Rawr Strikes Back

Discussion in 'World 58' started by Rawr Mode, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    for those that hate me and for those that love me. :icon_redface:

    it's been a pleasure playing W58 and as my time here draws near, i will be looking at the pleasure of giving MANIC hell.

    basically i supported somebody outside of the tribe that was deemed and enemy before they was considered and enemy and as a result my tribe sold me out, so they dont mess up there hugging ways. :icon_redface:

    MANIC intends to screw over Insane anyways and Beyond is just a mere fixture. oops did that slip? :icon_redface:

    with that being said, im fixing to go out with a bang. i was planning to quit anyways this week as i had found another player for the account but i figured what the hell, make one less stand as this is my last world as im currently deployed and wont be back for some time :icon_cool:

    irony of it is, they thought i was scared to die or something. :icon_redface:

    they wanted me to quit? like really, you sell me out then expect me to do you a favor. yea totally not my style then they try to say 'we still like you' lol <--

    with that being said, i wish MANIC the best of luck and i enjoy the pleasures ive had on this world.
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  2. HallieMarie

    HallieMarie Guest

    Go Rawr!!!
  3. homcgra1

    homcgra1 Non-stop Poster

    Apr 9, 2011
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    Fighting MANIC solo is fun. Milk it as much as you can is my only advise - the more you ridicule them, the more enjoyable it is :lol:
  4. lololol. you will feel the fun of fighting them :lol:
  5. hocchamp1

    hocchamp1 Guest

    Its kinda Funny how you come on talking to everyone about MANIC this and MANIC that and now you are going to flame us? :lol:

    FIRST OFF i told you NOT to support HallieMarie WAY before we declared on them, I told you that if you did i would PERSONALLY take your villages in K66.

    Second we are going to betray INSAN3 :icon_rolleyes: kinda of funny how you always told us that INSAN3 is going to betray us ALL THE TIME!!! Don't be mad cuz they going to RIM some BIMBO who you think you like :lol: Girls always seem to be your downfall JOJO :icon_rolleyes:

    YOUR DRAMA.... you always talk about, you hating drama.. YOU ARE THE NUMBER 1 CAUSE of all MANIC DRAMA. PERIOD! thats why we even had a whole chat way before this war about RIMMING you! why? BECAUSE YOUR MESSED UP IN THE HEAD! you enjoy causing problems and you pissed over the Most dumbest things.

    BRO MANIC didn't sale you OUT.. YOU DID. :icon_evil: LUCAYA though the same way... you can join him on a FORK ACCOUNT! and CAUSE THEM PROBLEMS!

    FINALLY!!!! MANIC is cured of there CANCER.... RAWR! :icon_eek:
  6. that is funny
  7. hocchamp1

    hocchamp1 Guest

    even the badger in the picture is laughing lol GO RAWR
  8. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    so you was planning to sale me out anyways? think you just admitted to your own stupidity mate.

    you call me a friend and then tell that 'bolded' you about as much a hypocrite as any. i have my dignity and honor intact, perhaps you should look in the mirror as we know who the 'real' monster behind the boastful claims of 'NoF' was :icon_biggrin:

    so please elaborate how i sold myself out when your 'whole chat plan' was to do it all along, wait thats right your full of it and always have been, you blow alot of smoke and you know where there smoke theres fire but in your case its just hot air :lol:

    edit: or you just mad that im more dangerous loose then contained as i was? wait thats right i know all MANIC's dirty little secrets.

    oops i outted your spy in FORK to. yeah revenge is fun, im beginning to have fun with this.

    perhaps i should show Insane 'the real conversations in MANIC council and see if they want and alliance or what about Beyond? then will see who the 'real' one is messed up in the head lol.
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  9. Fletchdude

    Fletchdude Active Member

    Nov 26, 2011
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    Love comments from the most hated player of World 58. Not even due to actions etc, just down to your attitude. Yuk. Why do you continually post when nobody what so ever cares about what you put up. Never has a mute button been greater required.

    Go Rawr!!!!! Can't wait to hear more Manic cop outs and the garbage they post. Even as part of the "number one tribe" a player would rather face extermination than play along with them under their bad decisions and actions. Says it all really doesn't it.

