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i knew the externals was a mistake.. i only get in trouble anyways :oops:


It would help if you thought a little before you wrote and didn't get so easily worked up, and when that happens you should try to not resort to try and vilify people.


you could just as well say that about every jedi member.. why am i the only getting shit for it? ive said time and time again, i didnt run because of the war...

you literally bragged about how few villages OBEY lost.

You all ran because of the war but this stuff happens in TW and Escape are good at taking advantage of them situations.

You realise I am not in OBEY right? Can't exactly brag about something I am not a part of. I was just stating a fact about the ratio of caps to losses.


And he's not in OBEY, people from outside seem to be hyping OBEY far far more than the actual people inside of it.

Clever on your guys part but I don't want people to forget that OBEY remain the real threat and bickering between smaller tribes just makes the prospect of you winning all the more likely.




Britney Spears and Rick Sanchez just left Escape. what just happened? im sensing some internal fights again huehue. JEDI 2.0 ?


Lets make group of 2 from OBEY for final winner.

Rest other tribes are part of cute noobs.


RIP escape. our only hope now is tudadar decides to stop PP farming and starts rimming OBEY huhu.


Good to see you around Kirk, you have been very quiet this world.
I heard you don't like our tribe very much.

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of course i do .. i think yr doin very well with 3 months prior prep
excellent team and world winners mate

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OBEY - Deservedly number 1, I've seen people complain about PP use but thats modern startup and either you adjust or become food. A very good lineup of players that gel well together and know how to get the job done. Their spread helps them grow at a great rate and unless some alliances were to form to try and gangbang them their spread is not a negative. Saying that though they do border 9 of the top 15 tribes will be interesting to see that progress. My conclusion here is they will continue to be the leader by a wide margin unless something changes. Disclaimer: I do have a good amount of friends in this tribe but tried to be somewhat impartial.

WET - Looks to have a lot of the same players from w90 who honestly disappointed me a little when they were really challenged. Saying that, this is a different world with different challenges. Although number 2 I only see an uphill battle for them. Position wise even if they have diplomacy with SOAKED, mehh!!, and 4AM they are sharing far too much territory. This can translate to growth but when Obey has eliminated almost all of their threats within its area this makes it a weakness for WET in case of war with another top tribe. Those aforementioned tribes also have some good players in them will be interesting to see how it shapes up. Conclusion they continue as #2 for awhile but unless they clean up their area quickly or ally with ESCAPE or VAPE or both will fall down the rankings.

Escape - Some internal drama with a tribe Jake is involved in....shocker (good player though). What happens to them now is anyones guess, any direction they go they will have to fight their way through for growth. Obey growing up their eastern flank is a real worry especially with their top player in the area has left the tribe. Diplomacy and team work is going to have to be top notch for survival. Although one of my besties of all time in TW plays in this tribe I just don't see it happening for them without everything going right. Conclusion they merge with someone maybe one of the smaller tribes rim side to gain more area control. Without good diplomacy I don't see them lasting until the end....Sorry Paula :(

VAPE - I like the look of this tribe the most to compete with Obey. Position wise they have growth rim side on the west and if things are struggling in WET maybe they can make a move (if not allied). Moving in on BuJok! wouldn't be a bad idea to get a tight cluster in a pivotal position. I'm not a strong supporter of merges however, combining with [-DS-] would give them control of the Southwest and options to choose whatever they want to do for growth direction. Conclusion this tribe will keep pushing on but relations with another large tribe and DS will be crucial to competing with Obey in the long run.

Look! - Looks like SBAD leftovers and leavers from Escape? They may very well have some good players but their future is to only be food for Obey unless they join back with Escape to try a coordinated defense. I don't see that happen as that would cause war between Escape and Obey earlier than one would like. Conclusion, they aren't going anywhere long term.

WLDD - Because I'm so negative of Look!'s chances I'll do rank 6 as well. This tribe has potential but much will depend on their diplomacy and skill. I don't think they're as good lineup wise and I don't recognize anyone in the tribe which is rare for me when ranking a top tribe. That doesn't mean their not good just I can't judge their "talent". Conclusion, I believe they need to be opportunistic if they see another tribe struggling around them hop in and finish them quick and control their area. If they do that the tribes core side will have need of them, or will have need to remove them.

Overall winner I have to go with Obey I've seen them in action numerous times in past worlds and they've also started strong this world. Their players have chemistry which is so important when you're in the thick of things when the nukes are flying and you question why you even play TW to begin with.
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