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so since BankaiPwn rated kineticsniff already, does that mean I can copy and paste this again? :)


Points: 8/10 (very good point total, especially considering started a couple weeks late)
ODA: 9/10 (same here...top 40 OD, 2 weeks less time than many)
Location: 7/10 (didn't look too hard, but I didn't see much competition, or even many decent sized villages all that close)
Tribe: 8/10 (top 20 tribe with only 26 members...obviously a good tribe)

Lord of Avalon

Don't think you are giving enough credit to such a wicked player


ODA 10
Tribe 9, I am not a big fan of mass recruiting tribes :p
Awesomeness 10


ODA 10
Tribe 6ish, I feel a reason here is not necessary
Awesomeness >9
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Lord of Avalon

Points: 9/10 (very good point total and I like his nobling efforts)
ODA: 9/10 (On top page)
Location: 9/10 (Nice location with plenty of room to expand K36 where his tribe are well supported)
Tribe: 8/10 (Good tribe, hard to say how long they'll be around or how they'll progress. it will be interesting with a few players quitting this world. possibly start players who shine until 30 villages and then go missing)



i could'nt find ya on the world so i gonna give ya 5/10 for everything lol


Points: 5/10 you just started (I hope)
ODA: 6/10 good for size
Location: 2/10 bad location, big neighbors right by you.
Tribe: 8/10 tribe looks ok, but having no dealings with them hard to say.


legend in w 22 , good or bad i dunno

points =8/10
ODA= pretty good (34 k oDa for 23 k account is nice i guess )
3 barb nobles , 2 others from people who are tribeless

loction= some well built villas near him
tribe = dunno

no offence mate , i m newb compared to u


Points: 5/10 you just started 15 days ago.
ODA: 6/10 decent for size
Location: 5/10 Your tribe mates are quite close in your 15x15 you should also be clearing your area.
Tribe: 7/10 For your size your tribe is ok, not mass recruiters and players around your size.



Points: 8/10 top 20, nice
ODA: 9/10 Top 20 ODA, very nice
Location: 9/10 Seems like you have a lot of farms, and some nice targets near you + you have a huge lead over everyone else in your area.
Tribe: 9/10 +1 seems like a great tribe.

Total: 35/40, very nice

Troop Hoez


Points: 9/10 top 5, Very good, but average points is low, only a bit over 6k per villa. A player this large should be hitting larger villas in my opinion.
ODA: 5/10 Only has 20k more ODa than me and I am 1/4th his size, some argue that means I waste troops, and he is efficient. Looking at the 15x15 around his main villa though, i see alot of larger villas, while I allowed no one to grow, so say what you will.
Location: 7/10 IMO too many people competing for farms, would rather see nothing but grey. But some nice villas to noble.
Tribe: 9/10 FID are a solid tribe with some great players... Would give a 10/10, but only Bunny /troopers get that, lol.