/10 best tribe ever! :-D

Overall: 38/50


Points: 7/10 Top 200

ODA/ODD: 6/10 & 3/10 (You've barely been attacked. :icon_smile:)

Positioning: 8/10 Pretty much where Rx4U started off on this world.

Reputation: 7/10 Haven't heard of you in game as we are pretty much around 9 K's away from each other, but on the forums you are everywhere and posting regularly.

Tribe: 10/10 Great tribe and showed that poison comes in small quantities :lol:

Total: 38/50
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2004 Artemis


Points: 5/10 Not surprising considering your ODD rank, but meh.

ODA: 9/10 Doing pretty good here, in comparison to your size.

Position: 5/10 Getting raped on the front line it looks like, with several villages away from the front.

Rep: 1/10 Who is you?

Tribe: 6.5/10 You beat Lost.

Overall: 26.5/50


2004 Artemis

pts 6/10 - u need to noble more at this stage

oda - 4/10 u need to get more into this

pos - 8/10 nice location for u

rep - 8/10 u post a lot here, should play the game more

tribe - 8/10 rx4u is a good tribe to be in

overall 34/50



pts 6/10 reasonable
oda - 5/10 could be higher
pos - 7/10 not what i would like but it clearly works
rep - 8/10 i know you are a reaonsable player from -V- and you are polite here :)
tribe - 8/10 I like -V- now :)


Time to bring this thread back to life!


Points: 10/10 Not sure how many you have but whoever you are , you probably have a lot
ODA: 10/10 Not sure how much ODA you have , but probably a lot
Position: 10/10 Not sure where you are , but probably in a good location
Reputation 10/10 I know for a fact you have a good reputation =D
Tribe 10/10 Not sure which tribe you're in , but probably a good one

2004 Artemis


Points: 1/10- By merely existing you gain 1 point.
ODA: 2/10- Leftover from before you were rimmed.
Position: 0/10- Smack against the rim.
Reputation: 0/10- Any that you had has been ruined by your terrible thread.
Tribe: 1/10- Who?
Total: 4/10- Bit higher than I thought it would be.


2004 Artemis:

Points: 3/10, pointwhore more.
ODA: 7/10, good for points, could be better.
Position: 1/10 simply for existing, worst spot in Rx4U? :icon_razz:
Reputation: -10/10 I hear you're smelly.
Tribe: 8/10, second best tribe on the world.
Total: -22.37/50 because I said so.


Colpo aka homcgra:

Points: 7/10, damn troop whores.
ODA: 9/10, overtake fatty and i will given you 10.
Position: 6/10, your on the outskirts of us but i guess you have space to grow :).
Reputation: 0/10 where did you go? :(
Tribe 10/10 simply because i'm in it.
Total: -8/10 because your starting to make me hate glee :(.



Colpo aka homcgra:

Points: 7/10, damn troop whores.
ODA: 9/10, overtake fatty and i will given you 10.
Position: 6/10, your on the outskirts of us but i guess you have space to grow :).
Reputation: 0/10 where did you go? :(
Tribe 10/10 simply because i'm in it.
Total: -8/10 because your starting to make me hate glee :(.


He over takes me once a week. As our nukes rebuild we pass each other pretty often. I do believe this is the 8 or 9th time we have passed each other up in ODA.



Points: 7/10, you should have more
ODA: 10/10, damn nuke whore... should just internal you to save me time sniping
Position: 6/10, getting there
Reputation: 7/10 , colpos spam lessons have paid off
Tribe 1/10 NOB!! OFC, "winging it"
Total: 8/10

I totally got skipped last time I rated:icon_cry:,

I won't be so friendly next time, I'm not invited to the party