Regarding beta and accounts


when everything works well in your tribe now u just should save a memberlist to invite them all again.


Everyone is so anxious about the new game, can u give an aproximate time when it might start? I think those few days proved that this game will be very popular.


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Well, we wanted at least 1000 players in the actual game, so we are very close to that. I will talk to the designers. Then we'll have to put in a few updates and a last few translations. Give it a few more days.
I will tell you as soon as I know exactly.


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at least give us a chance to capture some villages and have a few wars :icon_twisted:


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yea i think that having a chance to get a few wars and attacks under our belts will help us

(plus it will help take away some of the sourness of losing our beta accounts)


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Well, I see a little problem there.
Most want to get the real game going as soon as possible. Some want to find out how to take over villages. It can only be one of the two ;)


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I'd rather it not get reset cos the game takes so much time to do everything, and its going to be even slowerafter this, and though it is an advantage to go through the beginning stages knowing what to do, it will just be kind of boring for me, and also you say this is our advantage, but that just makes it unfair on the new people, or us more advanced will tell them what to build first, which i find makes it kind of boring, i like it now cos everyone, well almost everyone has made some mistakes, for example i upgraded everything at first and now realise i probably should of worked more on my resources, so you may have one tribe all the same, cos the newbs will listen to the experienced people, and then another tribe in the image of another guy, which i think will kind of ruin it....i mean everyone will now do exactly the same thing, the leader board(rank thing) will probably be very close as you dont need to spend any time thinking about what to do, but i guess this is a beta so it will be deleted. Maybe you could put the speed up really fast for like 3 days so everyone can get past the first stage we've already been through, well most of us and continue from there.