Rednecks the worst Duke ever


Rednecks the worst Duke ever - Yes, i said it.

Many of you know that he's aiming to finish a second world through 100% domination, so you must think he's one of the best leaders this game has ever seen. Well think again, I think he's just been lucky so far, ending up a leader of tribes of good player, and not because of his skill.

Over the last few months me and some other members of the tribe have been very disappointed, annoyed and angered by his ruthless and often arrogant leadership. For example when he decided to declare war agianst the rank 2,3,4 and 5th tribes (W.E, W.E,A, S.hands and MOD) many of us members felt we weren't ready to finish this world and disagreed with him. Even then he ignored the majority of players voting agianst the war and declared on the above mentioned tribes.

Many of us wanted to take a few barbs and cluster up and build up some more before even thinking about this. Currently there are at-least 2-2.5k fully built up barbarian in this world because of some big players quitting, yet Rednecks will not allow us to noble these easy barbs and banned barb nobleing and we are forced to noble W.E vills as far as 4 continents away, thus stagnating our growth. But for some reason these rules that apply to the tribe does not apply to him, he noble these barbs and he's currently jumping up in points and ranking while we the members are loosing hundreds of nukes and nobles on W.E vills which are no where near our main clusters.

Even though he declared the war, he doesn't co-ordinate any ops or attacks or even send out any attacks or support himself. Right now because of no leadership interventions drama is so unorganized in this war the members are forced to attack player themselves with no help from the tribe and doesn't receive any support when required.

The member who speak out agianst him are threatened with tribe wide OP's if we do not follow his 'commands'. Well guess what Rednecks, us - the members of your tribe are tired of your tyranny. Your dictatorship ends here, tonight, unless you change your ways and listen to your members we refuse to follow you.
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Anomandaris Irake

About time someone spoke up. He keeps deleting my claims on villages I've already cleared and then nobling them himself. What a terrible leader. :icon_twisted:


Ok, i would defend rednecks, it's the second time i play with him, but also in DNY we have had problems due to his low leadership.
In the end of w12 he mass nobled barbs and only with this he reached rank 1, i don't want this happens again, i'm tired of this situation.
Naruto i'm with you, the countdown to tyranny start now!!!


Well said naruto!

All i wanned to do was just to play a world without him being my duke and what happens ?!

I join Abort! pre-made to play with some old friends and be led by Booza, but noooo Red forces poor Booza to quit and takes over leadership! Later with few friends we decided to join DSL tribe in order to escape his leadership, after our joining tribe changed it's name, at first people suggested to call it NRA - No Rednecks Allowed, but later it was decided that Drama! sounds better.

At this point in time we feel great and happy to be in different tribe, but what happens next ? Just a few weeks later he comes after us, joins our tribe and once again takes over leadership :icon_confused:

We should just join WE to see if he's up to pull same trick 3rd time in a row :icon_razz:


You want to try co playing with him :icon_sad:

But, if you guys wanted I could just change the password and boot him off the account :icon_idea:

I could lead the tribe :icon_eek:

Huggs and cookies all round <3

Star :)


Well if you do not like the way I lead you can get the heck out of the tribe and start a new one!


seems like a coup going to happen...

i yet have control over legend0505 acc i guess. may log in and see whats going on :D
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I like the people stalking this thread. Hey faaaaarkles, how's the essay coming?


LOL trying to get W53 forums alive? Just mutiny!! Do not let Rednecks win another world


Hey Red Merry Christmas , yes its a fact you are one of the worst dukes i have ever seen . Only a Muppet would follow you to another tribe /world/K geez even next door.
Only the greatest of Noob leaders would ever noble as many barbs at you i dont even need to look i no the count is over 300.

The only reason DNY won world 12 is every other account on that world were builders and barb noblers , they never learned to use nobles.

Come to think of it had you had nobled more barbs on 12 it would have ended sooner as thats all the other tribes nobled to stay alive . So i guess i could say you were a bad Duke and a lazy barb Nobler .

Come to think of it it was you that sucked Me into DNY and taught me the art of nobling barbs .

I hope every one of the fantastic Drama players leaves you , i hope they split that tribe up into little pieces , we all no the best tribes on that world are the small ones they will all mass recruit the drama leftovers and Rim you to be banished from TW 4 ever >

Hey Drama i see you have about another 9 weeks of nobling ahead of you congrats , and Merry Christmas to you all

^ ah i love its the hidden messages that offer the most sentiment :icon_razz:


damn i love your sig slinkiestwizard.

my own siggy from greenskin after i used so many "F words"(! they call it this)...

Feel My Fire

Gotta agree with above posts. Rednecks has banned barb nobling but continues to noble barbs and EVEN asks this:

[12:54:07 PM] Rednecks: Jess...I'm going to noble some more barbs
[12:54:11 PM] Rednecks: will you clear some for me?

I mean really :( He expects our nukes to clear his barbs as well as our enemies, whilst he just nobles and gains ranks ;'(


Dude, I haven't posted since april. Where's my shoutout :icon_cry:
Maybe if you shouted out to the right people...... :icon_rolleyes:

Please come back and co play with me.....I ditched Red for you <3

I am tired of his barb nobling and need some excitement back in my life!

Star x


Yea, i can't stand his arrogant and selfish leadership any longer, i bet W.E must be so much more democratic and fun to be in, if this keeps up i think i will join them.