Rejoin w16 in LSHRV


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the dictionary (in particualr the bits i bolded) states that that is spying whether you organised it or if someone simply sent it to you, just by reading it. :icon_cool:
Here are some things that would be spying according to the bolded parts:
- Going to TW Stats
- Visiting profiles
- Sending scouts
- Reading the public forum
- Opening attack reports
- Looking at the map


Now go troll elsewhere, and quit pulling this thread off-topic with your whiny accusations.

haza teh great

lol, i would hardly class that as whiny, and yea i'd agree thats all spying as well :icon_razz:

but i do apologise for pulling this off topic, sorry el cihad

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They originally stated that he was a spy, when this was pretty much disproved they suddenly started saying he wasn't contributing and therefore deserved to be nobled out.
No, I was the only one, I believe, who said the latter of your post. He was accused of potentially spying, he did nothing to refute those claims...there you go.

I just said he should have been rimmed anyway. His villages would be of more use to an active player than what he did with them, which was nothing.

Alexhol said:
Why are you rejecting experienced players that want to join your tribe? LSHRV needs the new players, so that you can focus on C2, and not inactives like you have been for the past year im guessing.
What experienced players? You or him? No offense, but he didn't do much of anything and you did even less than that. Types like you are just better suited to coach...not in the sense of you have vast experience and knowledge to share, but in the sense of you should maybe stick to the forums and not so much playing. Pretty much just like you did before.

Haza you were in his tribe, sort of. Its well known that you sit accounts in LSHRV

omg...are you serious? You are being a huge whiner as of late dude. That doesn't seem like you.

I asked him to sit one account while we internalled it (ttoommoo). How does that constitute sitting in plural? :icon_rolleyes: I asked him to because alot of us were taking ttoommoo's vills and we needed an outside source to sit. Big whoop.

You don't have to answer by the way, I'm sure one of your two noob recruits made up some story about it, not knowing what they are talking about as usual.

adamjrose2 said:
What MK said was that we don't have spies. He never said we would ignore information passed along to us.

MichielK said:
Thanks for the offer, but we decline. Please do not mail us any inside information on LSHRV, and please realise that we will not use any information that does get sent.

As far as C² is concerned, this is a war between C² and LSHRV. We want to fight it without spying, outside information or external interference (even if it benefits us). That's the best way to ensure everyone gets as much entertainment out of it as possible. We want to be proud of our accomplishments, not have them handed to us by if we need information, we'll get it the hard way
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Way to pull the thread off-topic again, Gammy.

Haza had the decency to apologise to el cihad, even though it wasn't entirely his fault that the thread went off-topic to begin with. You on the other hand did not hesitate a second before jumping in and ensuring that the thread was ruined further with your fact-twisting and regurgitated arguments. The PnP section isn't big enough for your ego?

No wonder you get infracted.

Since we're now on page 2, I'm going to quote the original post:

I was in LSHRV a while ago but i quit. As you can see i used to be called el cihad. I was wondering if there was anyone i could co-play with or any accounts going inactive? If so please could you let me know because i would like to get back into the action again.
IS CBK or alexhol still going? If so you know who i am. (The second el cihad!)
Since korin indicated that LSHRV is a democratic tribe, why don't you (Gammy) give your tribemates a fair chance to read and respond as well? That's only fair to them and to el cihad.

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Im sorry that adam is allowed to talk about things completely off topic, which I respond to...I forgot about your double standards, my bad.

El cihad

Good luck in your search



lol. LSHRV isnt a democratic tribe. Its ruled by gammy and CBK, if anyone else wants to contribute anything, it doesnt happen.

Oh, and Dylan, if you want an account in world 16, ask a real tribe, BANG!, Plight or C²

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lol. LSHRV isnt a democratic tribe. Its ruled by gammy and CBK, if anyone else wants to contribute anything, it doesnt happen.

Oh, and Dylan, if you want an account in world 16, ask a real tribe, BANG!, Plight or C²
Now that is funny. I don't rule or control anything...I'm just here to play. The difference between myself and you, for example, is if there is a tribal matter to cast an opinion on, I do it. Whereas the only things you put forth any dialogue towards were general spamming and non tribal matters.

el cihad

Cmon guys stop arguing lol. I understand that things are complicated. To be fair all this talk is doin my head in...i might as well not bother.


I think he means youve gone out of LSHRV so its not your decision anymore.


What are you talking about? Who is gone from LSHRV? You must mean the gammy account because 'I' am still there.

Which account are you playing then? I need to know who to be super nice to :icon_wink: