Regulators Mount Up!!!



You looking for a tribe with zero diplomacies?
How about one were you are fighting anyone who gets in your face?
No leaders,just do your thing,,kill,kill,kill.
Hell,you proly won't even get supported if you ask for it.
Just kick AZZ and do your thing.
Put up or shut up.
And thats the bottom line.

Want an invite,ask me ingame.Everyone gets in,cause it don't matter anyway!:icon_eek:

Oh and if you have fears of any kind,,I suggest you join any of these hugging tribes.
The world is full of <This content has been removed by the tribalwars moderation staff.>
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One with cat in pants

Moved to recruitment.

To all posters, please keep your posts strictly on-topic. Do not post if you do not want to join the tribe.


This is warning two. Infractions and warnings will be handed out. (And messages deleted)
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You can, just not in this section.
Read the sticky, it states clearly that if you don't want to apply for the tribe / offer a position, you have no business in here.

The other two world sections give you more than enough opportunity to talk to the others, so you don't have to come here and 95% of the times laugh at the one who started the thread.
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