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    May 30, 2011
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    So we on casual 2 are in desperate need for a coin reduction.

    Casual 1 has been granted a coin reduction to 25%, however us on cas 2 are still at the more expensive coins.


    After going to Support they suggested coming here. Well after having a long long chat with the support team which equated to little progress even though when someone mailed them on cas 1 it happened at much quicker rate and they got what they wanted.

    This is the request i put into the Support team so that you can have read and discuss what could happen within yourselves.

    Dear Support,

    After speaking to the other Baron on cas 1 as to how he went around his support ticket to the mods to get a reduction in prices on coins, he seems to have gotten hold of an individual which was able to provide a detailed and actually helpful answer.

    The 2 mods which were helpful within his query are Andreas (Community Manager) and Joris (jawjaw( Community Manager). They both seem to understand that something had to be done in order for activity to increase on the world.

    So unlike cas 1 where the % between the 2 tribes are very close, we in cas 2 are leading by a substantial amount. We are requesting for a coin reduction.

    You say you have no control over the process however it does you do through other means, you have a team which deals with the mechanics of the game.

    From my understanding the Community Manager Joris mentions that something can be worked out, as seen here:

    Once again why does it seem that you cannot do anything for this world but on cas 1 you can have a change in settings?

    Joris came back later on with the following settings:

    He clearly offers a noble cost reduction, but seeing as we in -[AC]- are already at 35% dominance 18% higher than the next tribe we are far on the way to hitting that domination. however as I have mentioned before unlike normal worlds we cannot farm, we have to rely on our pits and on reso packets and noble decrees. which unfortunately is not enough for everyone in our tribe to keep up with a constant nobling.

    We are requesting as a tribe of a noble reduction down to 25% instead of 50% as what it is currently. Not only will this increase the overall noble count each player will be able to make on a regular basis, but it will also promote a far more activeness in nobling the enemy and pushing up the Dominance at a faster pace than it is already going at the moment.

    This is a photo of one of our current wars, as you can see when we 1st started it was high nobling due to everyone having excess nobles at hand. as time has gone on the nobling becoming less and less as it is harder to get the nobles we need to keep nobling at a high pace.

    we are limited on what we can do as tribe due to the limitations which hold us back. We need a reduction in coins so that we as a tribe can increase our nobling and thus increase the dominance to our eventual win of this world.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and i await your reply.


    Duke of -[AC]-

    Support team could not tell us the requirements to have cheaper coins, how do we go about getting there to achieve it? They want these worlds to finish but are not helping us in doing so. we are running out of nobles cause we cannot mint quick enough. we cannot farm like normal worlds and therefore we are limited on what we can achieve.

    it has also been said that these worlds are likely to be forcibly closed by the end of the year. We want to win this world, We want to win with the 51% dominance, how can we do that when we are hampered so much?


    if mail them in 3-5 months time and then they close the world early that is really just a massive let down. why are we not at the same requirements as casual 1 even though we are at a far higher dominance than them.

    Put it this way with a full mint from my cas 1 account which is roughly the same size as my cas 2 account. I can mint roughly 155k coins. My cas 2 mint is roughly 50k coins.

    im getting 3x as many coins on cas 1 due to the reduced coin costs. therefore i can have a higher noble limit.

    Can someone please look into this and give me an answer which will help us out.



    Duke of -[AC]-