Rate the signature and avatar above you!

Discussion in 'W34 General discussion:' started by Ankaar, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Ankaar

    Ankaar Guest

    Give the player who posts above you a rating for their avatar and signature.

    And for this thread, why not rate their name to.

    Next person who posts rates me.
    All rating are out of 10

    Example (Ill rate myself)
    Avatar: 10/10
    Signature: 10/10
    Name: 10/10

    Total 30/30 :) I may be a bit biased lol
  2. Flump

    Flump Guest

    Avatar: 8/10 Stylish
    Signature: 8/10 Its okay, not too amazing
    Name: 10/10 Awesome name :)
  3. Ankaar

    Ankaar Guest

    Avatar: 7/10
    Signature: 9/10 (When I come here, I always recognize you right off)
    Name: 9/10 (simple & easy)
  4. steveland

    steveland Guest

    Avatar: 9/10
    Signature: 7/10
    Name: 7/10
  5. Name:

    7.5 out of 10

    Not a bad name...


    5.0 out of 10


    0.5 out of 10

    Where is the Sig???
  6. benny14

    benny14 Guest

  7. Flump

    Flump Guest

    He got infracted for it methinks, so they removed it ;)

    @ Steve, I can scale and host it for you if you like.

    @ Benny

    Avatar: 6/10 Its okay
    Signature: 9/10 Awesome!
    Name: 3/10 Ergh, numbers in name tut tut at least you haven't got three numbers ( A rule we made for xbox regarding whether you are a noob or not :icon_wink:)
  8. Ankaar

    Ankaar Guest

    avy: 9/10
    Sig: 6/10
    Name: 8/10
  9. rancido64

    rancido64 Guest

    av: really nice 9/10
    sig: simple and noticable, could do with something extra i feel though. 7/10
    name: kinda random, all good though :) 8/10
  10. Avatar: Excellent 10/10
    Signature: Simple & to the point 7/10
    Name: Unique 8/10
  11. Rkidas

    Rkidas Guest

    Avatar: 10/10
    Signature: 7/10
    Name: 8/10
  12. Vanek.

    Vanek. Guest

    Avatar: 8/10 Strange in an amusing way, and simpleName: 7/10 Lol, I tried pronouncing itSigniture: 8/10 It's pretty good
  13. Rkidas

    Rkidas Guest

    Avatar: 7/10
    Name: 7/10
    Signature: -10/10 where is it?
  14. rancido64

    rancido64 Guest

    Av: 9/10
    Sig: 8/10
    Name: randomness lol 8/10
  15. benny14

    benny14 Guest

  16. steveland

    steveland Guest

    Avatar: 6/10
    Sig: Awesome, 9/10
    Name: Too much stigma associated, 4/10

    I have my sig back, and it's legal. Rate it well!
  17. benny14

    benny14 Guest

    it is still too big.(the spoil counts too)
  18. Rkidas

    Rkidas Guest

    Avatar: 7/10
    Sig: 9/10
    Name: don't like numbers (my opinion) 6/10

    WVZEROVW Guest

    Avatar: 8/10
    Sig: 9/10
    Name: Sounds like a name a terrorist would have 10/10
  20. steveland

    steveland Guest

    Avy: 9/10 funny as f..
    Sig: 6/10 would've been less if I didn't assume it was relevant to the w24 tribe (that I used to be in)
    Name: 2/10 takes a long time to see the word "zero"