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Still Going Strong

rank 104 - You could do alot better man. 5/10

ODA RANK (rank 73) - attack me more lol, it'll get higher. 4/10

ODD RANK (rank 125) - Not many people like you but your land locked so I understand. 8/10

Profile - drunk, being sat, so idk, but f it, you get a 10 outta ten lol. 10/10 (cuz i like you)

Tribe - Womble. I never had a problem with the tribe as a whole. 5/10

38/50 - Still, not bad at all.

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:D woooo. Thanks
Can someone else rate me please :p
Btw rex, i do attack you, just not with my account ;)




Rank 56 - Pretty good, nearly in the top 50 8/10

ODA RANK (rank 29) - Nicely done 8/10

ODD RANK (rank 23) - You do get attacked ALOT, i should know ;) 8/10

Profile - Could do with alil bit more comedy, but it does mention womble :D 5/10

Tribe - Lulz, It's better than PIRANA 7/10

Overall Score = 36/50


Non-stop Poster

Rank 38 - Really good, almost top 25 9/10

ODA RANK (rank 14) - Not as good as me, but very good 8.5/10

ODD RANK (rank 33) - You are on the front lines, so much respect :) 9.5/10

Profile - Eh not enough, and has some language i can't read, but does show a report :D 6/10

Tribe - Wombles, obviously the best 9/10

Overall Score = 42/50

Im nice and gave you some extra points cuz im nice ;)


Still Going Strong

points/rank: 5.164.905 (85) i expected it to be a lil higher. anywz top 100 is good. but u really shud have been top 50 by now 7/10

PPV: 9240 low point villas i see. i think points around 9700 -9800 are best so 8/10

ODA: 77,66 Mio.(rank 8).. oooOOOOooo. pretty impressive ODA. very high compared to your size. i know u love sending nukes :d here i ll give u a full marks 10/10

ODD: 17,26 Mio. well not in ur hands. 5/10

Awards: 10*AOTD . and 5 Great powah. lots of gold i see. 9/10

Profile: i like th COA. lol. anywz 8/10

47 outta 60. GOOD