    Lots of hugs all round, just as Manic like to play, hug hug hug!!!!!
  10. hocchamp1

    hocchamp1 Guest

    What the heck are you talking about? you make no sense... most hated player on WORLD 58 lol got more friends then you have then i do enemies.. and only enemies hate me cuz im beautiful :icon_rolleyes:

    He would rather face extermination then play along with them under their bad decisions.... LOL bad decisions, what bad decisions? Getting rid of someone who cause PROBLEMS is a bad decision? Us taking out FORK bad decision? us ALLYING with Beyond bad decision? us ALLYING with INSAN3 bad decision? us ALLYING with T-Crew Bad Decision? DON"T be mad because MANIC didn't choose your tribe.. what ever that tribe may be. :icon_evil: Guess you never been deep into a world so your opinions have no merit.

    ANd he left us!!! ahahah HE WAS Gone before he even left! so don't think for once, he was innocent. Supporting the enemy tribe :icon_evil: instant KICK!! if you don't believe that, thats why your NOT number 1! :lol:
  11. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    lol taking out FORK?

    i have quotes of the duke of MANIC asking for a ceasefire with FORK... lol? bad choices, yes i felt the tribe was making bad choices since river left.. personally anyways and if it takes me dieing for MANIC to see that then thats one hell of a tribal sacrfice. i loved MANIC and i loved the people in it. i left because i refused to be booted, deb had already given me the verdict, so why wait around for the inevitable. im not fond of waiting.

    and hoc your not number 1 anymore babe, i was the icing on the cake :icon_redface:

    the peanut butter to your jelly :icon_cool:

    sorry just had to piss on your parade there bud.
  12. hocchamp1

    hocchamp1 Guest

    Air away you'll always be a traitor :icon_twisted: and you think you were in council meetings lol we had a separate chat, shows how much you know :icon_wink:

    Maybe since your helping haille she will give you the time of the day, to bad like lucaya your ACCOUNT wont be there... FUNNY how you defended MANIC but once you support an enemy tribe member we are the bad ones? goes to show you... YOUR PATHETIC!
  13. Fletchdude

    Fletchdude Active Member

    Nov 26, 2011
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    Getting rid of? He chose to leave when he started disobeying your orders. He knew the consequences. Like you said, you told him what would happen. Manic criticize GOT leadership, you are fighting a War that should be a walk in the park yet you have players leaving your tribe. Not very impressive for a top tribe. Also, you are not number 1. So jump off the high horse and keep up with the changes.

    Also what understanding do you have of my previous worlds? None, you have no idea. My opinions earn more merit than anything you can put on this page. Your tribe is minuscule in relation to those I have ran. Where I come from single accounts are greater in size. Just further evidence that you don't know anything at all. You are posting deaf dumb and blind, as per usual.

    Despite what you think you are hated. By everyone. Though I am so glad you believe you have so many lovely "friends" :icon_rolleyes:.

    We all know you hug Insane, and T-Crew, and beyond and anyone else who comes to you. Also, Manic did choose GOT. GOT told you where to stick it. We don't hug, we have dignity and realize this is a game that must be played. I can teach you if you like. You obviously have no clue what you are doing.
  14. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    lol im alot of things, i didnt try to hide it mate. deb asked me about it and i told her i did it. so obviously i wasnt trying to hide what i was doing.

    im sure you had a seperate chat mate but honestly i dont really care, i have enough information to hurt MANIC.

    asfar as Lucaya is concerned, he was mostly Offense, im mostly Defense. i already have support rolling in. you best hurry up before its to late? wait do you need my pass and a trip to mcdonalds? lol and you call me PATHETIC!

    im only a traitor because you sold me out and me and my nature instinct did what i thought was best, as i said i have my co/players to think about aswell.

    i offered to give up the account and let them play but that wasnt good enough, just shows how much you truly care about your members :lol:
  15. brisr949

    brisr949 Guest

    I foresee 2 recruits from T crew in the immediate future...go rawr
  16. brisr949

    brisr949 Guest

    trust him, he was right...:icon_wink:
  17. hocchamp1

    hocchamp1 Guest

    once against you have no idea who your talking to and who your talking about. T-Crew has over 120 - 4 and losing RAWR isn't anything we didn't know about. he was a problem for MANIC always was.
  18. xBloodxThiirstyx-

    xBloodxThiirstyx- Contributing Poster

    Sep 5, 2010
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    I love how people try to talk about past worlds to make themselves sound like good players here. :icon_rolleyes: If you know how to play this game so well, and are willing to teach the "less skilled", then why are YOU in the position that you are in? Imo, you need to be taught way more than hocc does. :)

