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You obey them.

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You obey them too.

Also, anyone thinking it'd be fun to spam the section into pieces because the world isn't released/nothing fun happens in the world will be sent, with alot of violence, into the otherlife.

Anyone thinking the language/insults rules don't apply to them will be clothed up in pink fluffy bunny suits and deported to an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean without internet access!

That's like... All. Just behave, aight?



Speed: 1.0
Unit speed: 1.0
Paladin: Yes, with new weapons
Archers: Yes
Church enabled: Yes
Noble system: Coins
Morale: Points+time based
Bonus villages: Yes
Barbarian villages: Grow to 3,000 points
Tech system: Simple
Beginner protection: 5 days
Tribe limit: 100
Militia: Enabled
Account manager: Enabled
Tribe wars: Enabled
Other info: Players can choose their starting direction. There will be an attack and support gap of 50ms.
Not open for further replies.