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waves 2u

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@ lama

I like it.. 8/10

make the text match the avy (Caps on LAMA w/ triple strips below) I'd maybe consider changing the yellow just a smidge. Pic the lighter colors in the lama's fur and Change the text to that color. Finally, put a 1 pixel border around it and then I'd really like it. :) Just my opinion is all.

lama in the bahamas

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OK waves I pretty much have no idea what you telling me to do, can I just send you the file over skype or something and have you do it, :D

my skype is - lincecum.tw


Made sig in 10 seconds just so I could rate Han's :)


Sword Art

I like the design, and the words. Spongebob is awesome as well haha

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It looks good and I really like the background. It's just that the foreground images look like they're just cut and pasted on and don't go well with the yellow/green background that you've chosen, also the text doesn't meld with the entire sig.