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Okay. This forum will have some very basic uses:

Here, you can post threads if you're:
1) Looking for a co-player
2) Looking for an account to co-play
3) Looking for a new owner for an account
4) Looking for a new account

It will contain threads about all worlds, so I would suggest that you put the world in question in the thread title.

That's all, I hope you will find this subforum useful. :)

Pudgy Panda

Just to add some information about bumping threads.

If you already have a thread made in the past month or so, it is recommended that you edit your original post and bump it by posting something like 'Still looking for co...' - It is not allowed to create multiple threads within a short amount of time. The newer ones will be deleted, and you will be sent a warning or even an infraction.

If you feel your old thread needs a topic change, PM the premades mod (DaWolf85) with the thread location (the link) and what you'd like it changed to.

You are only allowed to bump your thread once every 24 hours. If you do this more frequently, your post will be deleted.
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Pudgy Panda

Under any circumstances give out your password or email on the forums, it is against the rules!
This is to be done via private messages either on the forums, or through an external chat client.
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