    I don't think it's my place to say this but.. Rawr Mode.. Yikes. I don't know what to say. I don't know the full details, but I've read enough chats to know what's going on. You obviously got yourself in this mess. How are you going to say Manic sold you out when you basically did this to yourself AND your co-players? Threatening a potential ally, and supporting your tribe's enemies.. Yikes. I mean, I heard you were an honest player. You say you don't lie, etc. But what's this?

    [spoil][17:23:46] Debb123 Says Manic For the WIN!: hon you wouldent be staking hallie would you?
    [17:24:31] Rawr Mode: o.o
    [17:24:45] Debb123 Says Manic For the WIN!: just got asked about it
    [17:24:49] Debb123 Says Manic For the WIN!: :D
    [17:24:54] Debb123 Says Manic For the WIN!: so are you?
    [17:25:04] Rawr Mode: naaaa
    [17:25:06] Rawr Mode: whose asking
    [17:25:14] Debb123 Says Manic For the WIN!: hallie is making out you are.
    [17:25:24] Debb123 Says Manic For the WIN!: to insane players.
    [17:25:31] Rawr Mode: yeah
    [17:25:35] Rawr Mode: i sent her some D[/spoil]

    I wonder why you would lie to deb at first, then fess up to what you did when you thought we had proof.. Very honest player here. :lol:
  19. Rawr Mode

    Rawr Mode Guest

    why feed that bs to the forums when i could clearly prove otherwise?

    [6:31:55 PM] hocchamp: i have read all of them
    [6:32:05 PM] hocchamp: i can't believe you would say those stuff bro
    [6:32:10 PM] hocchamp: you been a great guy in this tribe
    [6:32:20 PM] hocchamp: and i know i was gonna be your friend even after this situation
    [6:32:28 PM] hocchamp: which is why i talked to you earlier

    [2:40:50 PM] hocchamp: look your just like me bro :)
    [2:40:59 PM] hocchamp: so always have your back
    [2:41:05 PM] hocchamp: MANIC is 1 for all and all for 1
    [2:41:11 PM] hocchamp: just don't get caught :p
    [2:41:20 PM] hocchamp: I rather
    [2:41:26 PM] hocchamp: have INSAN3 go no where

    [2:39:50 PM] hocchamp: lol
    [2:39:56 PM] hocchamp: im not bothered becuase
    [2:39:57 PM] hocchamp: IM MANIC
    [2:39:59 PM] hocchamp: all the way
    [2:40:03 PM] hocchamp: and i back all my members
    [2:40:08 PM] hocchamp: THEY HAVE NO PROOF
    [2:40:11 PM] hocchamp: **** um

    [2:35:56 PM] hocchamp: **** it :p
    [2:36:02 PM] hocchamp: INSAN3 SUCKS!
    [2:36:07 PM] hocchamp: t-crew 114-4
    [2:36:08 PM] hocchamp: lol
    [2:36:17 PM] hocchamp: they are like 10 smaller

    [2:29:25 PM] Rawr Mode: insane are liars
    [2:29:27 PM] hocchamp: ya
    [2:29:29 PM] hocchamp: i know
    [2:29:33 PM] hocchamp: told him to STHU

    so please hoc dont try and act all tough, we know your just a teddy bear who needs a hug? :icon_redface:

    no worries i still love yah. just dont be spewing that bs.

    @blood i knew you didnt have proof but i thought it was better to own up to my mistakes cause i knew in the back of my mind i had messed up and i cant lie to deb, but i think my contributions to MANIC as a hole rather hoc spits the bs on the forums, when somebody needed D or somebody needed a snipe or recap. 'i was always the first one to raise my hand, rather i was tired or not' call it what you want, i call it a valuable loss. i dont really care at this point what's done is done.
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  20. Fletchdude

    Fletchdude Active Member

    Nov 26, 2011
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    117 to 4, everything I posted was fact, your uneducated though and probably can't see past your own sweat.

    Why don't you go to the library and brush up on your ignorance?

    you probably won't understand that so feel free to google it or something ok.